1. R

    hyperconverged pve: To Upgrade or simply stay with a running system

    Hello, I would like to ask you how you deal with updates for pve and hyperconverged ceph? I am now considering to update a productive pve 7.2 cluster with 12 hosts running Octopus. With an update to 7.3 I also would have to update the hosts cluster to at least ceph pacific. There is a...
  2. S

    Update Problems

    Hello all, I am fairly new to this Debian and Lenux thing. I am a first-semester IT-Student from Germany and am looking for some help here. I installed a Proxmox VE on an old PC of mine in 2020 and booted it up aigain today. The goal beeing to firsty learn about Lenux and Debian and, secondly...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Updating Everything Except the Kernel

    Hi there, I have a HP ProLiant DL360p Gen 8 server, running Proxmox 7.1-7. The reason I am running 7.1-7 is the known issue of my server having issues especially, in PCI Passthrough, with the 7.2 update. Additionally, I am running a custom kernel (relax-intel-rmrr) to allow PCI passthrough...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Server restarting problem

    My server is restarting without my authorization. I need to disable this feature. Here is the log: Dec 12 00:00:57 pve systemd[1]: Starting Rotate log files... Dec 12 00:00:57 pve systemd[1]: Starting Daily man-db regeneration... Dec 12 00:00:58 pve systemd[1]: Reloading PVE API Proxy Server...
  5. O

    What happens if i don't enable any Proxmox VE repository?

    Hello there ! I understand that Proxmox provides two repositories for updates, one paid and one free. My question is, Is it a problem if i don't use any repository and don't update after a fresh install ? I just installed Proxmox VE 7.2, and disabled Enterprise repo. If i leave it at that, is...
  6. I

    Probleme bei Upgrade von 6.4-15 auf die neuste 7er-Version

    Hallo Zusammen, vor fast genau einem Jahr hatte ich mir Proxmox auf meinem Server installiert. Das war bis vorhin auch ununterbrochen, seit der Installation, die Version 6.2-4. Mit Mühe und Not habe ich es vorhin hinbekommen, dass ganze zumindest einmal auf 6.4-15 upzudaten. Ein Upgrade auf die...
  7. O

    Update 6.3.2 to 6.4 funktioniert nicht

    Guten Tag, Ich wollte mein System auf 6.4 Updaten. Dazu habe Ich folgende Anleitung benutzt. https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Downloads#Update_a_running_Proxmox_Virtual_Environment_6.x_to_latest_6.4 Alles lief erfolgreich durch und Ich habe einen Neustart gemacht. Leider war immer noch die...
  8. G

    Local storage of updates

    Any easy way to setup a local storage for updates so I can have each node pull updates from local storage instead of making them one by one hit the Internet and download the same thing over and over again till all nodes are updated? Trying to see if I can streamline updates from local storage...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] Problem after upgrade "You are attempting to remove the meta-package 'proxmox-ve'"

    Hi everyone, I ran an upgrade like I usually do and saw an update for pve-kernel so I went through. I didn't understood what happen but now here's what I got: apt full-upgrade: root@pve:~# apt full-upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] 2x PBS, one Enterprise one No-Subscription Repo

    Hi Guys, i have a question related to updates on PBS, i have one (Main) PBS with an Enterprise Repo and a (Slave) with the No-Subscription Repo, the datastore is fully synced to the slave (sync-job initiated via slave). I guess it's not recommended to have these differences on the repos when...
  11. M

    I need help figuring this kernel update out.

    I tried updating the proxmox pve-kernel-5.13.19-6-pve but I keep getting these errors in this picture.
  12. K

    Kernel Panic 5.15.39-1-pve

    Hallo, we have updated our 3 node cluster from 7.2.-3 to 7.2-7. We have 3 identical HP DL380 G8. 2 machines updatet without any problem. But on one machine we get a Kernel Panic during the Boot process. If we switch manually from Kernel 5.15.39-1-pve to Kernel 5.15.35-1-pve the Server will...
  13. T

    Updating PVE and PBS from the webgui with a mac/safari (Monterey 12.3.1)

    This is most certainly a Safari bug / issue but I just wanted to see if other had the same issue. When I'm applying updates to my PVE and PBS instances from the web interface, the console gets opened in a new window, I press "Y" to acknowledge the updates and the update process starts. I would...
  14. K

    [SOLVED] Web GUI not available after update to 7.2

    Hello, we updated last friday to proxmox-ve 7.2 and rebooted our server afterwards. After the reboot the web GUI was just blank. Some more reboots didn't help to bring the web GUI back to life. So we tried the following things: apt --fix-broken install as there was nothing to repair, nothing...
  15. S

    Upgrading Proxmox & CEPH from 6.0 to 6.4 to 7.1

    Hello, I recently became responsible for a three node cluster which is still running on 6.0. I already checked the documentation on https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Downloads#Update_a_running_Proxmox_Virtual_Environment_6.x_to_latest_6.4 but I still have a question, because I'm a little bit...
  16. K

    Proxmox LXC Container Template Configuration

    Hey guys, i've created a LXC container from a Debian 11 template, installed all needed packages and converted the container into a template. Now i wanted to update the template so I chrooted into the basevol and updated everything. My problem now is, that when I create a clone of this updated...
  17. T

    How to switch from legacy to EFI boot

    So my setup is I installed a version prior to Proxmox VE 6.4 on my server and recently updated everything to VE 7.1. Since the installation was done in legacy mode I switched to the "Proxmox Boot Tool" which was recommended because of problems with GRUB and ZFS. So I used this tutorial...
  18. J

    python3-ceph-common repo installed and can not be removed

    I converted from no-subscription to a community license but now I have a configuration issue. python3-ceph-common is now orphaned in my apt repo and I can not remove it because of many dependancies. Does anyone else have this issue or a suggestion for fixing it? Jason
  19. K

    upgrade to kernel 5.13.19-4-pve problems

    Hello... I did a package upgrade yesterday 2/6/22 (including kernel update to 5.13.19-4-pve) and it's consistently hanging about 20-30 minutes after boot. Symptoms include: - unresponsive console, does not respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del or ACPI Shutdown. - "qm list" hanging. Some VMs hanging. LXC...
  20. M

    Backups vor Update?

    Guten Mittag! Ich habe eine Frage bezüglich der empfohlenen Backup-Strategie vor Proxmox-Updates. Mein Setup entspricht weitgehend dem Standard, glaube ich: Partition /dev/md0: raid1 SWAP Partition /dev/md1: raid1 /boot Partition /dev/md2: raid1 / Partition /dev/md3: raid1 vmpool LVM Damit...


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