1. F

    USB Passthrough works only 1 time - then crash

    Hi, I have several proxmox nodes that are working well. I am using a Wifi USB Stick to temorary passthrough to defined VMs for installing updates over the internet. This concept works also quite well for me. However, lately I took an old Fujitsu Siemens Machine, also with Proxmox to be used...
  2. L

    Router wia wifi connection

    Hello, I have the project to create HA with 3 hypervisors Proxmox. I want to install CEPH to dot that thing. i also want to install some paquets on my VM. I don't have access to internet via a switch, and my hypervisors doesn't have internal wifi card. I want to create a router on a Zorin VM...
  3. B

    Bind mount an exFAT USB Hard Drive to an unprivileged LXC Arch Linux container

    Hi, I'm trying to bind mount an exFAT 5 To Western Digital Essentials Drive which i previously use for my Mac and Windows PC so I have a lot of data on it. I just noticed that the new Western Digital HDDs are soldered to the USB port. What a hell ! Because i don't have a lot of money for the...
  4. J

    No RAID on boot drive, backup to USB?

    I'm new to proxmox and I've installed it onto a machine with only one drive for boot (small SSD) and then separate storage disks. I was wondering if there is an easy way to backup the current set-up to a USB disk so that it boots up proxmox exactly the same in case of boot disk failure?
  5. B

    USB Connection lost

    I have a proxmox container running Fhem (to control my thermostat valves). U used this: (Fhem) The container is Privileged and the connected usb device is found (to control the thermostats) When i type in this command, i get the following result: ls -l...
  6. UdoB

    [SOLVED] FYI: do not extend Ceph with OSDs connected via USB

    Just written down for your amusement, on a lazy, dark and rainy Sunday afternoon: Someone (me) might try to extend a Ceph cluster by adding NVMe (or other SSDs) via USB3 Adapters. For a small homelab this should be feasable, isn't it? My three PVE nodes already run a single Ceph OSD on an...
  7. B

    Create VM by importing drive instead of ISO

    I am having trouble creating an iso of a 2TB drive partition. I've tried Ubuntu disk tools but the iso would be larger than my 2tb usb drives and not allowed to proceed. Is it possible to directly import from a bootable usb drive with the proxmox web interface?
  8. Q

    Ubuntu Camera Passthrough

    Hi, Does anyone knows how to passthrough camera from my Windows through RDP to Ubuntu 22.04, I know that this is not that much related to the ProxMox, but my Ubuntu 22.04 is on the ProxMox 7.4-3, and I saw some comments online that people did it through USB being added to the Ubuntu in the...
  9. P

    USB Bottlenecking with Ext4 Drives

    Hi everyone, I have an HP Elitedesk 800 G6 Mini running Proxmox 8.1. I have two external EXT4 SSD drives attached and assigned to my Ubuntu Server 23.04.3 VM. When attempting to transfer files between both drives on the VM, the VM will crash. A certain number of files will transfer before it...
  10. S

    wrong host controllers in rocket lake system

    hi, good evening, i hope someone can helpme, im new using proxmox. i have a mainboard asus tuf z590 plus wifi with an i5-11600k, it has a usb controller 3.2 2x2, i install the proxmox 8.1 and i have update upgrade everthing i can. i was trying to use an usb type c port that runs on 20gbps and...
  11. S

    SMART error notification but no SMART error on test

    Hello, on my PVE I have a USB HDD connected for Backups, ISOs, Templates and such... I just replaced an old drive with a *brand new* 4TB Seagate BarraCuda HDD in an external (powered) USB3 enclosure. Today I received an email notification with the subject "SMART error...
  12. Z

    PBS Datastore is not available

    Hey everyone, i have a running PBS with an external USB hard drive mounted under /media/usb-pbs where all backups are stored. After the system was switched off for two weeks and I changed the static IP address of the PBS, the corresponding data storage is shown as "not available" in the user...
  13. T

    Trying to install TAILS with persistence not working...any ideas?

    Trying to install TAILS with persistence...seems like an obvious enough thing to do, right? It keeps saying there's no device for persistence, I've tried it with a scsi disk, remapping to a usb disk, and as a usb disk, no dice. Any ideas? I'm going to do some prodding after I reboot the...
  14. Q

    Win11 VM mit USB-HDMI Adapter?

    Hallo #zsmmn Ich möchte die Oberfläche einer Windows 11 VM auf einem Monitor über HDMI ausgeben. Habe keine dedizierte Graka. Nach einlesen scheidet für mich das gefrickel der IGPU Ausgabe aus. Habt Ihr Erfahrungen mit USB-HDMI Adaptern?
  15. N

    Need Help: Elgato Camlink 4K (USB3.0) Passthrough Challenges in Proxmox VM (Ryzen 3700X, X570)

    Hello Proxmox Community, I am reaching out for assistance with a tricky setup I'm working on. My goal is to pass through an Elgato Camlink 4K device (eventually two, but currently testing with just one) to a virtualized Ubuntu instance for OBS streaming. Despite various attempts, I'm stuck with...
  16. P

    Trouble passing through Bluetooth USB device

    Hello community, I have recently installed the latest version of Proxmox and restored all my VMs into a clean pool. No hardware or hardware configuration was changed on the system. So some strange reason one of my Bluetooth devices (USB) is not available for the host anymore, and by that I mean...
  17. D

    Proxmox 7 or 8 displaylink USB HDMI passthrough success?

    Hi everyone, I got one of those smaller PC, MoreFine S500+ with CPU 5825U want to used it as a router and small PC for web browsing. I have installed proxmox 7.4 or 8.0 , and want to passthrough my displaylink device: WavLink WL-UG3501H to ubuntu 22.04 or 23.10 already set up the usual pcie...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Disk Problem?

    Hello, I use a MiniPC as a proxmox backup server. I have a 2.5 inch 128GB SSD connected via a USB3.0 adapter. The operating system is installed on it. And I have an 8TB USB hard drive connected for the backups. I know this is not the best solution, but it has worked for me for over a year...
  19. H

    How to include external USB drive in backup of VM

    Hi All, I've just started with Proxmox and have been making good progress, but have ran into an problem. I currently have a cluster with 2 x PVE and 1 x PBS. I have a VM running NextCloud, using an external USB drive as the Data store. I can't see any way to include the USB drive in the backup...
  20. M

    Kann VM nicht löschen, da USB Laufwerk nicht mehr erkannt wird.

    Hallo zusammen, bin sehr neu mit Proxmox, habe die Hoffnung hier ein gute, flexible HomeServerLösung zu finden, aber kämpfe etwas mit der Handhabung. Also, sorry für Noob Fragen! Hier das Problem: Ich hatte mit einem USB Laufwerk experimentiert und dieses als Laufwerk in einer VM eingebunden...


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