1. C

    [SOLVED] LXC wrong swap amount displayed since last update

    Hello, Before the last update, when setting the swap to off and using free -m inside an LXC it would report the total swap as 0. Now since the last update, the total swap amount shows the total mem value. Here's an example on an LXC container with swap disabled. total used...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Proxmox is using swap with lot of RAM available

    Hello, my name is Juan Carlos and this is my first time writing into this mailing list. I'm testing Proxmox using an ASUS P6T with 24GB RAM. Currently I have 4KVM using up to 12GB, which means I have 12GB free for ZFS, yet every time I do a VM backup, OS installation or any other workload...
  3. J

    High SWAP usage eventhough plenty of RAM is available

    Hello everyone, I recently configured Proxmox VE 5.1 as my new hypervisor. Everything works fine, but I can't explain its high SWAP usage. Some more information about the system: root@prxsrv:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 5.1-25 (running kernel: 4.13.4-1-pve) pve-manager: 5.1-35 (running...
  4. C

    swappiness to 0 doesn't seems to work

    Hello, I've recently changed the swappiness on my host to 0 since there is plenty of ram available. Rebooted to apply the change. Now my container still consume swap even when there is memory free. Here's in the webui: Here's the free output inside the container: total...
  5. O

    LXC container memory configuration

    Could somebody elaborate on how to configure the LXC memory settings properly? The UI allows me to set the memory limit of my container to e.g 1024MB and 0MB for swap. According to the documentation this would be wrong: Is the UI missing a sanity check or am i misinterpreting the documentation?
  6. A

    Host Uses Swap when RAM available

    Originally posted this in IRC and was suggested I post here. I have a proxmox host running 4.4.67-1-pve which is using 99% of it's swap. Yesterday it was one vm using ~25G of swap. I stopped/started the VM (to kill the process, rebooting the guest did not reduce swap usage) and swap went back...
  7. A

    Issue with cache/ram on high speed writes on ssd raid

    Hello, We're trying to do high speed writes on a hardware RAID device using SSDs. We tried to direct mount the disks using the physical device pass through (using a guide I can't post here because I'm a new user ) but every time we try to write to the device it fills up the RAM, the swap...
  8. K

    proxmox 5 - change from ZFS RPOOL/SWAP to standard linux swap partition

    Hi there, I'm testing a proxmox 5 installation, and have installed it on ZFS. I also have a standard linux swap partition configured on the SSD. I'm concious of the reported problems with using swap on ZFS, so would like to move the swap from the ZFS partition to the standard linux swap...
  9. T

    Very high SWAP usage on half of the nodes

    Hi there. We are facing an issue lately on 4 out of 7 nodes of our cluster. The swap usage is always on 99% although the RAM is not used up. More specifically, 400GB ram is installed on one of the hyper visors and the usage is always on 50%, and 8GB Swap always with 99% usage. On other nodes...
  10. Y

    Swap in Ceph Node

    Hello, i have a Ceph node with this ram allocation: root@nodo3:~# free total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 65939008 65211332 727676 2584660 724684 54518756 -/+ buffers/cache: 9967892 55971116 Swap: 3801084 3801072...
  11. M

    Proxmox VE 4.4 100% SWAP Usage suddenly

    Hello, I really need some information/guidance why my Swap usage is suddenly 100% on one node and on the other one is 60% as well, suddenly... Each node has the same set of 128 GB RAM, and running only Windows VM's. Can someone please explain this to me ? Do I need to increase the swap...
  12. A

    Is Proxmox swap shared by containers?

    Whether or not I allocate swap to a container, the container still shows the swap size of the physical server. Software such as NextCloud reports memory usage by adding Mem and Swap together. /proc/meminfo MemTotal: 262144 kB MemFree: 218196 kB MemAvailable: 218196 kB ...
  13. L

    Swap allocation recommendatios

    Hi, can any one point me to guidelines for RAM configuration on containers? Ever since we updated to Proxmox 4 we to often get containers overusing swap even if their allocated RAM seems on ranges of 40-60%. We've adjusted the vm.swappiness on the host system to 10 now with similar results. It...
  14. R

    Proxmox 4.2 cache problem with RAM

    Hi, I have a cache problem in proxmox. See attached screenshot! the cache size continues to increase. the problem is the cache will no cleanup automatically. and the problem is, if the ram space is full the proxmox system swap on the hdd. any idea why proxmox have so much cache size and will...
  15. R

    Proxmox fängt an SWAP Speicher zu nutzen obwohl RAM nicht ausgelastet ist

    Hallo, ich habe gerade festgestellt, dass Proxmox anfängt SWAP-Speicher zu nutzen obwohl noch genügend RAM Speicher verfügbar ist! Wenn ich den Cache leere und SWAP einmal starte und wieder stoppe swapoff -a swapon -a sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Dann ist alles wieder frei, aber...
  16. I

    Ram & SWAP error

    First: When I`m upload iso files to the server ( ssh / web interface ) I have a situation in which not used SWAP. Screenshot: Second: RAM don`t clear, when I finished upload iso`s ( this problem I solved by command " echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches " ) Can anybody help me with this?
  17. LnxBil

    [SOLVED] ZFS swap crashes system

    Hi all, I encountered stability problems with swapping on ZFS (swap on zvol). It panics repeatedly in minutes with alternating errors on 4.2.6-1-pve swapper/5: page allocation failure General Protection fault (multiple times) Blocked process kswapd Using e.g. exclusively zram or another...


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