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    Help with RAID passthrough to VM

    Hello! I just installed proxmox and ran my first 2 vms on a mini PC! On my old setup, I used an rpi with an SSD dock with a couple of SSDs set up in RAID5 (this is my live environment, i have backups). I was wondering if I could get some advice on what would be best way to use/pass the raid...
  2. A

    Problems with passthrough hard drives

    I'm running Proxmox 8.1.4 and have an Ubuntu server 22.04.4 LTS VM that was a hardware server and I virtualized it. I successfully configured 3 hard drives from the Proxmox host to the Ubuntu VM. Those three drives were setup as a RAID 5 with mdadm before I virtualized it. I successfully...
  3. N

    mdadm crash or kernel dump

    I have a 3 * 18TB RAID5 in Proxmox which is configured as an NFS disk and used by various VM's as a data disk. A bit earlier today I had a stack trace the but the two key VM continued to work. However their data folders became unresponsive. I managed to shut down one VM normally after a long...
  4. R

    Proxmox 8 - Luks Encryption question

    Hello everyone, I have been thinking about fully encrypting my Proxmox 8 server which is located in an external data center. I would like to use Luks so that the encryption password is requested when booting which I can then enter via SSH. Now I have found the following instructions and have...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 8 - systemd-shutdown[1] - Failed to get MD_LEVEL property

    HI! I upgraded the test server from pve7 to pve8 - I found the following annoying bug: > I issue the server shutdown - ( init 6 ), but the shutdown process is hanging and looping the following message: "sytemd-shutdown[1] - Failed to get MD_LEVEL property for /dev/mdX, ignoring: No such file or...
  6. S

    NVMe performance inside the guest OS

    Hello. I assembled mdadm raid0 from two Samsung 970 Evo plus NVMe SSDs, created an LVM VG on it and gave the thick LV as a virtual machine disk based on Centos8. On a hypervisor, this RAID delivers about 7GB/s read performance. When I test inside the guest OS with: fio --readonly --name=onessd...
  7. S

    MDADM create with NVMe failed - Floating point exception

    Good day everybody, we would like to subsequently set up a software raid 1 on our Proxmox system with mdadm. Proxmox itself is currently installed on an NVMe with ext4, which is now to be mirrored on another NVMe. However, the following error occurs. "Floating point exception" root@pr-001:~#...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] ZFS partitions get rebuilt/activated by mdadm

    I have a trouble where mdadm autoactivates zfs volumes from VM's. I would not like mdadm to touch anything from zfs volumes. I tried to search for it since it's more like debian problem, but could not filnd a solution. Probably a filter when loading mdadm module? root@elite:~# cat /proc/mdstat...
  9. L

    ZFS pool on mdadm raid0

    I am wondering if it is possible to create a zfs pool on a raid0 mdadm, I love the performance of the latter and the functionality of the former with proxmox.
  10. G

    How to install PVE on mdadm RAID1?

    Hi All, I have 2 NVMe M.2 drive 256 Gb in my server and would like to use them as mirror for OS with PVE. But as I see PVE installation offers RAID on ZFS only. What is the best way to install PVE on mdadm RAID1? Thanks)
  11. C

    Moving Served Files From Host to Container

    Hey guys, I just updated the BIOS and Proxmox to the latest version for each, and wanted to tackle one more issue. I've been hosting a couple network drives on my Proxmox host, basically just a network directory for music and one for torrents. I play music SOMETIMES from this directory, but...
  12. A

    Multiple passthrough disk to VM

    Hi guys, I would like to know if it's possible to assign more than one phisycal SSD to VM (Debian in my case) with /dev/disk/by-id/ command. I want to passthrough two SSD disk and create a mdadm Raid 1 beetween them to increase read performance and reliability of VM's data (xfs partition on SSD...
  13. V

    RAID1 lässt sich nicht assemblen nach Reboot

    Hallo, ich habe mit mdadm herumgespielt und es klappt erstmal alles. Wenn ich aber ein Reboot des kompletten Server mache kommt das Raid1 nicht wieder. Auch ein erzwungenes Reassemble löst das Problem nicht. Erst ein erneutes Erstellen des Raids stellt den gewünschten Zustand wieder her...
  14. D

    Consumer-SSDs im RAID 1 mit sehr schlechter Schreibperformance

    Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem. Wir haben ein "Budget" Node mit 3x Samsung 860 QVO 1TB. Eine Disk wird für das System an sich verwendet und ein Software RAID 1 für den VM Storage. /proc/mdstat Personalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10] md0 ...
  15. S

    Nas auf Proxmox mit Raid

    Hallo, ich heiße Marcel und bin gerade dabei Proxmox auf meinem Server zu installieren. Soweit funktioniert alles. Nur ein Openmediavault will nicht so wie ich das will. Ich habe 5 Festplatten die ein Raid 5 bilden sollen. Noch dazu ein Raid 0 mit 3 Festplatten. Wie ich schon herausgefunden...
  16. A

    update-initramfs failed - No /etc/kernel/pve-efiboot-uuids found

    Hello, I am setting up a RAID on a new Proxmox 6.1 server and I wanted to update the kernel in order to keep the RAID after a reboot (I had to do that with Proxmox 5.x) To begin, I created the RAID : mdadm --create /dev/md3 --metadata=0.90 --level=1 --assume-clean --raid-devices=2...
  17. D

    Server froze, rebooted however can't boot due to mdadm failed

    Helllo everyone. I have Proxmox installed on top of Debian software RAID-10. Today it froze and I restarted manually, unfortunately it doesn't boot due to mdadm error. A. It gives following error on boot. B. cat /proc/mdstat C. blkid What I find weird is boot error UUID doesn't...
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    software RAID

    Hello Hope you are fine. I am working on a research project about software RAID. I scrutiny great software, Proxmox , as a case study in this research. I just wanted to ask you which method you have used for implementing software RAID. I have acquaintance with Linux kernel md, did you use this...
  19. K

    Benchmark: ZFS vs mdraid + ext4 + qcow2

    After fighting with ZFS memory hunger, poor performance, and random reboots, I just have replaced it with mdraid (raid1), ext4, and simple qcow2 images for the VMs, stored in the ext4 file system. This setup should be the least efficient because of the multiple layers of abstraction (md and...
  20. J

    Best setup for 2x3TB disks for use in OpenMediaVault vm

    Hello all I'm struggling with choosing the best configuration for my setup. I'm using `pve-manager/5.3-5/97ae681d (running kernel: 4.15.17-1-pve)` I have a OpenMediaVault in a virtual machine and I want to have my 2x3TB disks in a raid1/mirror and have OMV use the whole for a CIFS share. I...


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