1. K

    Proxmox VE API /api2/json/pools optional field "members" empty

    HI! I was trying to find out which pool is connected to a VM-ID by searching with the VM-ID. In theory I should be able to use the /api2/json/pools API call to return the pool-id and the data of it's members, where I could find the VM-ID and backtrace it to the pool. The documentation states...
  2. C

    Help me understand dRaid vs Raidz for my new system

    I've got another post open where I'm discussing how to setup a new server that will have a total of 36 available disks and get all VMS to be able to access the data within the single large pool. That post is HERE, in that post, @Dunuin threw me a curve ball and suggested dRaid might be the best...
  3. C

    Yet another RaidZx and VM setup question! 36 disk system...

    I've been trawling through the forums trying to answer my own questions and I'm finding conflicting information. So thought I'd post here and see what peoples thoughts are. Ive had a Synology NAS for many years and it's been perfect for my use case. I have a 5 bay main unit as pool1, which I...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Restricting pools to VM-ID

    Hello I wonder if it is possible to restrict pools which are made for structure and order as many users use the proxmox server for a wide variety of reasons to restrict a pool to range of VM-ID's. For example pool 1 can use VM ID's 100 to 199 and pool 2 can use VM ID's 200 to 299. It's not...
  5. M

    Propagation of pool permissions to member VMs?

    Hi, I'm using the feature of granting permissions for groups on VM pools for the first time. There's one thing I don't completely understand: should pool permissions be propagated to member VMs ("propagated" in the sense of: being visible in VMs permissions)? I'm very sure that in the case of...
  6. G

    Failed ZFS import at system startup

    I'll keep this simple as I can as I'm not to familiar with ZFS pools in general. So, I noticed that when I had my Proxmox server hooked up to a display, I received a message at boot complaining about some sort of zfs import failure regarding my "lxc" pool. Sure enough, I check in my syslogs with...
  7. A

    Suggestion | Several UI Improvements for Pools

    Over the past couple years i have been managing several proxmox clusters (currently 3 quite large ones with 10+ nodes / 150+ vms) and i really have to say there are some things that can become a real pain specially on larger deployments... Currently most of the time i am using the pool view and...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Allow user to create VMs, but only see and manage those created by itself

    Hello guys, I've been trying to find a better solution for my problem: -Allow a user (test) to create VMs and manage those fully, but prevent user (test) from doing anything else, not even seeing if there are other VMs on the Host I did this by moving all VMs to a pool, which user (test) is...
  9. A

    Default extend/display all "folders"/pools on the left side

    Is it possible that all the "folders" - in the server view, the individual hosts - in the folder view, nodes, virtual machines & storage - in the pool view, the individual pools, are extended by default if you log into the webinterface. I dont mind if it is somewhere in a config, it would be a...
  10. R

    Are Sub-pools/Folders a thing?

    I understand that pools are a thing but I was wondering if within those pools/folders I can create sub pools/folders with their own permissions?
  11. R

    ZFS Next Steps

    Long story short: My drive hosting proxmox died, reinstalled proxmox on a new drive and have that back up and running. Next step is to remount the zfs pool that had my 3 vm's on that. That was on two Western Digital Drives that are still healthy. I've done that but well I'm kind stuck on what I...
  12. T

    Filesystem: ZFS (RAID1) vs ZFS (RAIDZ-1)

    TL;DR ZFS RAID1 vs RAIDZ-1? Hello comrades, After a long trip with Proxmox 6 its time to move on to 7 now. Trying a new clean install i found the BTRFS implementation (not interested for now) and an old intrigue that I could never answer. -Why on the Filesystem options i get options like ZFS...
  13. T

    Which disk configuration should I use?

    Hello together, I have a dedicated server with 64gib of RAM and following disks: 500gib ssd 2x 2tib HDDs no raid controller i am planning one vm with a Nextcloud installation, one Apache vm and a Game Server vm on my proxmox installation. my question is, how I should configure my disk...
  14. M

    User can't create pools

    I'm admin of a Proxmox setup. As an Admin I can create pools, but the group that uses the setup, can't. No matter what role I give them. Is that a thing you guys could look in to? Running VE 6.0-4. Sorry if this question has beed answered. I tried looking throu the forum for similar issues. Martin
  15. O

    New pool in ceph - without touching the old one

    Hi, I have a 4 node proxmox cluster with ceph. The version is 5.3. I have 1 pool with 16 OSDs - SSD. Now I added several nodes to the cluster and I want the new OSDs be a part of a different pool. I understand that this can only be done via device class settings: ceph osd crush rule...
  16. V

    Ceph Pool Size?

    Hi, I'm after a little help with Ceph pools as I can't fully understand the calculator. I have four nodes, each node has x6 500Gb drives which are my OSD's. I'm looking to be able to sustain two nodes failing. What would be the recommended pool size & pg num? Regards, James
  17. T

    Create pool via cli and add VM to the pool

    Hi! Tell me, please, is it possible to create a pool and add certain VMs to the pool through console commands? I am interested in the issue of automation. The GUI option isn’t suitable for it. Thank you.
  18. J

    Creating/Using Multiple Ceph Pools

    Hardware configuration: 6 systems in a ProxMox cluster. Works fine. Each system has two 6TB "storage" disks, for a total of 12 disks. One 6TB physical disk on each system is of storage class "A" (e.g. Self-encrypting fast spinner) One 6TB physical disk on each system is of storage class "B"...
  19. J

    Is there a process to add monitors to existing ceph pools?

    I'm curious if there is an actual process to add monitors to existing ceph pools? So far, the only thing I can see to do is to create a new pool with the desired monitors and then migrate the content from the old pool to the new one. Thanks in advance for your feedback... :)


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