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    [SOLVED] Node reboots unexpectedly when quorum is lost

    Hello, I have a 2+1 node setup (2 Proxmox nodes + 1 Qdevice on Raspberry Pi) and things were working quite well until one of the node went offline. Since that node is in repair, the cluster is running with 1 node and the Qdevice. I have not edited the cluster, the number of votes, etc. to...
  2. X

    VMs hang at reboot or do not recognize data disks

    Hello All, I’m new to Proxmox but not virtualization, I’ve used VMWare in the past so I get the gist of it. I first installed Windows 11 as vm to make sure I knew what I was doing in Proxmox, Win 11 installed fine and I could see all 8x8GB drives so I knew my HBA card was working. My issue is...
  3. C

    [Solved] Instant Reboot on PVE when running container/VM

    Hello all. I'm running a new install of PVE (8.2.4) and am experiencing some weird reboots. Reboots are not graceful, and there's no logging as to what went wrong. I just get "-- Reboot --". Sometimes it will last hours, some times it will last minutes. Memtest has not been able to complete. But...
  4. O

    Proxmox cannot boot after rebooting

    My proxmox node show unknown status, but VMs can still be accessed. I try rebooting the node, but then it cannot boot and the VMs cannot be accessed. I show error here. Please help me, thank you guys!!
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Web GUI not working after reboot

    Hello for context ive installed proxmox on 2 dell poweredge servers working just fine. I also have a prebuilt machine that im trying to get working. I was previously using it and it was working fine. I had to do a fresh install and now im getting this problem. It boots just fine after install...
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    Proxmox can ping reachable but cannot access

    My proxmox node notified it is offline, but I can still ping it. This problem has happened several times. I physically reboot and it works normally again but for 1 or 2 months it happens like this. Does anyone know the root cause? Thank you very much !!!
  7. S

    Tips on how to manage load after reboot

    I have been trying to spread the load so to speak after host reboots. Greatest problem now seems to be MariaDB. When all LXC containers start Maria causes very high IO delay on the host. Any idea how to fix that or spread that around (without startup delay)?
  8. S

    VMs rebooting when "Start on Boot" is enabled.

    Hello everyone! I'm seeking advice on an issue I'm facing. When I enable the Start On Boot feature for a VM or LXC, they begin to reboot every 4-5 minutes. However, if I disable Start On Boot, everything works fine. Where should I look to diagnose this problem?
  9. A

    Proxmox reboots randomly when running docker containers inside Windows 11 VM with "host" CPU type

    I am experiencing random reboots of my Proxmox server. This issue occurs specifically when running a Windows 11 VM with the CPU set to "host" to support Docker containers inside the VM. Interestingly, a Fedora Linux VM with the same "host" CPU setting and Docker containers does not cause...
  10. P

    Unexpected reboot on proxmox cluster

    Hi everyone, Since monday we are having unexpected reboots on all nodes of our proxmox cluster simultaneously. It has happened 3 times, once monday and twice on wednesday. We have checked our hardware and everything seems to be ok, there's no power or network outage and temperatures are way...
  11. N

    Activation of logical volume pve/data is prohibited while logical volume pve/data_tmeta is active.

    When I root my proxmox 8.2.2 my VM don't autoboot and I get the error Activation of logical volume pve/data is prohibited while logical volume pve/data_tmeta is active. I can fix it with the commands I don't know what those command do but is there a way to fix it permanently so a reboot just...
  12. Z

    Proxmox Server Uptime Issues and Scheduled Reboots

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing poor uptime on my Proxmox servers. As a newcomer to Proxmox, I’m unsure of the exact cause, but the servers frequently go offline, requiring manual intervention to bring them back online. I’ve collected some system logs, and I’m open to trying...
  13. T

    Deluge keep restarting

    yesterday I executed followig 2 commands apt update && apt dist-upgrade ( resulting in deluge keep restarting.
  14. E

    Sudden Reboot Issue

    I have a Proxmox HCI cluster with Ceph. Ceph connection uses a 10G meshed network with a routed (with fallback) method. Cluster connection using a separate 1G switch. I want to ask a few things: When I tested by taking down one of the nodes, the other 2 nodes also rebooted. Is this normal...
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    Proxmox reboots once a week

    Hi there, I've trouble with my proxmox server. It reboots every Saturday at 3:13 am and I've no clue why. I'm running proxmox on a Mac mini late 2012. I can't see any hints in the logs that explains the reboot. There are no task in the task history at this time. Other devices in my network...
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    Proxmox node shutdown/reboot/hang without any useful logs

    I have a Proxmox node which cannot access today (it shows red cross). I check the syslog and it just say "-- Reboot -- " and something like this The problem occurs without any useful logs to find the root cause Can you help me find the cause of this, this is the 3rd time this problem occur in...
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    Need Help, Proxmox 8.1.3 suddenly becomes unresponsive and blank screen on display, until hard reboot

    Hi, I have a Node with NVME + 64GB DDR5 + 7900X with X 2 4060 GPU pve-manager/8.1.3/b46aac3b42da5d15 (running kernel: 6.5.11-4-pve) Bios : C-STATE off, UEFI every 2-3 weeks randomly this node goes offline completely and no ping from even network and when i attach the display. i see blank...
  18. T

    Node Reboot/unresponsive

    I have 4 node proxmox cluster on consumer-grade machines 1 node of it goes unresponsive every time how can I fix this ? I can able to login on the host and as per my observation if I kill some process it will turn green root@pve02:~# pvecm status Cluster information ------------------- Name...
  19. O

    Help with random reboots

    Hi all, new to promox and fancied setting up a cluster. 1 node so far and already failing. Apologies for the long post but its adds context. So i got a HP prodesk G3 400 mini - 8GB RAM (to be upgraded), i5-8500t. It should run at least the promox system without vms but im getting an issue with...
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    The sporadic node Crashed automatically no logs

    I have 3 node clusters on identical hardware with HP Elitebook G3 min with i5 and 16GB ram, 256 on board one of the node is getting disconnected automatically sometimes its unresponsive sometimes it shutdown not sure what causes this kind of effect. root@pve03:~# pvecm status Cluster...


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