1. P

    RAW SCSI device (LTO tape) in qemu

    Hello, I have a HPE LTO tape reader+changer connected via a SAS card that I want to use from inside a qemu VM on proxmox. After a bit of reading, I have been able to connect it like follows (I put here the full process, in case other people are interested) : On the pve, I find out which are the...
  2. M

    proxmox-tape barcode-label: irreführende Fehlermeldung bei leerem Band

    Moin, es gibt da ja diesen schönen Befehl, mit dem man die gesamte Autoloaderbestückung auf einen Rutsch labeln können soll. Funktioniert leider nicht so recht mit neuen Bändern: # proxmox-tape barcode-label --drive lto5 checking/loading media 'STB001L5' WARN: media 'STB001L5' read error...
  3. T

    Tape Job : Cancel job after running more than x hour

    Hi, I have configured a PBS with HP LTO6 with 1 mediapool/tape per job per day Monday for Monday etc etc. But I'm not the one who spins the tapes ( not in office ) proxmox-backup-server 3.1.2-1 running version: 3.0.3 Works fine when people spins tapes , but when holiday comes and tapes are...
  4. M

    Bandlaufwerk wird nicht erkannt

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe ein IBM LTO4 Bandlaufwerk (LTO Ultrium - 4 H) und ein Raid Controller Fujitsu ICT-1607. Wenn ich Windows Installiere kann ich das Bandlaufwerk steuern und es einwandfrei benutzen. Leider wird das Laufwerk unter ProxMox Backup Server nicht erkannt und auch mit Linux...
  5. D

    Permissions for Changing Tapes Location

    I am trying to figure out what permissions I need to give to my operator (my son :-) ) to allow him to change the tape location. (He unloads the tapes and sets the location when no onsite. I have tried Admin under /tape still says permission check failed. Running 2.4-1
  6. N

    Can you mount CephFS on PBS as Datastore?

    Hello guys, we have a PBS running in our Dev-Environment with a Tape-Lib attached, but as I found out, you can only backup to tape if the backups are on a Datastore beforehand... Originally I was planning to backup directly to tape, so I deployed a 1U PBS Server that barely has enough space for...
  7. J

    Tape job failing with SCSI transport error

    Hello! We are running into an issue when trying to run a Tape backup job of about 9.5TB to our tape library and it fails shortly after starting with the following error: TASK ERROR: write chunk failed - write failed - scsi command failed: transport error Other smaller jobs (~400GB) have...
  8. L

    Can't use Tape using pmt

    As you can see, I can use < mt > to manage my tape. Sadly, using < pmt > like PBS, it doesn't work. I've tried: -Different Tapes -Cleaning Tapes -LTO-4 Tape -PBS Upgrade None of the above helped. Below I've attached you a print out of the error and some general device info. Hope it helps :)...
  9. F

    Writing generic data to tape

    Hello, due to limitations of our setup and Proxmox combined, I'm in need of writing some generic Data to tape. Basically, I want to sync files (from a windows box) to Proxmox, and then write that to tape(s). I can of course create a datastore, and just dump the files into that folder, the...
  10. C


    Hello, I have a Dell ML3 LTO8 Tepe Library ( It's shown as an IBM ULT3580-HH8 ) and run Backup Server 2.1-6. I'm trying to load a tape from a slot, but it fails with the following error: sudo proxmox-tape load-media-from-slot 1 --drive lto8-drive Error: Path...
  11. F

    HP TapeLibrary MSL6000 wait_until_ready failed

    Hey there, i have a problem with my Tape Library. It's a MSL6000 with 4x Ultrium 1840 LTO-4 Drives. Format / Label Media and so on is working, if i first load the tape. If i want to create a Backup on Tape, or Format the Tape without loading it first, so it does that automaticly, the library...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Tape restore failed with API tokens [solved in 2.2]

    Hi Proxmox lovers ! I have some Proxmox VE and just discover PBS. As I have a LTO-4 tape reader, I thought it was time to make "real" offline backups ! ;-) As I have multiple PVE instances, I have multiple Datastores. And to protect all that, I create multiple API tokens, one per PVE...
  13. L

    Tape Library "unload" Media funktioniert nicht

    Hallo zusammen, wir testen und richten gerade einen Proxmox Backupserver ein. wir versuchen gerade die Bänder zu formatieren bzw. einem Pool zuzuweise. Aber leider klappt es nicht weil wir Theater mit der Tapelibrary haben. Der Changer legt das Band in das LW und formatiert es, aber es sieht...
  14. F

    [SOLVED] Tape Backup Jobs parameter verification errors

    Hi, i want to create a Tape Backup Job, but it aborts with "parameter verification errors", nothing more. How i get more information about this error? Thanks for help :)
  15. F

    [SOLVED] HP TapeLibrary MSL6000 Error

    Hello, i have a problem with my TapeLibrary HP MSL6000 LTO4... This error: thanks for helping me out.
  16. T

    Tape Backup Config

    Hallo zusammen, wir setzten ein LTO- 7 Drive ein und nutzen 9.50 TiB des Datastores mit einem Deduplication Factor von 19.84. Wir halten 8 Tage an Sicherungen auf dem Store vor. Jetzt wollen wir täglich auf ein Tape sichern und dies freitags (händisch) durch ein neues ersetzen. Wobei das...
  17. I

    Support LTO tapes in PBS

    Hello colleagues! Tell me if there is a list of tape drive models that have been verified to work with PBS?
  18. J

    Tape backup error

    Hello. We have some error of tape backup (Tape backup - Content - New backup). No changer, HP-Ultrium-6250 drive only. PBS GUI: 2021-06-30T10:25:15+02:00: update media online status 2021-06-30T10:25:15+02:00: media set uuid: ... 2021-06-30T10:25:15+02:00: found 2 groups...
  19. B

    Can't clear tape

    Hello, I just enable tape feature on pbs 1.0-11. Trying to clear tape by command proxmox-tape clean and get Error: Path '/api2/json/tape/drive/mydrive/clean-drive' not found.
  20. G

    tape device not seen on host

    Hi, Our proxmox 6.3-3 installation does not detect a qualstar Q24 tape library attached via SAS. According to lspci the controller card is detected and the st module is also loaded but I have no /dev/st* devices. dmesg does not show anything related to the tape drive. #lspci -v 04:00.0 Serial...


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