virtio driver

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    pve8 beta virtio drivers

    trying to install windows11 using the scsi virt i0 drivers it found the drivers but will not install them
  2. M

    Windows Server 2016 - Proxmox 7.3-3 - Impossible to install Virtio Drivers

    Hi, As the title states, I tried installing virtio drivers from versions virtio-win-0.1.137 to virtio-win-0.1.185, each time on fresh install. They all report the same thing, "windows cannot verify digital signature"... Which leads me to believe that the virtio drivers were signed with a newer...
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    [SOLVED] VirtIO Treiber

    Moin, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Zuordnung von VirtIO-Treiberversionen und QEMU Version. Hintergrund: Ich habe die aktuellen Netzwerk VirtIO-Treiber einem Windows 10 PE-Image hinzugefügt. Die Treiber funktionieren leider nur mit der QEMU Version 6.0, nicht mit >=6.1 oder 7.x. Ich hätte...
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    VirtIO Drivers Baked Into Windows ISO

    First off I would like thank the staff at Proxmox, they have done an amazing job in creating this virtualization and without them I would not be able to explore these options. I am curious as to why this is happening and hopefully someone can point me to the right direction. I installed a fresh...
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    Advice need for guest drivers for Windows Server 2008 R2

    Could anyone provide bare minimum list of drivers for 2008r2 , seems ballon driver gives BSOD even 2008r2 one checked with VIRTIO ISO 221 i need basic drivers for guest shutdown and maybe this drivers entries maybe anyone can provide working VIRTIO reference for 2008r2 i installed SCSI...
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    Install / Uninstall the VirtIO drivers

    Hi, I have a problem, see if someone can help me, I'm trying to install / uninstall the VirtIO drivers in Windows Server 2019 but I could not, when installing I get the error 0x80070643 MSI, I found a program on the internet to uninstall them but although they no longer appear in the list of...
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    Hab eine Windows VM aufgesetzt hab VirtiO per ISO installiert ging alles Probleme. Danach hab ich Windows 10 geupdatet danach kein Internet mehr gehabt -> Treiber waren verschwunden. VirtiO neu installiert nun wird es nur noch als VirtiO Balloon Driver unter Systemgeräte installiert. Jemand eine...
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    windows server 2019 "Error code: 0x80070570 Windows cannot install required files "

    hello all, for the past two days i have been trying to setup a windows server 2019 vm on proxmox but i keep getting getting the same error "Error code: 0x80070570 Windows cannot install required files " i so far have tried re-downloading os image and virtio driver, disabling and enabling cache...
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    VirtIO Treiber Problem (Windows 10/Server2019) unter PVE 7.0.x

    Salut! Seit PVE Version 7.0.x habe ich das Problem, dass sich die NetKVM Treiber (VirtIO paravirtualized) sowohl während des Setups als auch nach dem 1. Login unter Windows 10 bzw. Server 2019 als Guest OS nicht mehr installieren lassen.Das Setup rattert ca 2-3 Minuten vor sich hin und meckert...
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    virtual machine (Windows 7) hangs for few minutes

    Hello, From few day I have a problem with Windows 7 which is running as VM on Proxmox. Generally VM works fine, that from time to time ..... hang up (or freeze) on few minuites (max to 5 minutes). It doesn't matter if one profile or more is running on the VM, the machine hangs, also dosen't...
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    VirtIO NIC checksum fail & poor speed

    Hey all, I have a 3 node cluster (6.0.4) each with dual 10Gb Intel NICs. On both Windows and CentOS 7.x VM's I have VirtIO 10Gb networking installed. I have zero issues with Windows. On CentOS I find that any files that are moved to/from a network share fail checksum. There also seems to be...
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    [SOLVED] VMs loosing network after some time

    Hi all, I'm running a 4 node pve cluster (6-1.3) with ovs installed. All networks configured using ovs and all interfaces are LACP bonded. OVS BOND (LACP) -> OVS BRIDGE -> VMS -> Intports Recently I noticed Windows VMs using intel E1000 drivers disconnecting after some...
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    [SOLVED] VirtIO and Qemu-GA

    Hello, i've just spin up a Proxmox host to test it's potential, i've now installed several W10 and Linux VM, using the Stable virtio-win ISO, but using the latest qemu-ga ( to have the ip info on the dashboard) for the windows VM, while using the standard apt install qemu-guest-agent for the...
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    Recommendations for WinSrv 2008 R2 migration

    I've read several threads about different problems with Windows server migrations and am hoping to get pointers here. I'm pretty sure my problems are directly related to hard drive choices as I'm getting the bluescreen STOP 0X0000007B error mentioned in these forums as well as Microsoft Technet...
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    VIRTIO Balloon with FreeBSD (OPNsense)

    Hi, I am running OPNsense in Proxmox and I would like to get the balloon driver working properly so I can get correct memory readings in Proxmox. Right now for example Proxmox reports 3.35GB/4GB while OPNsense itself reports only 740MB is used. I have searched a lot online and found some...
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    Manually loading virtio hdd driver for Windows Server 2012

    Hi. I have a problem with one of my Windows 2012 Server. It have a 100 GB Virtio hdd that Windows initial setup split it in two partitions: a System Reserve 350 MB partition for Windows boot files and BCD store and the second partition for the operating system files and applications. For an...


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