1. P

    Bash command to get the proxmox license state

    Hey, I am building a solution via Gitlab ci/cd that acts like a cmdb for our proxmox hosts. Is there any command that displays the repository & license status? I basically would like to get this info that is shown in the webui: But I prefer bash to get this instead of API, because I would...
  2. J

    pgrep-based script only doesn't work for PVE

    Hi, I use a series of scripts to generate system tray icons to indicate when otherwise invisible background tasks are running, such as Timeshift, so that I don't reboot & corrupt something. I've been using the same bunch of scripts for everything with success for years now, but since installing...
  3. E

    Proxmox VE 8.0.3 - Post install (bash) script not working

    hi all, I'm quite new to Proxmox and I'm trying to set up a server and I'm trying to use this post install script bash -c "$(wget -qLO -", but I can't get any bash script running; it just does nothing. I've read that it might...
  4. V

    Wake on LAN + Mount + Unmount + Shutdown hook script.

    I thought I'd share this and hopefully receive feedback or... maybe others exploring the same will find this thread. You can set the backup hook script in the vzdump config. Consult the documentation on same. For testing you can swap the comments for the variables: SHUTDOWN_COMMAND and...
  5. G

    Proxmox with NordVPN Meshnet

    I was following tho following documentation: But after performing sh <(wget -qO - I think NordVPN still is not installed correctly, because when i try to log in. I get the...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] Bestimmter String ersetzt sich automatisch in der bash

    Hallo! Ich wollte gerade den proxmox-backup-client in der bash für den Host aufsetzen damit die Configs automatisch auf dem PBS landen. Nun habe ich zum testen erstmal einen Befehl mit --dry-run gebaut und wollte den gerade testen. Ich nutze zur Authentifizierung die Methode mit...
  7. Z

    Run script on incoming email address?

    I did some light searching, so my apologies if this was already asked or is already in the documentation. I'm looking to run a command line script (bash) when a specific account receives an email. So, if a dedicated inbox such as receives an email, a script would be called...
  8. F

    bash script at Proxmox start-up

    I've put a bash script at /etc/init.d, changed in to executable but Proxmox doesn't execute it when it boots. How can I add a command script to execute when Proxmox boots?
  9. K

    [SOLVED] "qm start 100" from a bash script

    Hello there, I've moved my SR-IOV start-up script out of a systemd unit and into a shell script invoked by a systemd unit after is reached. I did this as, at least on the 5.19 kernel, pve-guests.service seems to reset my NIC, or at least does something that causes SR-IOV to be...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] ProxmoxVE 7.2 - Can't run bash scripts

    Hey guys, total newbie to linux and proxmox and trying to setup my first server to play around and learn. I was able to follow along to get everything up and running, and I'm able to connect to the GUI via webrowser, but I'm not able to run any bash scripts (I've tried a post-proxmox install...
  11. P

    Auto-shutdown Bash Script (Opinions Sought)

    Hi, First post here. I created a quick Bash script to shutdown a Proxmox VE instance when mains power is lost and the battery falls below a certain percentage. It also (optionally) sends out an alert via Email or Pushover. Link to my Blog article about it is here where I give a brief...
  12. B

    [TUTORIAL] After searching for a way to automagically connect to SPICE and coming up empty handed, I've created a script for anyone with the same issue!

    Let me preface this by saying this is specifically for Windows. A large part of my solution actually uses the officially recommended BASH script, and what I've created is essentially a batch file that executes said script on a remote Linux machine and then copies the output to be executed by the...
  13. D

    Warum sind mit qm create erstellte VMs langsamer als händisch erstellte?

    Guten Tag, ich habe das Problem das wenn ich mit dem Befehl qm create eine VM erstelle diese viel langsamer als eine in der GUI erstellte VM ist. Außerdem kann ich bei einer VM welche über die Shell erstellt wurde weder hin noch raus pingen. Habe das ganze schon mit Linux Ubuntu 20.04 und Win10...
  14. J

    Creating a simple bash script menu on reboot

    Hey guys. Apologies in advance for a naive question amidst these deep technical discussions. I run a simple setup. Home lab, virtualised hackintosh, windows 10 PC, ubuntu, that I run generally one VM at a time with GPU PCI passthrough. I generally boot the machine and use my ipad to select the...
  15. W

    post backup script issues...

    I'm trying to send backup files to a remote Restic server but there seems to be an issue with the shell that proxmox runs backups in. I had to add a lot of things to try and get bash commands to work, bash -lic has helped in a few places but I'm sure there's something neater which could make...
  16. S

    [Feature Request] URL option in Create VM dialog box

    @proxmox Dev, First and foremost to every contributor - Thank You! I genuinely believe proxmox has so much potential to evolve into the AWS-of-tomorrow, that I'm sticking with it for all my projects, I digress. To the point. I have a relatively simple Feature Request which would allow the user...
  17. J

    implementing bash script in ProxMox VE?

    Hello, Basically, I am running an LXC Ubuntu container and a Windows 7 VM in my environment. I want to be able to clone these and have each clone designated with a unique host name. I have read that bash scripting might help me accomplish this but I am lost on how I would implement this with...
  18. W

    Firewall file manual edit

    Hello, I wanna update my firewall file for the cluster everyday with an updated list of blocked spam IPs. Therefore I created a bash script but unfortunately I can't execute it in /etc/pve/firewall/ and I can't copy files to this directory with the script. Any idea how to do it then? Thanks for...


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