Best setup for 2x3TB disks for use in OpenMediaVault vm


Jul 22, 2017
Hello all

I'm struggling with choosing the best configuration for my setup.

I'm using `pve-manager/5.3-5/97ae681d (running kernel: 4.15.17-1-pve)`

I have a OpenMediaVault in a virtual machine and I want to have my 2x3TB disks in a raid1/mirror and have OMV use the whole for a CIFS share.

I have looked at using LVM with the mirror feature. And then attache the logical volume to the OMV vm with VirtIO SCSI.
Though I don't see why I need LVM functionality, I just want the mirroring.

Another approach is ZFS, but again I only need mirror feature. I also have hear it needs a good amount of memory to properly function. I have only 16GB total.

MDADM seems unsopported for proxmox so I don't think this is a good idea. Could I passthrough the disks to OMV VM and use mdadm on them there or use the built in raid management from OMV?

I'm open for other suggestions.
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Hold ona sec.
Do you want mirror managed by host or omv?
I haven't found any good way to passthrought full disks into vm and allow omv to manage all hardware and software.
Mdam is not supported.

If you run omv in lxc container then

If Your only want the space inside of vm, as in raw volume not disk.
Create zfs mirror. It works and does not really need lots of ram. Just turn off dedup option.
Once the mirror pool is up it will be mounted on host and you can bind mount that into lxc container.

I am not sure how to pass it into full vm though.
It's probably best to have the host manage mirroring probably?
So using disk as a volum in OMV is the way.

I'm going to try with zfs as see how that works. I can always redo it if it doesn't work out well. I'll make an update when I'm done.


What is the dedup option you are talking about? I'm doing this in gui, but should I do it terminal?
Well some things need to be in terminal as there is no good hi exists.
Zfs has a set of options that have been proven to be more of a hustle than useful. Deduplication is one of them. Just Google zfs setup. I do not remember the command offhand.
I do everything zfs related in cli as I have a notes with all commands for my setup.
Also keep in mind that my setup works with containers not full VMs.
Hi there Joakim! sorry to revive the thread: I am curious what solution you choose and how its functioning. I am myself before such a decision and I am doing my research... soon I will also do my first tests...


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