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    [TUTORIAL] How do I increase the current 8GB swap space to 32GB?

    Dear All, Could you please provide a better solution for increasing the swap space from 8GB to 32GB. Please find the attached screenshot of my current memory utilization. Do I need to increase the swap space?
  2. S

    IO delay

    I upgraded my hosts and removed all SWAP's from the LXC clients and this is the result. Now I wonder if the problem was the code or the SWAP. I'm betting LXC don't like ZFS with SWAP.
  3. L

    Enabling Swap on RPi4

    I followed these instructions to get swap working in my setup. https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/how-to-run-pve-7-on-a-raspberry-pi.95658/ As I already had a running setup, I picked up from here: apt purge dphys-swapfile -y Everything went fine, but after the reboot, I ran this command...
  4. N

    Having high swap usage on one of my Proxmox VE nodes

    I have three Proxmox VE nodes in my environment. Two of them have 4 cores/4 threads, one of them has 4 cores/8 threads. Node 3, the high swap usage one, has the 4 core / 8 thread and 32GB of DDR4 memory and as seen in the picture, it isn't even using 3/4 of the RAM available. The history of the...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] vzdump causing swap usage overtime

    Hello, I'm currently facing a strange behavior while Proxmox executes backup(vzdump.) When Proxmox starts backup, it also uses swap space, even if there is free RAM, anyone has any idea why? swappiness already changed to 10. proxmox-ve: 7.1-1 (running kernel: 5.13.19-6-pve) pve-manager...
  6. N

    Swap is Really High on One Node But Not Others

    This has been an issue for a while but it's recently become so bad that the entire host is responding slow when rebooting an LXC or VM, and it takes a little longer to load the consoles and different metrics pages (the VM metrics dashboard? (idk what it's technically called)). I wasn't really...
  7. H

    Proxmox 8.0.4 Swap management

    Hello, I'm posting here something I noticed on Proxmox 8.0.4 about Swap and Swapiness on Debian 12. Here is the configuration of my Proxmox VE node : 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz (1 Socket) (4 cores) 16 GB of RAM 6TB available (Raid 10 on 6*2TB Hard Disk) BTRFS Storage to...
  8. T

    Weird issue: configuration done in a VM wasn't saved to disk

    Hello :) I encountered a strange issue today. One of my VM servers had some additions/changes done to it about two weeks ago. Without reduntantly explaining too much, a site with a map was added to a service its running. This new site with the map had been running fine for two weeks, but today...
  9. E

    Balloning & swappiness

    Hi, tl;dr: How does swap and swappiness affect ballooning growth? I have a few VMs running Alpine Linux 3.15/3.16/3.17 and have over-provisioned the ram with the Ballooning device ticked. Most of them have the minimum ram set to between 512 and 4096 MB, with the maximum up to 75% of the...
  10. L

    Swap almost full

    Hello, The available swap space on one of the servers is almost all in use (7GB used out of 8GB), even though it has plenty of memory available (50GB used out of 188GB). I would like help with two questions: 1 - How can I reduce the use of swap, even having several containers using swap? 2 -...
  11. D

    High SWAP usage on Backup

    Hello, one of my nodes has high swap usage when I run backups at night. The backup starts at 10pm and takes around 7 minutes for 5 LXCs and 4 VMs. Physical memory even drops around that time. Other nodes behave fine while doing backups. Any idea on why that is happening? Best regards
  12. U

    VM gets killed every week

    Hi, I have 3 HA servers each with 64GB RAM, one of the nodes, runs a KVM that keeps crashing every week, it is quite random how it occurs. Each server have 1GB Swap only that is full most of all the times. Now upon reading some articles and here in forum I disabled temporary the swap. Made...
  13. Z

    New installation: System RAID1 how to create SWAP

    Hi, i am a new proxmox user. With an installation on a RAID1 configuration i haven't SWAP created. Have i forget something or must i create SWAP on an other disk?
  14. E

    Swap not detected in all lxc containers in a node

    Hi all I have a 3 node-cluster for my development environment, all three nodes are basically same hardware. Cluster is pve6 and all lxc containers are centos7. In one of the nodes, all the containers have 0 swap memory, no matter what the configured amount is for any lxc. The main node las 16GB...
  15. B

    Which would be the best way to configure SWAP memory with HD disks ZFS file root system?

    Hello for everyone, I have an standalone node with 380 GB RAM and CPU usage is normal, 20 CT and 15 VM with Promox 6.3.6, I don't have IO delay. I just now I'm trying to configure a new CT, but I found that the container doesn't have SWAP memory (I did that setup with 2 Gb) so when I start to...
  16. K

    Proxmox and swap partition

    Is there a reason why the default install of Proxmox VE doesn't allocate it's own swap partition? If not, should I be providing my VMs with access to swap space and if so, should I be providing this swap space on SSDs or HDDs?
  17. S

    Trying to understand LXC RAM and SWAP allocation

    I have a workstation with 256 GB RAM, and by default the host has only 8 GB SWAP. With the two LXCs I have, as they can potentially use a lot of RAM, I committed 192 GB RAM and 64 GB SWAP to both. My question is, in a situation where both LXC reaches a high usage and they consume more than 256...
  18. M

    Debian VM RAM Assigned As SWAP

    I have created a Debian 10 or 11 vm and added 6GB of RAM but, this is allocated as swap inside the vm, have i dun something wrong. I have tried other OS both, Linux and windows and this seems to be only happening with Debian, i have tried with and without ballooning enabled and changing the...
  19. G

    VM Swap memory always full

    For one of our VMs we allocated around 30 GB RAM. Every time we check the usage of resources, using htop, we see that the SWAP memory is always at 100%. Here is a picture: We are not sure this is normal behavior Even our swap memory in the proxmox GUI, the one for the entire...
  20. A

    SWAP dauerhaft deaktivieren

    Hallo, der Proxmox Support hat mir geraten meinen SWAP zu deaktivieren, da dieser auf zwei von vier Nodes auf 100% war. Arbeitsspeicher war jeweils auf etwa 60%. Ich habe auch bemerkt, dass SWAP vor allem da voll wird wo viele LXC Container laufen. Nun aber zu der eigentlichen Frage: Wie...


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