1. A

    Kernel Panic on container template download

    I am using an old HP Pavilion laptop Ram : 8GB Processor : i7 HDD : 1TB Proxmox version : 8.2.2 kernel root@prox:~# uname -a Linux prox 6.8.4-2-pve #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC PMX 6.8.4-2 (2024-04-10T17:36Z) x86_64 GNU/Linux While downloading a template for ubuntu24.04/2 from GUI causes a kernel...
  2. R

    [CLOSED] ip-fou (Foo-over-UDP) on unprivileged container

    Hello there! I have an issue with my LXC container about networking things. So, I've wanted to run ip-fou (Foo-over-UDP) on my unprivileged container, and there is kind of an error message "RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted" And this is my LXC configuration file Besides of it...
  3. E

    Container Templates

    I'm new to Proxmox and I'm looking for where to download, for example an SSH container template, but I can't find any answers, does anyone know where I can find it?
  4. S

    USB Passthrough to unprivileged Container

    Hello, for a few hours I am trying to passthrough my 3D Printer to my Octoprint Container. But I can't get it to work - the main Problem is that after adding this to my container config in Proxmox: lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 189:* rwm lxc.mount.entry: /dev/bus/usb/002/008 dev/bus/usb/002/008...
  5. J

    Locked CT after separating node from cluster

    I found myself in a dead lock situation: At first I deleted my cluster, in other words, I separated my node from the cluster. Then I realised that one CT is down and locked. I wanted to start it, but that wasn't possible because of the locked status. So I tried to unlock the CT via qm unlock...
  6. O

    Backup error with CT after migrate

    We have Proxmox Cluster with a few CT's and a lot of VM's. Every night all CT's and VM's are backupped to a Proxmox Backup Server. I noticed an error for some CT's with the following error: 110: 2024-04-11 00:00:42 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 110 (lxc) 110: 2024-04-11 00:00:42 INFO: status =...
  7. G

    LXC Pass devices

    Hi Is it possible to pass a LXC container devices? A have a tv tuner card I would like to pass I saw something like this online lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 226:0 rwm lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 226:128 rwm Am I going down the wrong route? I wanted a container to save resources, however I...
  8. F

    Proxmox LXCs and VMs without internet connection from router

    Hey, new here so I'm sorry if I miss important details. I've recently installed an ASUS AX58U router to handle my home network. I've now ran into issues where none of my containers or vms get an internet connection, eventho they do get IP addreesses from the router. Thanks in advanced
  9. L

    If NFS is not available cant start Container

    Hi, I have 2 containers one privileged and another unprivileged both have the same configuration on /etc/fstab They both start if the NFS storage is available. However, when NFS storage is not available, the unprivileged container fails to start and the privileged starts but never connects to...
  10. K

    Gotify notifications - LXC instead of Docker?

    I saw a video explaining how to enable PMVE Gotify notifications, but it involved setting up a VM with Docker. Don't want all that overhead and complexity. Anyone have plans to deploy Gotify in a PM LXC container directly? Could this be a supported template / turnkey for PMVE? TIA
  11. D

    Help with passing a folder into a container and understanding permissions

    Hi all! Having a real hard time wrapping my head around a perms issue currently with a drive folder passed into a container. Ran into an issue where from within the containers it does not allow write access to the files in /mnt/pool/media/). The folder is mounted to the container using pct set...
  12. D

    Virtuelle Festplatte für mehrere Container

    Hallo zusammen, vielen Dank für die Aufnahme hier im Forum. Ich bin seit einigen Wochen damit beschäftigt, meinen ersten Homeserver mit Proxmox aufzubauen. Nun möchte ich folgendes Design realisieren: Auf bestimmte Daten sollen mehrere Container Zugriff erhalten. Ich möchte die Daten daher...
  13. B

    Bind mount an exFAT USB Hard Drive to an unprivileged LXC Arch Linux container

    Hi, I'm trying to bind mount an exFAT 5 To Western Digital Essentials Drive which i previously use for my Mac and Windows PC so I have a lot of data on it. I just noticed that the new Western Digital HDDs are soldered to the USB port. What a hell ! Because i don't have a lot of money for the...
  14. M

    Feature request: Don't delete volumes onm restore which were excluded from backup

    On my old proxmox instance i didn't use zfs but the directory storage (.vmdk / .qcow2 files). I used VMs on which i excluded drives from backup. When i restored a VM, the disk was then marked as unused but still available to remount on that VM (after doing a qm rescan). I also had trouble with...
  15. J

    CT on NFS backup freezes and does not start again

    I have 3 nodes and all CTs are running of NFS server and backing up (using STOP mode) to another NFS server all over 10Gb link. Everything is running without problem but every lets say 14 days one node during backup of CT freezes, and until I manually stop it it shows just: INFO: starting new...
  16. B

    Linux Samba server or LXC Container?

    I have unutilized storage on my Proxmox hosts and I want to utilize some of it for a samba share. I would normally just create a new Linux server with a virtual disk and make it a samba server. But I see that Proxmox has the ability to do containers, so I am wondering if I should instead of...
  17. L

    Container - CPU Cores on an Intel i5

    Hi, My CPU is an 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz. I created a container and selected 8 CPU cores, however, I can only see 25% max on CPU usage. On Proxmox I can see 8xIntel core i5 sockets. Also feels it never surpasses 25% on max CPU usage too. The output of the command...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Backup & Restore LXC container to new Proxmox server issues

    Yesterday, I backed up and restored a LXC container to a new Proxmox VE 7.4-17 server using the information in these two resources and it was a new "template" on the new server. Both servers are running Proxmox VE 7.4-17...
  19. M

    ZFS usable size in container limited to 9GB

    Hello, I have a fresh installation of PVE 8.1.4 with a ZFS pool: #> zpool status pool: storage state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 00:03:56 with 0 errors on Sun Jan 14 00:27:57 2024 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM storage ONLINE 0 0 0...
  20. G

    Add existing SSHFS share to Proxmox CT

    Howdy! I'm brand new to Proxmox, but picking it up rapidly. I've been banging my head against a wall on this one though. I've created a CT, my intent is to have it running Docker, I'm not concerned about that part. I'd like to have that container mount an SSHFS (I've got SMB/CIFS running on...


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