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    Hook behaviour during VM migration

    Hi, I've been looking into using Hooks in my setup to announce the VM IP addresses via BGP but unfortunately, the documentation is lacking of important information such as the behaviour during a migration. I added my hook script to one VM, started a migration and noticed that the hook already...
  2. D

    Recommended way to use a HBA/SAS Expander in LXC

    I have been trying the past week to move most of my VMs over to LXC since they all run Linux anyway. The only thing I'm struggling with is finding a easy solution to pass through my SAS expander or the block devices directly to the container so I can do all the mounting in there. Obviously with...
  3. S

    proxmox cluster live migration hooks and xxx.conf files

    Hi, I use exec-cmds pre-start to mount virtio from an nfs share. I am finding that when I do a live migration the 106.conf does not exist on the node at the point that I need it ? 19:53:08 Action phase: pre-start /mnt/pve/NFSShare/snippets/exec-cmds: line 46: /etc/pve/qemu-server/106.conf: No...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Running commands on guest using hookscript fails (Error msg: QEMU guest agent is not running)

    I'm having trouble using the hookscript to run commands on the guest. The error I'm getting is QEMU guest agent is not running. However, I know this is wrong, since I can run the same commands after the VM is booted just fine. I thought it might be a problem with the QEMU agent needing extra...
  5. J

    Creating a simple bash script menu on reboot

    Hey guys. Apologies in advance for a naive question amidst these deep technical discussions. I run a simple setup. Home lab, virtualised hackintosh, windows 10 PC, ubuntu, that I run generally one VM at a time with GPU PCI passthrough. I generally boot the machine and use my ipad to select the...
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    vzdump-hook-script not working as expected

    Hi there, We are trying to use a vzdump hook script to do some things. We have a Proxmox cluster setup with several hypervisors. We took a look at /usr/share/doc/pve-manager/examples/vzdump-hook-script.pl and made an adaptation: #!/bin/bash LIST_BORG_BACKUPS=${DUMPDIR}/list_borg_backups...
  7. D

    No pre-stop / post-stop hook running on live migration

    Hi. Still trying to get use of PVE hooks. I found that, during a live migration pre-start and post-start are fired on the destination node. But, when the migration ends, the pre-stop and post-stop are not fired on the source node. Is that expected or a bug ?
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    How to run VM hooks asynchronously

    For my need (see https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/running-hooks-when-incoming-migration-is-finished.54330 for some background), I need to run a hook script when a VM ends an incoming live migration. I'm trying to use the post-start hook. The idea : in the post-start hook, loop to see if the VM...
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    Backup on external USB device (IBM RDX)

    Hello everyone, I recently migrated a physical IBM server to a proxmox VM I would like to re-use the IBM RDX device with removable disks as daily backup target. First of all, I mounted the /dev/sdd1 device into a /backup folder and configured as a storage entry (type Directory, VZDump selected)...
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    How to get vmid in vzdump hook script?

    I do not understand PERL, but example vzdump-hook-script.pl in this language. in the example my $phase = shift; my $vmid = shift; How to get vmid in bash?
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    Is it possible to run the script on the host after the container starts?

    I'm trying to do this: test.sh #!/bin/bash /mnt/.../test2.sh& test2.sh #!/bin/bash sleep 10 echo "test" > /root/test.txt 104.conf lxc.hook.pre-start: /mnt/.../test.sh In this case, the container wait for 15 seconds, creates a file, and then starts. 104.conf lxc.hook.pre-start...
  12. grin

    [px5] new CT fail to start: mknod: …/rootfs/dev/rbd3: Operation not permitted

    [proxmox5] Newly created unprivileged lxc container fails to start. The failure is rather ugly, since there is basically no info on it: Aug 16 00:25:25 elton lxc-start[39248]: lxc-start: tools/lxc_start.c: main: 366 The container failed to start. Aug 16 00:25:25 elton lxc-start[39248]...
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    Use vzdump hooks from GUI

    Is it possible to use a vzdump hook file when starting backups from the GUI using the Backup Now button?


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