1. M

    Kann VM nicht löschen, da USB Laufwerk nicht mehr erkannt wird.

    Hallo zusammen, bin sehr neu mit Proxmox, habe die Hoffnung hier ein gute, flexible HomeServerLösung zu finden, aber kämpfe etwas mit der Handhabung. Also, sorry für Noob Fragen! Hier das Problem: Ich hatte mit einem USB Laufwerk experimentiert und dieses als Laufwerk in einer VM eingebunden...
  2. D

    question about usb 2 vs 3 passthrough

    Hi, I have PVE running on a thinkpad laptop that's connected to a thunderbolt 4 docking station. My goal is to pass through onboard USB devices (webcam, audio, bluetooth) to one of the VMs, while leaving the docking station USB ports available to the host. I tried doing this via USB passthrough...
  3. D

    Starting Docker Containers in unprivileged LXC on USB Hotplug

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm using Proxmox on my home server. I have several USB Devices (DVB-S Receiver, 3D Printer + Webcam) that I want to connect to my Server and use from Docker Containers (Running minisatip or octoprint). The USB Devices are turned off most of the time and are only turned...
  4. T

    Direct USB passthrough is slow, but using SPICE is fast

    Hello, I want to pass a USB device to a VM (namely a USB TV tuner for a TV server). When I do it directly by adding a USB device to the VM with the vendor/device ID, it seems as if the device is sometimes slow to respond. However, when I add a SPICE USB channel, change the display to SPICE...
  5. C

    USB Device disconnects frequently and doesnt re-connect

    Hi all, having an issue with my proxmox storage, i have a 8TB sata HDD in an external caddy connected via USB 3.1 to my server. this drive is used for the storage for my file server and seems to disconnect randomly (with a tendancy to do so when there are high reads/writes to it) i have done...
  6. P

    Playing a sound from CLI

    I'm trying to setup Proxmox to play some audio, I have a USB sound card attached to it, but an error is thrown everytime I try to play something. Any idea? root@pve:/etc/pve# aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 1: USB [Scarlett Solo USB], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]...
  7. C

    "Only root can set 'usb' config on real devices (500) USB Passthrough issue

    Hello, Hope you can help, recently upgraded to v8 and now my users are unable to create VMs from a clone template. The template has built in USB passthrough with named host ports, now whenever I try to make a VM from the template i am given the error message "Only root can set 'usb#' config...
  8. A

    Problem with USB passthrough to LXC after ugrade to 8

    I have an mopidy LXC container with USB soundcard. All worked fine on v7. After upgrade do v8 it stopped working. On my lxc.conf I have: lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 116:* rwm lxc.mount.entry: /dev/snd dev/snd none bind,optional,create=dir LXC container sees my soundcard: root@Mopidy ~#...
  9. A

    Proxmox 8.0.3 - Realtek USB Ethernet loses connection randomly and will not work till plugged back in and rebooted.

    Good Afternoon All, I have a Laptop that I wanted to test GPU passthrough on sitting in my closet for a year gathering dust. I turned it into a small proxmox node to host maybe one or two VM's to test GPU passthrough. However, this laptop does not have an ethernet port. It did however come with...
  10. D

    Passthrough of 3.5 usb hdd is not recognize in vm

    hello, i add a 3.5 hdd to the usb3 port and passthough it to a vm (3-2), but woudnt be shown in the vm. proxmox vm vm when remove virtual usb hardware other hardware like usb stick or 2.5hdd works. I tested two 3.5 adapters, both are only shown and accessable inside proxmox but not in the...
  11. F

    VM crashes on USB-to-SATA Adapter removal

    Hi there, as the title says my VMs (tested with a TrueNAS SCALE and Win 10 VM) are crashing when I disconnect my USB-to-SATA Adapter connected HDD. Logs: Windows 10 Jun 18 12:33:59 pve kernel: usb 4-4: USB disconnect, device number 8 Jun 18 12:34:01 pve QEMU[4046718]: kvm...
  12. Z

    Cluster regularly losing qourum

    I have an 12 node homelab that is regularly losing quorum. I think it might be due to a combination of high bandwidth activities (e.g. backups to a separate PBS server) and corosync being latency sensitive. The 12 nodes are almost all 1L PCs (e.g. Dell and Lenovo tiny/micro form factors). I...
  13. G

    Passthrough of USB Hub that supports Per Port Power Switching

    I have multiple test fixtures Each fixture consists of 2 USB devices plugged into a USB hub that supports Per Port Power switching (PPPS). These USB devices often lock up and require VBUS power to be toggled in order to reset them. Thus the need for Per Port Power switching. Each fixture is...
  14. P

    What is my best option

    Hi I have just bought a Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p with the intention of installing Proxmox and producing a home server. The ThinkCentre is a mini pc with only space for one internal disk drive. I currently have a 500Gb SSD. The only option for adding additional drives is via USB3. What is my best...
  15. U

    Cannot run ls /dev/serial/by-id/ on PVE - No such file or directory (5.15.102-1-pve)

    Hi, I am running a Proxmox VE installed by iso image based on version 7.3 ( uname -r shows 5.15.102-1-pve I need to passthrough an USB Stick into a LXC and for this i need the unique name of the stick. Usualy i get it by...
  16. H

    USB ethernet adapter and Kali Linux virtual machine

    Hello! I am trying to set up a Kali Linux virtual in my home lab for use with a mirrored port, or multiple mirrored ports and wireshark. I used this video to set up proxmox and Kali Linux: My issue is that I have one ethernet port on my Laptop, and have another...
  17. F

    USB external drive - VM ok, Container & PVE cannot "see" it

    Hi - I'm at the end of my search... for two days I've been messing with settings and linux commands. I'm no expert on Linux and it's showing. I have a USB hard drive plugged in to my PC. That is running Proxmox 7.1-7. I have a VM which runs ubuntu and I have Plex installed. I use the USB...
  18. S

    PVE Cluster mit HA und USB-Passthrough

    Hallo an Alle, ich habe einen PVE-Cluster (3 nodes) laufen mit Replication & HA. An einer Maschine (node) muss ich USB-Passthrough machen, da dort zB die USV dran, die ich unter Debian mit acpusv auslese. Im Falle eines Hardwaredefektes soll diese VM dann natürlich auf die anderen beiden nodes...
  19. H

    USB4 Ports being detected as Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub (on Linux 6.1.2 Kernel)

    pveversion: pve-manager/7.3-3/c3928077 (running kernel: 6.1.2-1-pve) I am trying to get my onboard USB4 40Gbps ports operating at full capacity. I noted that when passing through the port to a VM, devices were reporting that they were connected on a USB 2.0 port. Upon investigating on the host...
  20. R

    Connect USB device to other node

    I have an installation with 4 nodes. It´s possible connect a USB device to a VM in other node. I suppose that this is specially important in an HA environment. Thanks


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