1. Passthrought USB TV tuner (DVB RTL2838) to unprivileged container inside Debian Bullseye host

    Hi, I have some question about using VDR inside a lxc container. I'm not sure if here is the right place to ask, but as I found some usefull related indications (
  2. USB-Hub Passthrough

    Hi, lässt sich das irgendwie einrichten das ich einen ganzen USB hub an eine Windows VM durchreiche? lg Jonathan
  3. Exclude groups in sync

    Hello everyone. Is there a way to exclude certain groups (VMs/CTs) from a sync job? I'm syncing to an usb HD. And while my PBS instance keeps a lot of backups I only want some of them in the usb storage. Can this be expressed using Group Filter? Best Regards/Viele Grüße ....Volker
  4. Passthrough problem with conbee 2 on pimox

    Hi, my conbee 2 is seen in the host: but not in the VM: Is anyone could help me ?
  5. [SOLVED] Passthrough USB device causes proxmox problems, time out waiting on systemd

    Proxmox Version: 7.1-11 Kernel: Linux 5.13.19-6-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.13.19-14 CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G I have a virtual machine for Plex, I want to pass through a USB TV tuner to the VM. I'm doing this by adding the USB device in the hardware section, using the USB Ven/Dev ID. When I attach the...
  6. USB UPS not detected after update

    Hi, yesterday my Proxmox host did an update and after a reboot the driver "usbhid-ups" is no longer available. On the USB 001/003 (where I have my UPS connected) I have now loaded a virtual Keyboard/Mouse Driver and I can't see the UPS anymore. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  7. [SOLVED] USB 3.2 ASM3142 Pass-through Windows 10 Requires Reboot to Initialize Ports

    Hello Proxmox Forum, I originally posted this on the Proxmox subreddit but am re-posting here as well for visibility. Original post is here: I just bought...
  8. Issue with USB pass through and shutting down VM

    I'm new to ProxMox and I've been messing around with installing VM's and I've also been successful with getting GPU pass through on other VM's such as Ubuntu and Windows 10. I have successfully installed and have Big Sur running, but when I try to do a GPU pass through with a USB pass through...
  9. 5.13.19-4-pve Kernel Bug

    I was trying to pass through a USB Device to a VM today and I noticed that the Web UI didn't list any devices. I dropped into a SSH session only to find out lsusb hangs out as well. dmesg however had this output in red: Feb 07 10:05:16 Z580 kernel: #PF: error_code(0x0000) - not-present page...
  10. [SOLVED] How to show USB Storage like internal HDD?

    Hello,i'm new on proxmox. I have been installed proxmox,and i set up "xpenology" and it works successful. Now i'm trying about,how can i mount usb storage like internal hdd for xpenology? I must show it like internal storage, because i cant use xpenology full function. Is there a method you can...
  11. Windows 11 VM: USB Boot funktioniert nicht

    Hallo zusammen, Ich betreibe Proxmox in der aktuellen Version mit u.a. einer Windows 11 VM. Der im Host eingesteckte bootfähige USB-Stick wird erkannt und richtig in die VM durchgereicht. Der Stick bootet in eine physischen PC einwandfrei, in der VM jedoch nicht, weil er im Bootvorgang nicht...
  12. bad network and usb

    We have proxmox ve version 7.1 installed in a 3 node cluster... We have now very slow network and transfer speeds. 50MB/s on a 1GB connectiion. We have 3 node cluster, on the test node the config as follow. All the servers are version 7.1... all updates installed. 2 NIC, linux bond...
  13. Aus bestehender Installation ein bootfähiges ISO-Image erstellen

    Ich musste jetzt meinen Proxmox-Server neu aufsetzen und habe das genutzt, direkt die Version 7.1 zu installieren. Da so ein Neuaufsetzen doch einiges an Arbeit mit sich bringt, habe ich die Idee, mir jetzt von der noch frischen Installation ein ISO-Image zu ziehen und dies bootfähig auf einen...
  14. USB GDI Drucker via Passthrough in LXC Container verbinden (CUPS)

    Hallo, ich melde mich heute nach langer Zeit wieder und habe festgestellt, das ich das Problem früher hier schon mal beschrieben habe Meine damalige Lösung war, das ich den Drucker an den USB Port...
  15. Yet Another mounting a USB3 hard drive for guest use question.

    I am having conceptual trouble with mounting a usb hard drive for use with an LXC guest. Version is: ~$ pveversion pve-manager/7.1-8/5b267f33 (running kernel: 5.13.19-2-pve) The main references I'm using are:
  16. USB Device keeps disconnecting

    Heya, I’m trying hard to get my conbee II zigbee stick working on my proxmox host :/ Right now I can’t find the issue with it. The stick itself can’t be the problem because switching the stick to my old server is working just as expected. lsusb just shows me the Dresden electronic conbee...
  17. ZFS kann nicht gelöscht werden

    Hallo, ich nutze jetzt zum ersten mal Proxmox und habe mir ein ZFS auf einem USB Stick angelegt. Anschließend habe ich ihm formatiert aber sehe immernoch unter Disks->ZFS das Laufwerk. Dort kann ich den Pool nicht löschen. Was kann ich dagegen machen?
  18. LXC and passing USB audio

    Hey Folks, Long-ish thread, TLDR trying to pass through a USB audio device to an LXC container and am having a hard time with it. It might be a pulse audio issue but looking for advice. As to the inevitable WHY, well, because. Yes i know this is easier in a VM. I use nomachine to connect to it...
  19. Emergency Mode - USB-HDD richtig einbinden?

    Hallo zusammen, nachdem mein PVE nach einem Neustart nicht mehr hochgefahren ist, habe ich den Monitor angeklemmt und gesehen, dass ich im "Emergency Modus" bin. Nach kurzer Recherche bin ich auf dieser italienischen Seite gelandet und habe mir den Text übersetzt...
  20. USB Device won't be mounted until VM restarts

    Hello everyone; I using the proxmox 7.0-11. I created a VM (Windows 10) on my proxmox, and everything works fine. But I have problems using USB devices on my VM. Every time that I connect a new USB device to my machine (Portable Storage, Flash Drive, Wireless NIC and etc...) It won't be mounted...


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