1. G

    Remote Desktop Services slow after pve7to8 migration

    Hello, I just migrated pve7 to 8. Every VMs work well except two Remote Desktop Services VMs which are slow, especialy in Excel. I'd like to know if anybody had the same problem and if someone has some ideas on how to solve the problem. regards
  2. V

    Very slow performance in VMs

    Hello everyone! I'm no storage expert but I do observe some subpar disk performance on Windows (I have some linux I can test as well but I didn't notice anything while using them). We use ZFS and we disabled balloon and tablet following Here is...
  3. K

    Intel i9 13900k bad multicore perfomance

    Hello there everybody, i am running an Windows 11 VM on my proxmox server (newest BIOS and all settings double checked on the BIOS side). I use a i9 13900k and 64 GB 3200 mhz DDR4 RAM. Somehow no matter what i am doing i get disappoting multicore benchmark results in the Windows 11 VM. I tried...
  4. J

    HP P440AR (HBA) and SAS Drives Extremely Slow

    This problem has been rumbling on a while, lots of trace messages about delays, ceph being "flakey", very slow VMs, kubernetes clusters taking 30 min to come up etc. We migrated one VM with Kubernetes onto a little bit of NVME local-storage and at the moment, the view its that is has come...
  5. W

    Poor VM performance in comparison to Unraid VM.

    I am wondering if anyone can help me debug, I have both UNRAID and prox running. Server has 2x e5-2699v4; 768gb ram. (HP dl380 Gen9) Unraid has ryzen 5 3600, 64gb ram I replicated the same setup I had on unraid as close as I could, but even after a lot of changes and iterations with my prox...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Slow ZFS encryption: will we get a fix for AVX/AVX2 not being selected?

    There is an ongoing discussion about slow encrypted ZFS performance, e.g. here: and here: Obviously this is due to a regression introduced in kernel 5.15.0-82 and discussed here...
  7. R

    Systemctl and docker running slow on the lxc container

    Hello, there is a problem with LXC containers on my setup. When trying to use docker or use systemctl, the executables are just freezing for a couple minutes without cmd output. lscpu Architecture: x86_64 CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit Address sizes: 48 bits...
  8. Q

    Problem: Speedtest extremely slow in lxc or host shell, but ok in VMs

    I created a VPN service using OpenVPN and I was trying to figure out where the bottleneck is because it's very slow compare to the internet speed I have on the server. But during the process I found things very confusing (the sevice is in LXC): 1. speedtest in the PVE host and LXCs have much...
  9. M

    Very slow backups

    Good morning all. I just rebuilt my Proxmox server after a hardware failure (bad SSD). I'm up and running again witn Proxmox 7.3-1. I'm running into an issue with the backup function. I started a backup of 5 VMs last night. As of now, 12 hours later, it has still not finished! No errors...
  10. N

    [SOLVED] slow performance caused by ZFS trimming

    This issue has been solved. This thread is for anybody having slow I/O performance and searching for keywords. The cause might be ZFS trimming the rpool. I’m running proxmox version 7.3-1 on a Supermicro A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F with HP SSD EX920 1TB for the rpool. My proxmox node was unresponsive. VMs...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] Garbage collector too slow (again).

    I have read all the forum posts related to slow GC. I have to bring this topic up again and ask for help. I use PBS 2.3-2. The work of the disk subsystem does not cause any complaints. Carried out the tests: 1) with copying a single huge file. 2) unpacking their documents from the archive to...
  12. C

    problem on network

    hi everyone, I'm trying to install a lancache server on a "brand new" proxmox server with a 10gbit network connected to a 10 gbit server. I tried to configure a zfs with two raid1 ssd, single ssd, single hd when I try to sftp a file to the proxmox server (add iso and so on) I receive 100MByte /s...
  13. D

    Netware 6.5 SP8 as a guest on Proxmox 7

    I have successfully installed Netware 6.5 with the following configuration: balloon: 0 boot: order=ide0 cores: 1 cpu: pentium3,flags=-pcid;-spec-ctrl;-ssbd;-ibpb;-virt-ssbd;-amd-ssbd;-amd-no-ssb;-hv-tlbflush;-hv-evmcs;-aes cpuunits: 2048 hotplug: usb ide0...
  14. S

    vzdump of VM or CT slow when stored on local-btrfs

    Has anyone else seen or had issues with local-btrfs. I have tested with every setting I can find. When trying to backup a VM or container that is using local-btrfs. It is not usable. I am talking 8-128kib/s I have adjusted vzdump I have tried no compression. You name it. I move the VM or...
  15. R

    VM's very slow

    Hello, We have now for 1,5 year running Proxmox on 9 fyshical machines and works fine. I have in the past weeks upgrade all machines to version 7. and now from last friday (couple of days) we have problems with some of our virtual machines. They are very and very slow! we running linux and...
  16. A

    PVE very slow restore vm

    I have a fresh install on two sata SSDs on ZFS - Raid1 which performs very slow on restore from NAS (via NFS) NAS is connected to 100mbps link, even on such link backup durations is about 3 mins but restore is about 30 mins (vm is new about 1.7GB) My observation was that on restore NAS was...
  17. S

    Solved my ZFS scrub problems.

    it seems that a "new" sequential scrub algorithm for ZFS is causing head aches on some of our Nested systems. The "new" metadata scan reads through the structure of the pool and gathers an in-memory queue of I/Os, sorted by size and offset on disk. The issuing phase will then issue the scrub...
  18. T

    Windows 10 VM sudden speed drop when copying files

    Hi I have a problem with my win 10 vm that when copying files, it copies at a good speed 200-400MB/s and then randomly drops to 0, and all other vms become unresponsive, also the I/O delay becomes really high. It's the same if I'm copying from a network drive or like a folder from destkop to any...
  19. J

    Why would the bandwidth throttle down? (VM with wireguard) (video) - VPS outside LAN - VM inside proxmox with wireguard (within LAN) - NAS without wireguard (within LAN) Video: <--> bandwidth is throttling as show in my video (traffic routes...
  20. N

    Backups from iSCSI backed LVM very slow

    Hello, I've found a few threads about similiar problem but none of them have a solution. We have a 3 node cluster with multipathed iSCSI storage using IBM Storwize SAN. In Proxmox 6.4 which we use, there is a shared LVM created which stores VMs on all nodes. We didn't notice any performance...


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