feature request

  1. C

    Feature Request - Proper Reporting

    Hi Proxmox Forum, I have a two part request for a feature. 1) Report tools. This has to do with having an option under the server options so that I can print out an excel file, or similar method, showing me spikes in time of higher consumption of resources. This can also identify shutdowns...
  2. G

    Feature-Request: Search for IP-addresses

    Hi, it is very useful to just search for assigned IP-addresses than just for the VM-Name. Would it be possible to index all qemu-guest-agent information and then make it searchable?
  3. K

    Request for Enhanced Proxmox Server Management Features

    I am writing to request enhancements to our Proxmox server management capabilities to streamline our operations and improve efficiency. Currently, we are managing multiple Proxmox servers in my homelab, and it would be incredibly beneficial for our workflow to be able to control these servers...
  4. F

    Replication overview in datacenter pane

    Hi All, since we use replication heavily it would be supercool to see in the datacenter pane where the overview already exists also the status of all the job and latest timestam. So more or less a combination of what you see on each node for the full datacenter. BR and thank you for the...
  5. iprigger

    Little Feature Request

    All, Without pressure and just as a nice to have: Would it be thinkable that you implement a copy / paste function into the noVNC Gui, please? Otherwise it's sometimes a bit of a hassle when requiring to type in very long strings (i.e. license codes and / or passwords) That feature would help...
  6. D

    Feature Request: OOM Score for VMs

    OOM killer is a headache in Proxmox 8.x. Systems that have been running for years under previous versions are now getting OOM killed several times per week. Every site we manage that uses Proxmox has the VMs--their main Windows Server, a remote access server, and a "vendor" machine that we...
  7. M

    [Feature request] - Watchdog for standalone hosts - or workaround

    I'm on latest update and have a frozen hosts every few hours. My host is standalone and would appreciate when there would be an option to reboot automatically. Thread for such a problem It doesn't replace analysis but I had same issue with some changes a while back and it got solved by an...
  8. M

    Feature request: Don't delete volumes onm restore which were excluded from backup

    On my old proxmox instance i didn't use zfs but the directory storage (.vmdk / .qcow2 files). I used VMs on which i excluded drives from backup. When i restored a VM, the disk was then marked as unused but still available to remount on that VM (after doing a qm rescan). I also had trouble with...
  9. H

    [Feature request] Cloud-Init move drive option

    Hello, I saw that the Move disk is unavailable for the cloud-init drive. After doing some reading, I found out that the CI disk is being regenerated at VM startup, so it can be removed and then created to the new storage. The only issue is that if you've got a running VM, in a production env...
  10. C

    RETVec (Resilient & Efficient Text Vectorizer)from Google

    Hi, will be PMG use this? https://glockapps.com/blog/gmails-biggest-security-update-ai-powered-spam-filter/ https://github.com/google-research/retvec/blob/main/notebooks/train_retvec_model_tf.ipynb
  11. patefoniq

    Web UI feature requests

    Hi, I've created the ticket on Bugzilla, but I don't know if it will be processed. It's only a small feature: I also have another small request. Could you change the way of declaring the RAM for the VM, from MiB to GiB? No one is using megabytes for VMS' now, the standard is dozens of...
  12. A

    Suggestion | Several UI Improvements for Pools

    Over the past couple years i have been managing several proxmox clusters (currently 3 quite large ones with 10+ nodes / 150+ vms) and i really have to say there are some things that can become a real pain specially on larger deployments... Currently most of the time i am using the pool view and...
  13. J

    [Enhancement Request] Multi-Pool based backup jobs

    Hi, Unless I've totally missed it, or there's a trick to do such a thing, I'd have a little wish for a little enhancement on pool based backup: by allowing multiple pools being selected in a job (or excluded for an inverted effect, as you can do with the "include/exclude VM") Today, when we...
  14. M

    Feature request: support more customization options for xterm.js

    Hi, today I used xterm.js console and was a bit uncomfortable staring at the black background. I searched and found that xterm.js supports using api to change its options, so I tried to change the color by inputing this in web browser's console : (it's Selenized Light theme, I used it on other...
  15. S

    IPv6-address on all interfaces

    Hi, I have a proxmox-machine with six NICs, each with its vmbr. I have set IPv4/6-addresses only on one vmbr because this is the managing vmbr. The other NICs/vmbrs are only for VMs with different networks. IPv4: Everything worked as expected - none of the other vmbrs got an ipv4-address...
  16. G

    [SOLVED] Workaround to use qemu-user-agent without guest-fsfreeze ?

    Hi all, I think we're all aware of the the issue with the snapshot backup locking the guest FS with fsfreeze and not being able to thaw the FS, resulting in a completely locked VM. It's been discussed many times in and out of this forum. I don't know if there is any progress in fixing the very...
  17. J

    Feature request: Static scaling for graphs

    Automatically-scaled graphs are great for specific use-cases, but they can require extra mental processing when doing visual scanning. For example: A VM using 0.2 CPU with regular peaks of 0.3 looks like it's using more CPU than a VM using 0.4 with a single peak of 1.2. Examples: Without...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Feature Request: Show in vm/container is on a backup schedule

    Hi All. It would be nice to see if I click on a server the option to see if the container/vm is on a backup schedule and also see if that schedule is enabled or disabled the schedule of the runtime would be nice as well . Example. When clicking on backups it shows the backup schedule 1st with...
  19. M

    Memory usage chart vs. ZFS cache

    Hi, In a home lab environment, I have a server with 256GB RAM, a dozen VM's on it and a ZFS pool also in the same box. The RAM usage chart on the node summary page shows the total RAM usage, which makes sense. A lot of times though, when I need to weigh how much RAM headroom I have for adding...
  20. J

    Enclosure visualization

    Managing a Proxmox cluster in the datacenter with multiple nodes and multiple drives (Ceph OSD and ZFS pools) per node, I am missing an easy way to locate the drive in the enclosure. Smart data or Ceph OSD status visualized in a simple row/column fashion. Is is possible to add a simple...


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