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    [SOLVED] adaptec raid 8405e v2 vm passthrough

    Hello everyone, I decided to make myself a personal cloud storage, for this I purchased an adaptec raid 8405e v2 controller and passthrow it into a virtual machine, I ran into the problem that after starting the virtual machine I get an errors. I try to change scsi controller option as advised...
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    PCI Passthrough crashes system when launching VM

    Hello, I am trying to passthrough a PCIe card (LSI sas 2008) on the motherboard (PRIME B450-PLUS) I have enabled the settings in the BIOS, the VM I am trying to boot with has the latest Debian, I have also disabled ballooning for the memory. I add the PCI in the hardware setting of the VM...
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    Proxmox and HAOS - after 2 weeks suddenly USB devices disappeared

    This is my first message - hello everyone. I have encountered a problem and I have no clue what caused it or how to prevent it happening. Let me describe the situation in details. Given: Dell 3020 box, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD. Running Proxmox 8.1 without subscribtion. Under Proxmox is a single...
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    share output hdmi port proxmox VM/CT is it possible?

    Hi Guys I have a small NUC with Intel N95 and Intel UHD Graphics with 2 eth ports and 3 hdmi ports. I have installed Proxmox VE 8.1 I would like to be able to use one of the 3 hdmi ports for one of my VM/CT with Ubuntu, can I do it? if yes is there any guide online? thank you very much
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    Urgent Help vfio-pci 0000:03:00.0: can't change power state NVIDIA 4060 - X670E

    Hi My Hardware ASUS PROART X670E AMD RYZEN 7900X 12 CORE 64GB DDR5 4800MHZ RAM Bios - Latest October, 2023 RESIZABLE BAR - OFF PCI Version 4 PCI LANE BANDWITH X8 X8 for PCI 1 & PCI 2 Proxmox Proxmox 7.4.-17 (i tried 8.1 same issue and rolled back to 7.4) pve-manager/7.4-17/513c62be...
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    IOMMU Issues

    Hello! Ive been trying go get IOMMU Groups and PCI-E pass through, mainly GPU, to properly work for quite a while on my new server hardware, my DMAR output looks like this. Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post, this has been a multiweek and multi-reinstall battle I haven't been...
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    Only HDMI port is supported, DP display is not supported

    Hello everyone, I have successfully pass through the RTX2080Ti to Windows11 and Archlinux according to the community post. But when I connect an external monitor, I find that only HDMI is supported, not DP, for both Windows and Archlinux. Can anyone suggest any other solutions or workarounds...
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    Confused... VM FileServer using ZFS on the host.

    Hello Guys, i was using proxmox VE from long time ago, using clusters etc, on different ways. Now i need to make a File Server and i want use one of the Host who have 3 HDD Disk 8TB on a zfs raizZ1-0 on the PVE host. The first thing I thought of was create raw images for the VM that would work...
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    Passtrough M.2 card vs virtual disks!?

    Hello proxmox users! quick question about using nvme m.2 drives. I have a pcie to m.2 cardholder in my server with a total of 4 drives. I need a vm with a lot of speed. In terms of performance, is it better to pass through the whole card or is there no loss when creating virtual disks?
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    Intel i7 1165G7 passthrough GPU to LXC not working (solved)

    Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.2-3 CPU: 1165G7 passthrough GPU to LXC in linux not working i7-1165G7 First question: Should the GPU passthrough work to LXC at all? I...
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    Doubt about i5 12400 and transcoding

    Good to all, I am new to this forum and also using proxmox, in a few weeks or 1 month I will buy a new pc that I will use it as a server to install proxmox, I plan to host services like pihole, openvpn, jellyfin and more .... The hardware I'm going to buy is an intel i5 12400 with iGPU UHD 730...
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    Onboard SATA Controller passthrough?

    I've been running Proxmox for close to a year now and it's been rock solid. I currently have an OMV VM with 2 HDD passthrough. Just recently I found out that I can passthrough the entire SATA controller and I want to do that. Hope you guys can help me with some questions related to it. My...
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    Unable to boot VM with NVME Drive passed through

    Hello, So I am trying to setup a Truenas VM on proxmox and want to pass through a NVME drive I have to it to use as Arc Cache. VM boots fine without the nvme drive passed to it. I have even manage to get it booted up once or twice with the NVME drive so I know its the right device passed...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox IOMMU Passthrough crashes host

    I am building a small home server with Proxmox. In my system i have installed: Asus A520m-k Ryzen 5 Pro 5650G 1x SATA Controller (via PCIe) 1x PCIe to M.2 Adapter with an NVME Drive Now I want to setup a NAS, where I want to virtualize TrueNas Core. I want to passthrough the SATA Controller...
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    Struggling with PCIe passthru on new PVE build

    TL;DR: pci card comes up as if it simply belongs to the host system despite clearly being set for passthru with a vm. The situation: this is a AMD build on a ASRock x570 mobo running PVE 7.1. I followed the GRUB instructions from since the boot...
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    Passing though rtx 3070

    Hi, I had my passthough of rtx 3070 working but now it just starts with this. 119.106183] inq 16: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option) 119.106236] handlers: 119.106240] [<00000000dc2894d1>] 1801_1sr (12c_1801] 119.106250] [<00000000b4c63146>] azx_interrupt [snd_hda_codec]...
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    Need help with my ethernet card

    I was following a video tutorial to install pfsense on one of my severs in cluster. I never finished the install because I lost network communication. I am a NOOB and this is kicking my butt. I was passing through my ports, which i don't fully understand yet, after I passed through all 4 ports I...


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