Creating a simple bash script menu on reboot


Dec 20, 2019
Hey guys.

Apologies in advance for a naive question amidst these deep technical discussions.

I run a simple setup. Home lab, virtualised hackintosh, windows 10 PC, ubuntu, that I run generally one VM at a time with GPU PCI passthrough.
I generally boot the machine and use my ipad to select the guest VM through the web console... which is fine, but a bit of a pain.

I've written a simple bash script that asks me which guest VM I want to run (option 1-3 with a default after a few seconds ) and then turns the monitor off for the host proxmox console and fires up the VM I want. The passthrough GPU grabs the monitor with the PCI passthrough - using a different input (DP vs. HDMI) to the integrated graphics card that proxmox fires up with... and away I go.

vbetool dpms off
qm start 104

It works great if I manually execute it from the command line, but I want it to run automatically on reboot.

I tried setting up the script as a cron job at @reboot, but I'm just thrown straight to the console login for proxmox.
Can someone point me to what I need to hook into so that when proxmox reboots my script gets triggered, echoing to screen and asking for input.

I'd be grateful for any pointers. I'm sure that some other home Proxmox users would appreciate being able to set up something similar in the future.


you can call it in your ~/.bashrc file or something similar, so it starts when you're logged in.

to prevent it from running multiple times, you can add a check in the beginning based on the uptime command.
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