Suggestion | Several UI Improvements for Pools


Sep 21, 2022
Over the past couple years i have been managing several proxmox clusters (currently 3 quite large ones with 10+ nodes / 150+ vms)
and i really have to say there are some things that can become a real pain specially on larger deployments...
Currently most of the time i am using the pool view and we usually have around 5-20 vms per pool.

- We need some kind of more advanced folder structure than the current pools.
  1. Renaming Pools/Folders (i cant tell you how often we had to remove the vms one by one from a pool bc we had to rename it....)
  2. Bulk removing VMs from pool (why is there option to select multiple vms and remove them from the pool together? i mean you can add multiple vms to the pool at the same time)
  3. Default auto expand pools (a box you can check for each pool to automatically expand it when loading the page, it is super frustrating to manually expand 20x pools after website reload......)
  4. Subfolders/Pools (quite selfexplaining, the capability to create a sort of folder structure with sub and sub sub folders, would make things way less chaotic)

- Bonus things
  1. VM Name caching for all vms on all nodes, basically that you can still see the names of vms that are on nodes that are currently offline, just to get a better overview on which vm is where (that you can directly boot the correct node if you need the vm. Currently i have to keep a seperate index/list...
  2. Customization for the "wake on lan" button, basically an option that would allow you to add custom scripts that are executed when the "wol" button is pressed, this would allow us to better integrate ipmi/ilo systems from servers.
  3. Automatic WOL signal to an offline hostsystem/node when you press start for a vm thats on said host system.
  4. Basic Temperature readouts in the webpanel, basically that you can see cpu and other temps in the webinterface next to usage (integration from sth like lm-sensors)
  5. Displaying current network usage next to cpu, memory etc. I mean there is already a graph for the past network traffic, why is there no live view?

Those things would make a huge difference for me & probably other larger scale deployments
Maybe someone from the proxmox team sees this
Thanks for reading :)


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