Proxmox and HAOS - after 2 weeks suddenly USB devices disappeared


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Apr 24, 2024
This is my first message - hello everyone.

I have encountered a problem and I have no clue what caused it or how to prevent it happening. Let me describe the situation in details.

Given: Dell 3020 box, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD. Running Proxmox 8.1 without subscribtion. Under Proxmox is a single HAOS VM with 4GB RAM and 60GB drive space. HAOS was installed fresh, using great step-by-step manual.

After installing HAOS I addeed 4 USB devices as pass-thru: built-in Bluetooth (pass-thru as a device ID), ZooZ 800 series stick, Sonoff Zigbee stick, SD-RTL stick (pass-thru as ports). Did Setup of all sensors/devices/dashboards. The whole work took almost a week (close to 60 devices across all these 4 tech/radios) but everything worked - all USB devices working without a problem on HAOS VM.

I also have habit to take backup and snapshot every single time I added new stick and configured devices, so 3 weeks ago - when I finished everything, I took final backup and snapshot.

I subscribed to Nabu Casa for remote access of HAOS instance: this setup is located at a remote property, it is behind CGNAT and I don't have means to access Proxmox GUI/command line remotely. After confirming that remote access worked, that I left everything working and it continued working for 10 days - I saw timestamp updates from devices and got notifications on my HA app as well.

Couple of days ago, when logged on to the system remotely, I see that all devices from Zigbee, Z-wave and SD-RTL are 'unavailable' in the dashboard. All these three add-ons are not starting. Starting/restarting them manually did not work. Reboot of the HAOS remotely did not work either - I saw in supervisor logs that 'can't start add-on'. I did not try to remove/add add-on. Also when going to system->hardware I saw that all three USB devices have disappeared from hardware list.

Yesterday I managed to go back to the site. I rebooted the computer - proxmox and HAOS. This did not fix the situation.

I had very limited time, so I decided to restore HAOS VM from the snapshot. It bright the state back from 2 weeks ago. Obviously I lost all the data since the snapshot (and need to spend several hours to add missing/updated dashboards), however it brought all the devices from all three radios back and everything is working as it was 2 weeks ago.

So... I have no idea what happened and why.

Here is list of my questions after spending several hours of researching:

  1. Have you seen anything similar happening with Proxmox/HAOS pair in past?
  2. How to prevent this happening again? I currently added rebooting host at 2AM but not sure it will help. I am also planning to add backup on OneDrive, but again, not sure how it will help...
  3. After reading number of threads, there were mentioning that daily periodic updates might disable pass-thru of USB devices. If this is the case, how do I disable all updates/checks?
  4. What was interesting, that only devices that were configured as pass-thru via ports disappeared, but the bluetooth device that is part of Wifi/blutooth M2 card - did not.
  5. As mentioned, I don't hace access to Proxmox directly remotely, but I can ssh to it via terminal from HAOS. Is there a way to do reset/re-scanning of USB devices via command line so they disappear/re-appear within HAOS?
  6. Where within Proxmox logs can I dig to understand what is happeneing?
  7. Anything else?


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