Proxmox stuck by H240


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Nov 21, 2021
Hello, I’m using proxmox remotely because of my military service. I installed H240 on the server when I went on vacation while serving.

It seems working well at first. But it wasn’t.

It seems like because bad hard drive. But I can’t plug out that disk while I’m here (the army).

H240 (hba mode)
5 disks are connected
Using all disks to zfs pool (pool name: data)

I wonder there is anything I can do here.

Thank you.


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What are your zpool status and lsblk reporting?
Sorry for the late reply. Here it is.
The first few minutes after turning on the system is fine, but after some time, the ssacli and zfs command become hang. (Also I can’t access to folder)


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Not sure about that error because your ZFS isn't reporting any logged read/write errors. You could run a scrub (zpool scrub data) to check for corrupted data.

But what is a problem is that your created your pool with a ashift of 9 but your drives need a ashift of 12.
So you are basically writing with 512B blocks to a disk that can only write 4k or bigger blocks. So all your disks need to write/read 8 times more than actually needed so you got alot of overhead.
And ashift can only be set at creation, so sooner or later you will need to destroy and recreate that pool.


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