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    [SOLVED] Slow write I/O for Windows guests

    Hi, PVE 7.4 here. There's something wrong with my Windows guests. No matter the underlying hardware, I have very poor performance in I/O for write operations. Like, 1.3GB/s in read and about 100MB/s in write. I tested using both my Ceph storage and local SSDs. I have latest VirtIO drivers...
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    ballooning with windows guest issues

    Hello everyone. I got pve 6.3-2 and 2 windows VMs running server 2019. The server has 64gb RAM installed, i set each windows VM to 8GB min 48GB max i installed gemu-guest, all the missing drivers from virtio 1.185 i also installed the balloon service on each VM and it is shown as running. in...
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    [SOLVED] Have the ballooning issues with Windows guests been solved?

    Some time ago I recall that ballooning on Windows guests was not recommended (bad performance IIRC, not sure). Has this problem been solved and if so, on which virtio / pve version(s)?
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    Advice on routing needed

    -- fixed Rersolution was:
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    GPU Passthrough - Out of ideas

    I've hit a wall as far as ideas to get GPU passthrough working. Everything I know seems to suggest that it should be working and supported by my system. The error I'm receiving when trying to launch a Windows 10 guest with an NVidia 1060 GTX passed through is: "failed to set iommu for container...
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    Sometimes very slow Windows 2008 guest startup

    Fresh installed proxmox, 2 HDD for system and 2 HDD for storage : The only guest installed - windows2008r2 with latest VirtIO drivers from virtio-win-0.1.126.iso Normally windows guest starts in 10-20 seconds, but sometime it may go on up to one hour. At this moment atop shows that system...
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    Multiple Windows guests in Linked Clone

    Hi guys, I have some technical questions. On my Proxmox 3.4 I have a Windows 7 Template and 30 Linked Clones around connected to it. Multiples physical users from low profile hardware computer (thin-clients) connect to single clone across RDP protocol, but sometimes some guests hang up or have...
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    Windows 10 low performance

    I have a Windows 10 VM on my proxmox. The performance are bad (High CPU and disk usage) See below my configuration : Proxmox Host : CPU : E5-2440 v2 1.9 Ghz RAM : 32 Go Disk : Dell MD3800i (10 Gb) PVE : 4.4.-2 Windows 10 VM OS : Windows 10 entreprise (On proxmox GUI I selected MS Windows...
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    Choice of Windows guest CPU

    i need to run windows (XP or 7 for now) guest 32bit ,now i use kvm32 CPU type. but where is the best/good cpu for windows guest operating system normaly? in the cpu dropdown there is a lot of choice... tnks!
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    Windows7 lässt sich nicht installieren oder starten

    Hallo Ich versuche gerade in meiner Proxmox 4.3-12 Maschine Windows7 zu virtualisieren. Weg1 - Verwende fertiges Images: Dieses Image läuft sonst auf jedem Rechner oder jeder VM. Hatte damit nie Probleme. Aber in Proxmox bekomme ich beim Boot einen BSOD - egal ob normaler Start oder...
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    Win7 64bit guest, works with kvm64 cpu mode, crashes physical host with "host" cpu mode

    Hello, We created a VM for Windows 7 64bit. We didn't notice that we had the VM in kvm64 default mode until everything was fully installed and running. (We usually use "host" mode, because 3 of our nodes have the same specifications.) Now, if I shut down the Windows 7 guest, and configure it to...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 VM

    Hallo, gemäß dieser Anleitung wurde eine VM für Microsoft Windows 10 in Proxmox eingerichtet: Aufällig ist, dass in der Anleitung explizit die Treiber für Windows 8.1 installiert...
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    Win7 Setup hangs in Proxmox VE 4.2

    Hello, I have to install Windows 7 on Proxmox Virtual Environment 4.2-4/2660193c, installed on Debian Jessie, following the instructions in . Uploaded known-good Win7 ISO (that works fine with VirtualBox and real hardware) to...
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    Proxmox sometimes reboots

    Hello ! I apologize for bad English Noticed that Proxmox 4.1 reboots itself. On 2 different computers. As a file system using ZFS RAIDZ-2 Computer completely different. One on Asus Ikor + 7 + 16 GB RAIDZ-2 от 5 SATA +1 SSD fore cache Another HP Proliant DL 380 G5 ( 16 Gb) 5 SATA in RAID + 1...
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    KVM 3d Acceleration

    Hi all, is there a way to get graphics 3d acceleration on Windows 7 Guest machine? i followed this tutorial for install the guest vm. Thanks in advance for the response


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