vlan bond

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    Connect some VMs with untagged and some tagged VLANs

    We have tons of VLANs available on our servers. Most VMs are connected to a single VLAN and we created multiple bridges for that, but there are a few VMs that we would like to pass all traffic to and do the tagging in the VM. root@srv00:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces # network interface...
  2. D

    Network issue using VLAN , LACP and vmbr

    Hello, i am facing a problem implemeting my network, with aggregation and so... Its been several days that i try things on PVE and on Switch, but i keep not having the right solution :rolleyes:. Maybe someone here can have a solution!! The problem : PVE node (accessible via is...
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    Question about vlan documentation

    In the https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Network_Configuration page, under "VLAN on the Host" section, "Example: Use VLAN 5 for the Proxmox VE management IP with VLAN aware Linux bridge" shows the configuration for a single NIC and it's easy to understand. However the following snippet, starting with...
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    [SOLVED] Help needed in assigning VM on the same Management VLAN as Proxmox

    I'm having issues assigning a VM on the same VLAN as the Proxmox Management interface. I'm able to assign a VM on any other VLAN so as soon as I change the VLAN tag and renew lease I get an IP on that VLAN. My problem is that as soon as I change the VLAN tag to that of the Management VLAN...
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    Problem with VLAN tags

    There are seven servers in my data center. Each has eight network interfaces. Each physical pair of interfaces is bonded (OVS Bond) with Bond Mode - LACP (balance-slb). In turn, each bond is combined into a vmbr (OVS Bridge). Two different servers have one PfSense virtual router virtual machine...
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    VLAN interface - attach to vmbr0 or bond0?

    Hello, So I've got a few servers where they are connected to our ethernet switch via an LACP bond. It's basically like: vmbr0 (vlan aware) -> bond0 -> eno1, eno2 We need to add a vlan interface in order to access our storage network VLAN on the bond. My question is, do I attach the vlan...
  7. N

    Interface Bonding of Storage and Network Traffic NIC's

    In our 3 node cluster we currently have 2 10G ports that are bonded, and then we set separate VLAN's on the bonded NIC for Ceph Storage traffic (say vlan 1) and proxmox VM traffic (say vlan 2). So we have bond0.1 and bond0.2 traffic. I was under the impression this was not ideal as the bonded...
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    Loss of network connection when trying to install Proxmox on a debian server configured with a vlan aware bridge on a bond

    Hi, We tried to install Proxmox VE 7.1-10 on a bare-metal server running Debian 11 Bullseye on which we configured a VLAN aware bridge with both 10G Ethernet interfaces by replacing the network configuration file with our configuration file. We tried this before and after installing Proxmox...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] VLAN auf Proxmox VE 7.0.14+1 - Ratlos

    Guten Abend Zusammen, ich bin gerade leider etwas ratlos, da mein VLAN auf meine Proxmox-Host nicht funktionieren will. Zur Erklärung: Ich habe 1 Switch (TP Link TL-SG105E) im Büro, wo mein PC steht. Dieser befindet sich am Port 3 des Switches mit VLAN 20 (untagged) und der PVID 20. Von hier...
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    VLAN 64 with bond0 for the Proxmox VE management IP with VLAN aware Linux bridge

    I've put my Proxmox machine in VLAN64 and the initial installation of Proxmox with just one interface was fine. I could reach the machine and VMs and also from a VM to my network worked without issues. Then I wanted to create a bond and a VLAN aware Linux bridge. Thus I activated LACP on my...
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    [SOLVED] No networking on VM in same PVE management VLAN

    Hi, as the title says i'm having a problem on VMs and containers that share the host pve VLAN. If the VM goes on a different VLAN, no problem. My intention is to have a bond between eno1 and eno2 with lacp layer 2 and have one bridge so every VM goes through that bridge with the specific VLAN...
  12. O

    Multisegment separation

    Customer desires a configuration of VM's in the cluster where few limitations should be taken in account. Server that hosts VM's have 4 interfaces (eno1 eno2 eno3 eno4) bonded together in (bond0). Host server should be accessible from dedicated administration network C class segment (f.e...


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