1. SSH public key validation error (500)

    I'm bumping my head against this problem where I need to add several keys for containers at creation time, but keep getting the above error on PVE 7.4 when doing it via the WebUI/GUI interface. What is the expression/criteria to match or make it work? Is it acctually supported? as it seems to...
  2. Unable to take snapshots on CTs once the disk was moved to a shared NFS storage

    Hi all, I've encountered an issue when I try to take a snapshot of a VM or CT where the disk as moved to a shared NFS storage. In the Snapshot section there is a warnings: The current guest configuration does not support taking new snapshots A screenshot below: This is the root disk...
  3. Proxmox CT don't get DHCP via LACP

    Hi, We have a Proxmox lab with 3 servers in a cluster, that have 4 ethernet port on each server configured in LACP we passthrough our vlans true this LACP to VMs and LXC container but VM get dhcp lease of firewall but not our CT/LXC container see below more details :)
  4. Mount SMB Share with write Permission in Proxmox Container

    So, I have a network storage (SMB) containing Plex media files. I followed this tutorial to mount that storage to my container (unprivileged). I can access the files but don't have permission to write anything to that directory. How can I make the directory writable?
  5. Container storage sub volume disappeared

    On Sunday I manually shut down my proxmox ve server for a planned power outage. During this process I did the following: 1: shut down my samba file server container (#107) 2: deleted an old test VM (VM105) -there was an option to included purging unreferenced disks, I wanted to recover the...
  6. [SOLVED] LXC login bypass

    Hello, I have come to a very interesting situation where my only login to the container was ssh key and since that stopped working, is there a way to access it without login prompt in console or through cli? I am have latest proxmox installation with updated packages. Thanks for help.
  7. VMs und CTs starten nicht

    Hallo, ich habe gestern ein Cluster erstellt. Nun habe ich auf dem neuen Knoten eine VM und einen CT erstellt. Wenn ich auf Start gehe, starten die kurz und stoppen sofort wieder. Mit den Fehlermeldungen kann ich nur leider nicht viel anfangen: VM: kvm: -device...
  8. [SOLVED] NGINX with kTLS on unprivileged LXC on Proxmox 7.3

    Good day everyone! I have a 5-node cluster on PVE 7.3-6 with a couple hundred unprivileged LXC, all using the Debian 11 Bullseye template. I was looking at how Netflix can serve 800Gb/s of TLS encrypted video content from a single server, and a large part of it appears to be kTLS. I also saw...
  9. Mountpoint on LXC Container not writable in application only in shell

    Hello dear Proxmox community, I’m totally lost with something seemingly simple and thought maybe someone is able to point me in the right direction as I have pretty much tried all the tricks I know and nothing worked (yet): Goal: I have an SMB-Share that I want to make available via FTP. For...
  10. USB external drive - VM ok, Container & PVE cannot "see" it

    Hi - I'm at the end of my search... for two days I've been messing with settings and linux commands. I'm no expert on Linux and it's showing. I have a USB hard drive plugged in to my PC. That is running Proxmox 7.1-7. I have a VM which runs ubuntu and I have Plex installed. I use the USB...
  11. PVE LXC Container won't boot up.

    Hi guys! I have a nextcloud in one of my containers, but since 2 days ago, this container won't start. I am a little noob in all of this and from Argentina, my English is rusty, so be patient. My tasklog My syslog I think it is a corrupt block on the HDD and if I'm right, how can I fix it...
  12. LXC Containers

    Hello, greetings to all the community, I need to know how I can see through console the last modification date of a VPS lxc, and if this is active.
  13. [SOLVED] Data > Container from ext HDD [PLEX] [Proxmox]

    Hi all, very new to Proxmox, home servers etc, so please accept my apologies upfront for any frustration I may cause I promise I've tried 'googling' everything first for a solid few hours. In Short: I've set up a home server on a thin client with external HDD, Set up Proxmox to run on the...
  14. Creating K8 rancher on top of Proxmox?

    I am in process of creating k8 racher on top of Proxmox cluster with 3 nodes and ceph storage , my idea where creating 3 containers on all 3 nodes and on top of them ra my rancher, looking on several tutorials i saw that all of them are using vm instead of container, so my question is there...
  15. No autocomplete when entering container through pct enter xxx

    When I SSH into a pct autocomplete works good, when I enter with pct enter xxx command, it doesn't work at all. I have tried to find info online but I have found nothing. PVE v 7.3-4.
  16. Problems mounting host storage to unprivileged container

    I know it's a common post on here, but I haven't been able to piece together how to make this work. I've got a Turnkey Torrent CT that runs transmission, with a debian-trasmission user/group at 109:115. I would like to be able to mount a directory from the Proxmox host (e.g., /mnt/hdd/folder) to...
  17. Falco / proxmox / lxc

    Has anyone experimented with Falco driver in Proxmox / Linux kernel and using it to secure containers? Use Case: Running Falco on a Linux host or running Falco userspace program in a container, with a driver installed on the underlying host.
  18. [SOLVED] Debian CT - Kann mich nicht einloggen

    Hey, Ich habe gerade Proxmox Installiert, und habe einen Debian 10. CT erstellt, nun wollte ich mich erstmal per Web Console(xterm.js) Einloggen, jedoch kam da weder "login" noch "password", per Windows CMD ging's auch nicht
  19. rbind-ing a zfs mountpoint for LXC containers not working as expected

    Greetings folks, I've been trying to get a Samba share set up through an unprivileged Alpine LXC container. I have a ZFS storage pool that I would like to share with this (and other) containers. Thing is I want to do this with a recursive bindmount so that I can have other containers use the...
  20. LXC Containter per Script auf ZFS-Pool Storage

    Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit Proxmox VE. Da dies mein erster Server ist bin ich total unerfahren. Ich habe eine 2. Festplatte (SSD) eingebaut wo alle Container und VMs drauf sollten, Dateisystem ist ZFS. Ich habe Home Assistant per Script als VM auf die 2. Festplatte installiert (läuft...


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