1. C

    right filesystem for mini pc (home lab)

    Hello everybody, I need an help to choose the right file system for a new testing cluster. I am going to install proxmox on 3 mini pc (1 nvme with standard ddr4 memory). This cluster will run mainly some vm to learn kubernates (rke2 and longhorn) and, since - at least at the beginning - I will...
  2. L

    Network Configuration

    Hello, I want the following configuration for my proxmox server: (All IP addresses mentioned are fictitious. All public addresses are marked with an asterisk "*"). Proxmox Ip:* Public IPs:* , .3 , .4 , .5 Internal IPs - 128 All VMs over an internal IP should...
  3. D

    Homelab cluster - disk setup best practice guide, ZFS

    Hi - firstly, I have looked for a guide on how best to do this, but haven't found anything that I can make sense of, mostly because the majority appears to (understandably) be targeted towards Enterprise environments - if i've missed one, I would be very grateful for a link, and totally...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Homelab low-power hardware recommendation

    Hi everybody ! I need advice please for a low power consumption homelab with 1TB of SSD disk, 16GB RAM, a processor powerful enough to run more than 10 virtual machines and some containers, 1 PCIe slot (4 NIC) and another PCIe ou mini PCIe slot (SIM card reader). I know how to build a computer...
  5. J

    The road to master Selfhosting! Lost ? Come here I will help you with your First steps !

    Are you New to selfhosting? Are you looking for the ultimate Guide for home labs? Come here my Friend, I am also a month old into selfhosting rabbit hole, and I am not regretting my time at all as I learned a lot ! I will try to discuss what I run through and give the headers for you to start...
  6. L

    New to PVE - I have few questions

    Hello all, I'm new here, so thanks in advance for your patiance. I just want to start a new project and after years of using ESXi in the past, I want to try something new. Currently, my IT career does not give me a lot of time to tinker with hardware and software but pushes me to be in the...
  7. J

    license vs subscription: costs/benefits for amateur beginner home-lab?

    so, i have heard of proxmox a lot lately, and have been looking into it. then i come across this video and i don't like annoying popups. also, i don't mind supporting projects like this. so i venture over to the pricing page and i'm a little confused. it looks like it's $100 USD/year to remove...
  8. S

    Newb question about ZFS/CEPH etc

    Hi, I'm playing with a small home lab. I would like to use ceph to ensure that I have replicated vm's for reduncancy. I have 2 servers , each with 1 HDD. The first server (HP microserver) with 16gb ram has been running Proxmox for years, hand cranked from Debian running LVM on a 500G SATA...
  9. G

    Home Lab Tiny Lenovo

    Hi, I'm new to Proxmox, I currently have Hyper-V on a server and I want to migrate to Proxmox. My configuration is: 3 x Tiny Lenovo i5 8 series Every tiny with 16Gb ram 1 SSD install the PVE 1 NVME 1TB (planned CEPH) 3 x LAN USB 2.5Gb Switch Zyxel Multigibagit L2 Add to ISCSI 1TB (QNAP) I...
  10. L

    [HELP REQUEST] Proxmox VE Wifi installation with Latest 7.1.10 version

    Hi, I'm Laurent new user of Proxmox in France. i would like to install Proxmox on a small HP Prodesk 600 G1 which includes a Wifi Board, 16Gb RAM and SSD as a home lab. i see during installation process that i can choose either Wifi connection or Ethernet connection. i want to have Wifi...
  11. Z

    What is the best configuration for this hardware?

    Hello everyone! I search the net and look for a "golden mean" with my equipment. The more I read, the more I get the feeling that I am dumber;) Configuration of my (homelab) Fujitsu Primergy TX120 S3p: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1240 V2 @ 3.4GHz [4/8] RAM: 4 x 8GB SSD: 2 x 256GB, 2 x 512GB RAID...
  12. S

    Filesystem and disk array configuration recommendation

    Hello! I bought a HP Proliant DL380e G8 server with 2xE5-2450L and 64GB of RAM. I have 4 x WD Red WD40EFAX 4TB HDDs and 2 x ADATA 240GB 2,5" SATA Ultimate SU630 SSDs. The server RAID battery has been refurbished. Here are the RAID controllers on this machine: [12:08:36][root@zoltan]:~# lspci...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] backup Storage pool

    Hello everyone, I tried to find information about this, but apparently my setup seems to be exotic in this aspect because no one else has done this. I have a small 2 node cluster and plan to add another node with PBS installed to back up all VMs and containers. But also: a whole storage pool...
  14. J

    Creating a simple bash script menu on reboot

    Hey guys. Apologies in advance for a naive question amidst these deep technical discussions. I run a simple setup. Home lab, virtualised hackintosh, windows 10 PC, ubuntu, that I run generally one VM at a time with GPU PCI passthrough. I generally boot the machine and use my ipad to select the...
  15. M

    Pentest using proxmox

    Hello, I have a question on proxmox setup for pentest, i have a setup created in vistualbox, but since i put together a betters server system for testing with proxmox wanted to know if I can do more complex testing for cybersecurity on it, wanted to get more ideas of this project, thanks
  16. M

    What hardware do you suggest for homelab performance?

    Hello all, for some time now I have been on a journey looking for a way of virtualising the workloads I toy around with at home. Ultimately I decided to shift from the free version of VMWare to proxmox because of the lack of features in VMWare for an unlicenced system and ended up on Proxmox...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Empfehlung SAS oder SSD mit HBA

    Hallo Bezüglich meinem aktuellen Projekt sieht es nun so aus, dass ich noch über einen Raid Controller von LSI verfüge 9240-4i. Diesen würde ich mal versuchen in IT mode zu flashen und dann 4 HDD's anschliessen. Auf die 4 Platten kommen dann auch die VM's drauf. Parallel dazu hängen dann noch...
  18. U

    Newbie, Shared storage, HA, and glusterfs.

    Hi guys! I'm new to proxmox and the whole virtualization world and i need a bit of help and clarification on some stuff. I've currently installed proxmox on one of my nodes, installed glusterfs, mounted it, and got one VM up and running, total took me about 18 hours xD Anyways, i've added my...
  19. S

    Home Lab Project

    Hello Everyone.. I'm going to start a really big thread ! I hope some cool guys will help me to achieve my home lab adventure ! ;) I recently get a dell powerdge T110 II server : Xeon E3-1220 16 Gb RAM 256 SSD 2To HDD Intel Gb NICs x2 (one integrated and one as PCI card) But as picture is...


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