1. G

    System.TimeoutException at System.IO.Pipes.NamedPipeClientStream.Connect on Windows guest

    Hi community, It is very strange. I setup 2 VM, one inside VMWare player on my labtop, the other in my proxmox cluster. I'm using the same Windows10 ISO image. Both VM works just fine. I installed the same software on both VM and it works fine with the VMWare VM but not with the proxmox VM. On...
  2. G

    Win 10 VDI w/GPU Passthru - Desktop Lag/Jitter Troubleshooting

    Hello, I'm building out a VDI model for specialized workstations for a host of reasons, but the primary being malware resilience. I believe if I build a Windows desktop platform underpinned by Proxmox, I'll be able to leverage the PVE for rapid restore of the guest in the case of a Windows...
  3. X

    Windows 10 + WSL2 not booting under Proxmox VE 7.3

    I am trying to migrate my VMs from libvirt to proxmox, and ran into this issue. Set cpu type to host Add `-hypervisor` cpu flag by using custom cpu type Install fresh win10 Confirm windows task manager shows host CPU VM is working fine Install WSL2 VM no longer boots - hangs on windows splash...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Vm does not start after cepth upgrade

    Hi, We are running proxmox 6.4-15 and today we are working to upgrade it to 7.X. We have 3 servers with ceph. First we upgraded Ceph to Octopus and now we realized that one VM with Windows 10 is not starting. This is the VM config: agent: 1 balloon: 8192 boot: cdn bootdisk: virtio0 cores: 4...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] Web GUI not working on win10

    I cant connect to webgui of proxmox instance using my win10 pc even though my ios phone connects just fine. Router brand: HALNY I tried: -turning firewall off -different browsers -private window in browser -reboot of pc, router and proxmox server -turning off proxmox firewall (using pve-firewall...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Web GUI not found on win10

    I cant connect to webgui of proxmox instance using my win10 pc even though my ios phone connects just fine. Router brand: HALNY I tried: -turning firewall off -https and http -different browsers -private window in browser -reboot of pc, router and proxmox server Is there anything I'm missing?
  7. B

    [SOLVED] PVE7: vfio-pci xxxx:xx:xx.x: No more image in the PCI ROM

  8. I

    windows 10 vm proxmox in oneprovider no internet conection

    hello, i have an issue whith my win10 vm proxmox configuration there is no internet in the vm , i'm a newbie when it comes to configuration . but i have tried everything and it always like this i know i didn't provide more details , and that's because i don't know what to show you . so please...
  9. S

    Vm Memory Use and Node Usage Doesn't Match

    Hi, I have deployed a Win10 Vm on a 64 GB Ram node and have allocated it 32 gb. After installing the Balloon Drivers the VM shows correct memory usage but the node summary still shows the incorrect usage , no zfs used and cache/buffer is at 3700k only. I have tried old virtio drivers too . How...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Server Won't Boot After Random Crash

    Hi, I am fairly new to proxmox and servers in general. I was gaming on a Win 10 VM (w/ 3070 ti passthrough) when the server completely shut off. I turned it back on and was able to get back into the VM before the server turned off again after ~15 seconds. After another start I was shown the...
  11. D

    Virtuelles Laufwerk nicht eingehängt?

    Ich bin ganz neu bei Proxmox, habe aber einige Linux-Erfahrung. Ich versuche, Win 10 in einer VM zu installieren, was aber misslingt, da das virtuelle CD-LW mit den virt-io-Treibern im Windows-Installer nicht auftaucht. Wenn ich in der Kategorie Hardware auf das LW klicke, wird oben der Button...
  12. G

    Windows 10 Guest = High Host CPU Load / Usage

    Hello world! In the past months I have built two home servers to host a few VDI guests. I chose Proxmox due its easy to use interface, but I have to say I not an expert on the matter. These are my Hosts: On both hosts I am noticing a single Windows 10 guest "misbehaving". On idle, when the...
  13. K

    Stopped: Start failed: QEMU exited with code 1 [Win 10 - Wi-Fi PCIe adapter passthrough]

    Hello, I recently added a Wi-Fi adapter (Asus PCE-AC68) to my system. I first installed the drivers on Windows 10 VM and then added the "PCI Device" from "Hardware" settings. The adapter shows up when I run the lscpci 01:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Limited BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless...
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Hi, I've been trying for a few months to make this work properly and I'm so close but now I have the biggest problem of all Poor performance! So, what I'm trying to do is one Windows VM for games And one more VM for everyday use that MacOS is on and I connect via Parsec to the Windows VM...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Host freeze input/output error

    I have installed proxmox 6.3 INTEL NUC10I7FNH (64GB RAM, 1 TB SSD) a week ago and added a Debian VM and it has been working fine. 3 days ago I added another Debian VM and then a Windows 10 VM. Ever since the guests have been halting and the host has been throwing Input/Output error to every...
  16. Dunuin

    Win10 VM wrong RAM utilization shown in GUI

    Hi, I think the GUI shows the wrong RAM utilization for my Win10 VM (v1909). Proxmox 6.3 is updated to the latest version and I installed the kvm guest agent. Right after starting the VM the GUI shows a RAM utilization of 90%+ but Windows shows me a way lower utilization: KSM is enabled...
  17. T

    Proxmox VM with Windows 10

    Hello dear members, i don´t know if there allready a newer Post does exists but i need some help about Windows 10 settings. Post which i found about this theme are older than 3 years therefore i started this poll. Since Weeks i ve tries to configure my Windows 10 VM to handle opengl but could´nt...
  18. D

    Warum sind mit qm create erstellte VMs langsamer als händisch erstellte?

    Guten Tag, ich habe das Problem das wenn ich mit dem Befehl qm create eine VM erstelle diese viel langsamer als eine in der GUI erstellte VM ist. Außerdem kann ich bei einer VM welche über die Shell erstellt wurde weder hin noch raus pingen. Habe das ganze schon mit Linux Ubuntu 20.04 und Win10...
  19. T

    Can't assign more than 16384 MB RAM to Windows 10 VM

    Hi there, I am running proxmox on a AMD EPYC 7402p with 128GB ram. Mainboard is asrock ROMED8-2t In there I have a Windows 10 Pro VM with GPU PCIE passthrough and Ethernet Card PCIE passthrough. Everything works really great and stable and I am super happy with it. But now I found a weird...
  20. J

    q35 guest Win10 won't start, AMD Threadripper 3970x

    Hello, I am trying to do GPU pass through on guest#2 CPU: AMD Threadripper 3970x GPU: NVIDIA 2080 Ti Founders Edition Blower Style MB: MSI TRX40 Pro Wifi BIOS is set to be CSM+UEFI and install was successful. IOMMU and SVM set enable Because booting from Proxmox install flash drive, pure UEFI...


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