1. A

    compress-force=zstd:3 as standard for BTRFS?

    Hi, I have chosen to use BTRFS since I have been using that since it was included with (Open)SUSE so also chose it for Proxmox. I noticed very low compression on my disk images. Just a few percent. You can easily investigate this by using compsize (package btrfs-compsize). The default mount...
  2. V

    Suggestion - Add old kernel cleanup from GUI

    It would be good to delete old kernels from GUI. Now i run a apt-get autoremove from command line and delete almost 7 Gb old kernel files! I forget to check it, because every function that i use is avaliable via GUI.
  3. F

    Network try before committing, and better editing support

    Hello folks. I had some problems with my network, and I thought it would be awesome if I had two features, so I'm leaving a suggestion. - Make a trial configuration before making it permanent. I couldn't find anything related to this, but having something like a try button, that will apply the...
  4. A

    Suggestion | Several UI Improvements for Pools

    Over the past couple years i have been managing several proxmox clusters (currently 3 quite large ones with 10+ nodes / 150+ vms) and i really have to say there are some things that can become a real pain specially on larger deployments... Currently most of the time i am using the pool view and...
  5. F

    [suggestion] Folders for VMS

    Hi, my suggestion is to have the possibility the create Folders, like on VMWare or even Active directory, to organize the VMS eg: proxmox-1/ ├─ development/ │ ├─ project-1/ │ │ ├─ vm1 │ │ ├─ vm2 ├─ production/ │ ├─ project-1/ │ │ ├─ vm1 instead of the current one: proxmox-1/ ├─...
  6. V

    Suggestions to cover my use cases appreciated (setup recommendations)

    Hello everybody, 3 month ago i got a refurbished Fujitsu Q956 Mini PC to try out Proxmox and further possibilities for private use. It was more to learn and play around a little bit. Before I had no knowledge about VMs, Linux in generall and docker and so on. I got some very basic knowledge now...
  7. T

    Feature suggestions for PBS backup speedup.

    Hi, After some testing and feedback from proxmox staff, I would suggest: 1. reenable change of compression level during backup to PBS (now it's locked to ZSTD, but in the past it allowed uncompressed). At this point forcing compressions can make CPU bottleneck and also increase load on the node...
  8. T

    Allow admin to configure required votes for quorum OR out of quorum behaviour.

    Hi, It would be nice to allow admins of a cluster to define either: - a minimum votes required for a quorum (yes, admins might be aware of pitfalls and are prepared to deal with consequences) OR - define behaviour when quorum is not achieved - current "stop everything and just sit there" is a...
  9. G

    [Feature Suggestion] use monospace in server-view web ui

    I don't know if it's only me, but I sometimes wished that the server-view in in the proxmox web ui would be monospace. I mean that if some kind of naming convention is used it's still hard to find the servers, as their naming is not aligned very well. If it's not only me wondering if that would...
  10. J

    [suggestion] Add per node backup option

    Hi, Right now you can select: Include/exclude selected vm's, pool based and All. I would like to see a per node option. I could do this with pool based, but you can't add a vm to more pools.
  11. R

    [Suggestion] Comment/Description field to accompany VM disks?

    Hi, Wasn't sure whether to post here or create a GitHub issue. Whilst managing VMs it's generally a hassle to cross-reference disk IDs all the time and I can imagine lead to people accidentally deleting the wrong disk - especially when more than one disk is on the VM with same pool/capacity...
  12. V


    When run Clone option I like to say which of HD to include in the clone process or not
  13. V

    [Suggestion] Move HD between VM

    Add new button to move file from VM1 to VM2 shell: mv /var/lib/vz/images/1/hd1.qcow /var/lib/vz/images/2/hd1.qcow
  14. M

    [Suggestion] Toggleable verbose mode when adding PCI devices

    Hi there, I'm loving Proxmox, hence this suggestion: to make it even more user-friendly! I just did a blunder: I added my USB controller (29:00.3) instead of my microphone jack (2a:00.3). This happened because I first looked up which was my Audio input by doing lspci -v | less, and then I went...
  15. S

    suggestion : missing features for a complete product

    Hi all, I've installed the Proxmox Mail Gateway to test myself if this product can replace a working system based on mailscanner + mailwatch. The GUI is impressive but i've found that at least two essential features are missing : 1) the domain admin user. This user can view and manage all...
  16. V

    I am beginner user and I need recommendation for HD installation

    Primary > 1 SSD Disk 1Tb (I want to use OS , Proxmox and VM , 1 or 2 snapshot) Secondary > 1 HD 2Tb (I want to use for Backup , ISO and snapshot) 1 VM : 700Gb Free Space for future VM expanding : 200Gb In the installation I want to use the max possible space for VM Advanced LVM...
  17. H

    Server Suggestions for Proxmox

    Hi guys, After using proxmox for the past few weeks for our continuous integration project we have decided to buy a server for it. I plan to host just two virtual machines as of now on proxmox. One Windows VM and one Linux based VM which will have docker installed. In the future maybe I will...
  18. Coolguy3289

    Adding No-Subscription Repo upon install

    Hello, So I've been using Proxmox for a while now, and just ran a few clean installs for some friends. One thing I noticed, is that the enterprise repo is inserted by default (which is fine), but the no-subscription repo isn't, causing issues for users when initially running containers because...
  19. M

    Ideas for 1U Server

    Hi For a new project I am looking for new reliable and payable 1U servers with Raid card for proxmox. Raidcard and any components should supported by Proxmox/debian. Any suggestions about models and config (hdd/ssd) from the community ? Many thanks. Oliver


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