post backup script issues...


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May 6, 2009
I'm trying to send backup files to a remote Restic server but there seems to be an issue with the shell that proxmox runs backups in.
I had to add a lot of things to try and get bash commands to work, bash -lic has helped in a few places but I'm sure there's something neater which could make things work better.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm over 2 days into this now...

The idea is Restic will handle which backups to keep and when while further backups will be made with an old tape autoloader.


# This script should be run after Proxmox backup completes to ensure that big files drive backups, not log files...
# /etc/vzdump.conf - backup default settings location

export RESTIC_PASSWORD=password #environmental variable password, needed to access repo.
backupdir=/tmp/backup/proxmox #all symlinks and files are transferred to here.


bash -lic "if [[ ${COMMAND} == 'job-end' ]]; then"
#if [ "$1" == "job-end" ]; then
mkdir $backupdir
bash -lic "mkdir -p $backupdir/{vz/dump/configs,config/etc/network/interfaces,logs}" #Move vz backups to backup directory:
ln -s /etc/pve/qemu-server/ $backupdir/vz/dump/configs #Symlink vm config files to sub-directory
ln -s /etc/network/interfaces $backupdir/config/etc/network/interfaces #Symlink Proxmox host network config file
ln -s /var/log/ $backupdir/logs #Symlink system logs
mv /var/lib/vz/dump/* $backupdir/vz/dump/

#restic -r /srv/restic-repo --verbose backup /tmp/backup/ #if installed normally. Currently running from binary which I can't be bothere$
#/usr/local/restic -r /usr/bin/sftp:root@ --verbose backup /tmp/backup/
bash -lic "/usr/local/restic -r sftp:root@ --verbose backup /tmp/backup/"
bash -lic "fi"
exit 0;


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