1. C

    Umzug von unRaid, imgs der VM weiterverwenden

    ich versuche gerade meine in unRaid erstellten VMs in Proxmox weiter zu verwenden. ist bestimmt schon x-mal gefragt worden, aber gibt es da eine kurze Anleitung zu? Danke Hardy
  2. J

    USB Pastrought reduced speed

    Hi everyone, I have a proxmox running an UnRaid VM. I have a USB disk cabin that is detected as one USB port per disk, and I assigned those disks to the UnRaid VM through "USB Port" on "Hardware". Here you can see the USB ports on Proxmox: root@proxmox:~# lsusb -t /: Bus 04.Port 1: Dev 1...
  3. C

    backup unraid data to proxmox backup server

    Hey all, I have a bare metal unraid server running, with nextcloud in it. I would like to backup that data to my proxmox backup server, anyone who can tell me how to do this? Thx!
  4. C

    From Unraid to Proxmox for GPU passthrough?

    Hello everybody! I have a DeskMeet B660 with intel i3 13100 CPU, 32GB ram and an RX6600 GPU. Right now I am using unraid and it works for making windows VM and passing through the GPU. My only problem was that I had to turn ON CSM and disable rebar and so on to make it work, so my question is...
  5. 1

    Proxmox dropping connection to a nfs storage device

    For what ever reason the moment proxmox puts some sort of load whether it be uploading a iso to the nfs drive or running backups of vms to the nfs share it seems to just drop the connection and then refuses to reconnect unless the proxmox system is restarted. I do not believe this issue is...
  6. E

    Request device [07:08.2] fault addr 0x0 fault reason [0x02] Present bit in context entry is clear

    Hi! My Proxmox server have been crashing randomly and today it happend again so I started to try solve it. I tried to only run unRaid and I noticed that it runs fine until I start a parity check. Then Proxmox almost imedietly freezes and prints what looks like a PCIe error on the screen (see...
  7. P

    Media Server blew up, help with new layout

    Hello all, I was running UnRAID as a media server, when multiple drives failed, incl. the parity. So I'm nuking and rebuilding my server. Main things running are Plex, the "-arr" suite, SABnzb, Deluge, Nextcloud (or similar) among other things. Nothing wild yet. I had my eyes on Proxmox for a...
  8. M

    TASK ERROR: update atime failed for chunk/file "/mnt/backup/*/.chunks/057b/057....32f1e22

    Hi, I just installed PBS in a VM on unRAID and am trying to pass a share via 9p or vitriofs and both end up with the same error: TASK ERROR: update atime failed for chunk/file "/mnt/backup/*/.chunks/057b/057bcb0175320cf72ded30ba858e915a722b36a71320f113632f1e22f315e5dc" - EPERM: Operation not...
  9. M

    If data is on single disk passthrough instead of PCI passthrough of the whole HBA to my Unraid VM, what is the cleanest way to migrate data after?

    TLDR: I am just starting out! My HBA is a few weeks out and at the moment i have single disk passthrough (3 disks in total) to my Unraid VM with no data. I anticipate there will be some data by the time HBA comes in as i continue to iterate on my new system. What would be the cleanest way to...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] With passthrough of virtual disk to proxmox VM(unraid), what is my strategy for replacing broken drives and testing performance?

    TLDR: I am just starting out! So I followed this https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Passthrough_Physical_Disk_to_Virtual_Machine_(VM)#Update_Configuration and attached to a Unraid VM and am able to get an array started within Unraid itself and have tested connectivity through samba share. 1. Within...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] can we create bunch of lvm-thin pools with individual drives and then attach that to unraid vm?

    TLDR: I am a noobie and learning Proxmox Usecase: Plex media, games storage, other random stuff I am curious about this pattern. I want to let Unraid manage the pool or array, but I simply want to pass the drives on along as lvm-thin. These LVM-Thin pools seems to only consist of one drive, at...
  12. B

    Graceful NFS/SMB recovery

    Hi, Does anyone know of a command i can run, or even a full fix, that will allow a PVE node to gracefully recover its SMB/NFS connections? Every time I take my storage array offline to do maintenance, PVE refuses to connect to the array again until I reboot them or delete & re-create the...
  13. Z

    Issues with NFS share not reconnecting if I have to reboot the nfs server.

    Hello, I am tired and finally at my witts end with NFS. I currently have a setup in a home lab environment. I run a few VM's to include an unraid server (that currently hosts my dockers). It currently holds a couple VM's that I run from proxmox. If I have to reboot the unraid server for any...
  14. P

    Have Unraid on demand with PVE

    Hi all, I started to test Unraid few days ago, but I realized that I can't do with Unraid a thing I wanted to do (see below). Unraid doesn't support it right now. I was thinking also in TrueNAS Scale but Unraid allows me to have disks of different size. I have a DS4243 shelf (with a...
  15. O

    How to add Unraid share(smb) as a drive/mount to VM, VPN disconnects the share.

    Hi, I have two VMs. One for Windows and the other for Unraid. I use map network drive to reach unraid shared folder in Windows. However, whenever I connect to vpn in windows my network drive disappears. So, is there a way to add Unraid share in proxmox as a drive or mount to Windows VM, so that...
  16. K

    [TUTORIAL] How to setup PBS as a VM in Unraid and uses Virtiofs to passthrough shares

    Just wanted to share my experience with installing Promox Backup Server as a VM in Unraid as I encountered some problems that I wasn't able to find any answers on the internet. My setup is a baremetal Unraid 6.11.5, another baremetal Proxmox VE, with a HP Aruba Instant On 1930 8G 2SFP Switch...
  17. G

    VM Internal Disk (ATA) Errors (NFS Share disconnecting?)

    Hey everyone, I have some of my VM Disks on my Unraid NAS on a NFS share, connected via a 10Gbit link; Now, after some time, i started noticing ATA Errors coming up in my Nextcloud VM. It has 2 Disks, one for data and one for the OS. While the VM itself runs fine, the disk for the data...
  18. A

    NFS Backup share disconnecting during backup operation

    I have 5 NFS shares coming from my Unraid server into my Proxmox cluster of 4 nodes (named Prox-1 through 4 respectively). These shares are: AppData Archives Backups ISOs VM-Datastore They connect fine, but the Backups share will error out partway through a backup operation, and the Archives...
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    [Solved] Intel X540-T2 - second port not sending or receiving packets

    Hi all, I have 3 boxes, 2x Proxmox 6.3-6 (1x Xeon E3-1220V2 1x FX 8350) latest intel ixgbe driver and 1x Unraid 6.9.1 built in ixgbe driver (1x Xeon E3-1220V2) all of which seem to have the same issue with the 2nd port being detected, the link state being detected and negotiated to 10GBase...
  20. P

    Help with Storage Problems

    So i finally made the jump to 10gbe in my proxmox hosts and my unraid server, but i have came up on a problem. I have the 10gbe links on a vlan so it is only used for traffic for the unraid server. I have everything stored on that server(Templates,VMs,etc). So i deleted the gigabit link to my...


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