1. Z

    How can I setup a PVE sync job to PBS?

    I currently backup my VMs to the local data-store on PVE, works great. Recently, I have added PBS into the mix, but am struggling to figure out how to integrate it into my infrastructure in a meaningful way. There are two options I see, but am unable to figure out how to implement either...
  2. L

    keeping three XFS formatted USB3 passport drives synced in near-real-time?

    tl;dr: in title I have a three node proxmox cluster in physically separate locations within the company. They are on internal redundant networks 1G branches, 10G and 100G backbones. Unfortunately, I did not completely do all of my homework before migrating physboxes to proxmox VMs (and LXCs...
  3. B

    VM Migration in 2-Knoten Cluster nach Ausfall eines Knotens

    Hallo zusammen, wir haben einen 2-Node Cluster mit Proxmox 7.x und identischer Hardware. Storage der VMs befindet sich auf ZFS. Über die in Proxmox integrierte Replikation wird der Storage alle 15 Minuten synchronisiert. Alle VMs waren auf einem Knoten aktiv und wurden auf den zweiten Knoten...
  4. W

    Proxmox Partial HA Setup Query

    Hey how’s it going all, I’m doing a bit of experimenting and wondering if it’s possible to have several Proxmox nodes each with their own local storage, and the VMs on that storage mirrored/synced onto a shared store; then HA setup so if any Proxmox node goes down, the VM is read/run/hosted...
  5. B

    Sync Job http request timed out

    Hello, I have two proxmox backup servers. One offiste to archive the backups from the first one. The offsite server (offsite) gets the backups from the first one (backup1) with sync jobs. This works for multiple datastores except for one. This datastore have about 2520 hosts. Sometimes the...
  6. P

    Retention & sync jobs

    Hello all, I'm thinking about migrating to PBS for on-site & off-site backup. While the connection between headquarters and branch office is relatively (very) slow, the backups have always lagged behind for some days (using copy job in Veeam). The lagging is not a problem while is ok that i...
  7. R

    Optimization possible?

    Hello! I've been using PBS since about a year now, love it! I know it is recommended to run the server with SSD data disks. Unfortunately I cannot afford it and have to use spinning disks. Backup and restore works masterfully and perform well, but verification and sync seems to be too slow. At...
  8. Dunuin

    How to handle datastore on NFS share that is offline most of the time?

    Hi, Right now I got a single PBS-VM1 on Host2 that got its datastore from Host2 via NFS. And this PBS-VM1 and NFS share is available all the time. Problem is that I can't backup Host2 or guests on it, because if Host2 fails there would be no running PBS to restore them from. I also got Host1...
  9. N

    Sync job - atomic rename on store 'XXX' failed for chunk AAA - File exists (os error 17)

    Hi, I have set up a sync job between 2 PBS on 2 sites, A ---> B, (both running on an OpenMediaVault install, both PBS 2.2-3) a few months ago and everything was running smoothly so far. 2 sync jobs a day, running after the backups are done on site A. For 2 days now, I've got the following...
  10. H

    [INVALID] Garbage Collection fails for non-existent VM

    EDIT June 15, 2022 - I was looking at old logs. This is NOT an issue. Board admins, please delete this entire thread as it is completely invalid. I manually deleted chunks. Because I did that, I was unable to perform syncs. To fix that, I deleted my Datastore and recreated it. (See...
  11. V

    Exclude groups in sync

    Hello everyone. Is there a way to exclude certain groups (VMs/CTs) from a sync job? I'm syncing to an usb HD. And while my PBS instance keeps a lot of backups I only want some of them in the usb storage. Can this be expressed using Group Filter? Best Regards/Viele Grüße ....Volker
  12. R

    Datastore Sync Latest

    Hello, I have setup on 2 different physical locations proxmox servers with proxmox-backup-server. Now i have configured a sync on both datastores for each other. Only how can i only sync the latest version of the vm? Now he is sync all versions (7) and later with prune&gc he is delete for...
  13. C

    Intermittent sync issue

    We have some intermittent sync issue when syncing between 2 PBS. Here's the log: 2021-10-31T03:01:27-04:00: sync group vm/108 failed - unable to acquire lock on snapshot directory "/mnt/nas/vm/108/2021-10-30T04:04:17Z" - internal error - tried creating snapshot that's already in use It's...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Understanding Garbage Collection with Remotes

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to understand garbage collection a bit better, I'll lay out two scenarios and ask you what happens so that I can better understand. PVE --> Backs up to --> Local PBS Remote PBS <-- Pulls from Local PBS 1. Garbage Collection on Local PBS: Keep last 10 Garbage...
  15. T

    Sync Task Status Error

    Hi everyone, Every time that I issue a sync job and wish to view the task window, the log is blank and the status tab shows the attached error (Bad Request (400) parameter verification errors parameter 'upid': value may only be 128 characters long). After the sync job is done, and I got to...
  16. T

    Limit number of backups sent to remote (off-site) backup server

    Hi Everyone, Perhaps I've missed something in the forum or in the manual, but is there a way to reduce or limit the number of backups sent to a remote PBS? For example, say my on-site backup server had 8TiB and was used for A LOT of backups, but my off-site was say 4TiB usable, could the sync...
  17. G

    PBR Remote Sync - Limiting the sync

    Our main backup server has 20+TBs of available storage (our colo server), while our offsite only has 12TB (public bare metal cloud). Since I can't easily get additional storage at my offsite location and I only need to offsite store a smaller set of last-resort backups (say, the 5 most recent...
  18. A

    Executing sync in a container sometimes takes a very long time

    Does the sync command run in lxc run on a node or in a container?
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Synced datastores between servers discrepancy

    Hello, I have 2 PBS server with 2 datastores each. Every datastore is synced to the other server like so From my understanding, both servers should have the same used space since they both hold the same data ? Right now Server 1 is holding twice the amount of data than Server 2 Server 1...
  20. C

    Sync not copying all snapshots

    Hello, I had a VM with the ID 135 that was re-deployed under the ID 105. To keep the backups from the old machine, I did the following on my datastore: mv vm/135 vm/105 I then switched the backup job in Proxmox VE to backup the new VM 105. This seems to work as all my previous backup from my...


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