1. D

    Proxmox node not seeing updates the others are?

    Has anyone seen where they have a single node that isn't getting the updates, but all the other nodes do? I have confirmed my /etc/apt/sources-list-.d/ repo files and they are all the same across the boxes. However doing an (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade) says nothing to upgrade but it's stuck...
  2. ssaman

    [SOLVED] Ceph Health - backfillfull / OSDs marked as out and down

    Hello proxmox community, today we noticed our heath error with the message: HEALTH_ERR 1 backfillfull osd(s); 1 nearfull osd(s); 1 pool(s) backfillfull; Degraded data redundancy: 99961/8029671 objects degraded (1.245%), 19 pgs degraded, 19 pgs undersized; Degraded data redundancy (low space)...
  3. T

    [TUTORIAL] Fix For Slow Startup/Boot on Windows Server VMs

    Hello, Pardon me, as I am sure this is common knowledge for many PVE users. For me, it took many frustrating hours to find the fix, so I will document it here as I have not seen this particular problem/solution laid out explicitly elsewhere. This video from the PVE team documents the fix but...
  4. C

    arc_prune stuck in D state

    Hello, There seems to be a problem with one of our server where the arc_prune is stuck in D state. Sync from the initramfs-update never completes and wait on something which make me believe it's the arc_prune. The server is a Dell R710 with 142GB ram and SSDs I also have a bunch of errors...
  5. C

    ZFS rollback stuck in 'D' state

    Hello, I've recently have an issue where rollbacking a snapshot never completed and is stuck in 'D' state root 26279 0.0 0.0 35188 3024 ? D 09:50 0:00 zfs rollback rpool/data/subvol-104-disk-1@initialsetup I'm trying to figure out what might have cause this as I've done...
  6. L

    can't boot a VM automatically

    Hi there, I have a VM with xpenology 6.0 installed, I managed to copy from usb into /var/lib/vz/images/100/ the synoboot.img then I edited the 100.conf file, with nano /etc/pve/qemu-server/100.conf adding: args: -device 'piix3-usb-uhci,addr=0x18' -drive...
  7. J

    ZFS, extremely slow writes, soft lockups

    Hi, I have a server with 4.4-22 installed (updated since I read somewhere that it should help, but it doesn't) and sometimes have extremely slow writes in the guests. For example sometimes it works, and most of the time when a larger file (50MB+ size) is written, the guest goes into soft...
  8. S

    100% cpu load and stuck in reboot

    Hi there, I yesterday had an issue with a machine of mine. No idea what it is related to. The machine is an Ubuntu 16 LTS and was rebooted via sudo reboot now which then ended in all interfaces going down and the system being stuck at 100% cpu load for hours. It didn't reboot at all and I...
  9. C

    Win 10 Stuck on logo on install

    Hello, I'm trying to install Windows 10 Fall Creator (Downloaded from Microsoft site) on Proxmox 5.1 running ZFS. For some reason when booting from the ISO I can see the Windows logo but nothing happend It stays there for 30 sec then the VM reboot. I'm pretty sure this is related to my...
  10. A

    LXC container hanging on shutdown

    this appears to impact only one container. stop job just sits there, and the following 6 lines continue to repeat in the journal: pve-ha-lrm[2803559]: Task 'UPID:sky11:002AC76E:058F4534:59B2B74D:vzshutdown:1257:xxx@pam:' still active, waiting Sep 08 08:32:13 sky11 pvedaemon[2813128]: Use of...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Ceph Help...

    I set up a test environment and started over a few times. What's strange is each time I restart the Ceph network, even after writing 0's to all the osd's to make sure things were cleared out - I end up with: HEALTH_WARN 1 pgs degraded; 1 pigs stuck degraded; 64 pgs stuck unclean; 1pgs stuck...


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