1. J

    VMs hang or become unresponsive

    I've searched through the forum and read numerous posts from others that have virtual machines that seem to rather randomly hang. I've tried the various suggestions (turning off ballooning, etc) and find that I still have a few VMs that just become unresponsive. Prior to switching to Proxmox...
  2. S

    After 100% read while restoring it gets stuck/freeze, any version, vm, proxmox.

    Hi, I have problem with restoring my vms into new proxmox 8 and now I am on 7.4 version, but there is no problem with versions, because even when I wanted to try restore on original proxmox, where backup was done, it never finish. I start restore option, than it reads to 100%, than all qm get...
  3. J

    Issue Restoring a Windows 2016 Server VM which uses OVMF BIOS Boot stuck

    Hello Everybody. I'm thinking there is a setting I am missing. Initially this was from a physical Windows Server 2016 Physical Install which was converted to Proxmox through a VHD. The Bios is OVMF. It's been running for a couple years atleast. Until one latest update, the reboot got stuck on...
  4. P

    Ubuntu Pi-Hole VM stuck on boot after host reboot

    Hi, I stopped my proxmox running pfsense and pihole to add some ram and after the reboot the machine pihole running on Ubuntu will not start. I did have some trouble with this VM because it would also not shut down so i force shut the host. (pfsense shut down just fine, only pihole had this...
  5. H

    Backup job stuck, doing nothing...

    Hello, I have a cluster and one of the nodes is a ZimaBoard. Everything runs fine, but when I try to do a backup of my CT the backup job is stuck and nothing is happening. It doesn't matter if the backup storage is the local SSD or a NFS or PBS - same behaviour. Example: Node name: "darwin"...
  6. G

    Proxmox Got freezed PC when GPU passthrough at PCI-e 16x (PCIEX4)

    Hi there! I have a Proxmox Server with an AMD Ryzen 7 pro, and a B450 Aorus M motherboard, a Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB and a Nvidia GT710 1GB. The motherboard got GPU passthrough successfully on the main PCI-e 16X speed (no matters which GPU I plug there). But the issue comes when I'm trying to...
  7. M

    Windows 11 stuck when I set CPU type yo host

    Hello everyone! I am having an issue with my windows 11 vm on proxmox. I am trying to set the CPU type to host but windows 11 stuck and get into automatic repair screen. If I set the CPU type to qemu64, windows boot normally. I would like to run hyper-v but I can't do that if I don't set the...
  8. C

    Stuck On Loading Initial Ramdisk

    Hello everyone, I am trying out Proxmox for the first time. I recently installed the latest version off of the site for PVE and I cant get past "Loading initial ramdisk..." It kind of looks like it went through the process of loading the ramdisk but got stuck on whatever comes next, I attached a...
  9. U

    [SOLVED] Upgrade stuck on pve-ha-lrm.service

    Hello there, I've been running a 2 nodes cluster (no HA) for the past 6 months, yesterday I decided that it's time to upgrade them because the new version was available, I did an upgrade on both nodes at the same time, one node updated perfectly the other one was still updating, in the meantime...
  10. F

    Proxmox gets stuck at startup systemd[1]: Set hostname <pve>

    I have a dell PowerEdge r620 2x E5-2680 v2, 128Gb RAM, Proxmox is installed on a 220GB SSD. I have searched hard and I can't find a way to fix the problem :/
  11. I

    Promox 7.1 setup stucks on Dell Power Edge R7525

    Hi, Proxmox 7.1 setup stucks on a new Dell Power Edge R7525 with: 02 CPU AMD 7302 3GHz,16C/32T,128M,155W,3200 128GB di RAM (04 x 32GB) Controller PERC H755 SAS Virtual Disk 01 = RAID 5 (04 x 600GB SAS 15K) Virtual Disk 02 = RAID 5 (03 x 900GB SAS 15K) Last messages before aborting the...
  12. P

    Upgrade from 6 to 7 stuck at 93% - File descriptor leaked

    Hi, I've been following the suggestions and steps from the Upgrade_from_6.x_to_7.0 wiki and, right now, I am stuck at 93% for more than an hour or so in the apt dist-upgrade execution. This is what the SSH screen shows now: Setting up libmath-random-isaac-perl (1.004-1.1) ... Setting up g++-10...
  13. T

    Stuck at loading initial ramdisk message

    After rebooting my computer to update iommu on, it won't boot past loading initial ramdisk. I've tried to change the iommu back to off and nothing. i5-6600k, 16gb ram, single boot drive nvme and 4 drives in raid10
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Can't Access Web UI over IPSec Connection

    Hello guys, as the title say's i cant't access the Web UI over an IPSec Connection. My Setup is as follows: Site-A: OPNSense VM at Home running on TrueNAS, ISP is Starlink so no static IP Site-B: OPNSense VM running on Proxmox on a Rootserver, static IP from Hoster When i try to connect to...
  15. B

    Proxmox stuck by H240

    Hello, I’m using proxmox remotely because of my military service. I installed H240 on the server when I went on vacation while serving. It seems working well at first. But it wasn’t. It seems like because bad hard drive. But I can’t plug out that disk while I’m here (the army). H240 (hba...
  16. M

    ZFS: Loaded module v0.8.5-pve1 stuck after migration pv5to6

    Hi Community, I Need your help, i've followed the guide pve5to6 to migrate my proxmox v5 sever to v6. When the migration was finished, i try to reboot, but i'm stuck with this message (cf attached file), i try to boot with old kernel version, same result. FYI, i've changed the value...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] Updated bios now stuck on reading all physical volumes...

    I am in desperate need, I have messed up.. I had an issue with a new m.2 SSD not showing up so I decided that updating my bios might be a solution. However after I updated the bios all the settings changed to default and I had to redo them. After redoing the settings as I remember them...
  18. J

    erroneous VM setting caused a system fail

    Describing here a problem encountered. noteworthy is previously there were hugepages configured with the VM running and these were subsequently removed. Proxmox did not catch this imho. Booting a VM where the CPU configuration had pdpe1gb flag enabled this appeared to have resulted in initially...
  19. O

    [BUG] - PVE won't boot properly

    Hello, I'm running the following configuration: ASUS Prime TRX40-PRO (BIOS Version 0702 2019/12/17 - latest available), Threadripper 3960x, 32 Gig ddr4, 1TB NVME, nVidia 1070ti. Last night I tried to install PVE 6.1-1 - as soon as I select install (or debug install with quiet disabled) - PVE...
  20. W

    Windows VM stuck at 800x600

    I recently created a new Windows VM (version 1804) and no matter what I do it won't let me resize the display window to anything higher than 800x600. I tried changing the Display to Standard VGA (no change), VMWare compatible (does not work at all), SPICE (only works partially - not enough). I...


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