slow performance

  1. V

    Windows Server 2016 very slow in PVE

    Good morning/good afternoon/good evening everyone! I have a Windows Server 2016 Standard VM here in my PVE, but it is very slow to open, load files and programs. Processor and memory I believe is the bottleneck as I have a lot and when monitoring it reaches a maximum of 60% usage. Company users...
  2. V

    Windows Server 2016 server running slow

    Good morning! Here at the company we have a Dell T610 server, virtualized with a Promox 7.3 with a pfSense firewall, Windows Server 2016 and two Windows 10 VMs. Windows Server is very slow, especially in the database, which is SQL Anywhere. There's plenty of CPU and RAM, there's no bottleneck...
  3. L

    Help with vm Win srv 2019 too slow

    Hi everybody, I am a new italian proxmox user! :) I installed a proxmox cluster with three nodes. Each node is a DL380 gen9 with five SSD disks; two RAID1 disks for OS, three 2Tb disks for the Ceph (double 10 Gb fiber). The vm's with Win srv are very slow, I've read the documentation for...
  4. A

    Slow and sluggish VM performance on ZFS

    Hardware: Core i7-6700K 64 GB DDR4-2400 RAM Asus Z170-E motherboard RTX 3090 1x Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB SATA 6 Gbps SSD 1x HGST 3 TB SATA 6 Gbps HDD OS: Proxmox 7.3-3 I installed Proxmox ok. I created the ZFS pool using the command line # zpool create -o ashift=12 export /dev/sdb and then in...
  5. R

    Optimization possible?

    Hello! I've been using PBS since about a year now, love it! I know it is recommended to run the server with SSD data disks. Unfortunately I cannot afford it and have to use spinning disks. Backup and restore works masterfully and perform well, but verification and sync seems to be too slow. At...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] Slow/laggy Windows+Linux VM performance

    Hi, I am having quite slow performance on both Windows and Linux VMs. It's even worse on Linux, which is weird. The performance is comparable than what it was on my Proxmox test machine (10yo 2-core Laptop!). Dragging windows is slow, hovering over a dock with icons is slow, opening file...
  7. D

    Extremely SLOW Ceph Storage from over 60% usage ???

    We have a "Lab" Ceph Object Storage consisting of a 4x Multinode Server and the following Node components: Per Node: PVE Manager Version pve-manager/7.1-7/df5740ad Kernel Version Linux 5.13.19-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.13.19-4 (Mon, 29 Nov 2021 12:10:09 +0100) 24 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5675 @...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] CEPH IOPS dropped by more than 50% after upgrade from Nautilus 14.2.22 to Octopus 15.2.15

    Hi, till last Wednesday we had a cute high performing litte CEPH cluster running on PVE 6.4. Then i started the upgrade to Octopus as given in Since we did an online upgrade, we stopped the autoconvert with ceph config set osd...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Super VM very Slow

    Hi, I'm new on proxmox world, and like it, i'm plannig a full migrate from Windows Hyper-V to Proxmox VE I have a testing server (HP Proliant dl360 gen10 32 cores, 128gb ram, raid 1 hpe ssd 240gb mu) with a windows guest (windows server 2016, 12cores host type, 64gb ram, 60gb qcow2, virtio...
  10. H

    some nodes suddenly go offline in a cluster of five nodes

    After fresh installation of Proxmox VE (7.0-2) for five servers, I created a cluster on one node pub1 and added the rest four nodes into this cluster. Everything works well after the cluster creation and I can see all five nodes online when I use the web interface of any nodes. But after about...
  11. F

    Slow Performance on Server 2016

    I'm having severe slowness on a VM with Server 2016. I'm not familiar with Proxmox so any advice would help. The VM is running SQL & RemoteApp. There are about 30 users RDPing into this server and I've thrown all the resources I can at it. The server and the programs on the server just crawl...
  12. K

    PBS backups slow from a specific Proxmox server

    I have 3 Proxmox servers which are NOT configured as a cluster, and a PBS. All 4 have access to the network where backup traffic is send. All 4 have 1gbit cards for the network and running iperf across them confirms that im getting around 1gbps. 2 of the Proxmox servers...
  13. V

    Slow Speed with SoftEther VPN

    I built a softether vpn server in the proxmox virtual machine, using both Debian 10 and CentOS7 I used "ip link set ens18 promisc on" in the VM to turn promisc on The device can connect to this VPN but the network speed is very slow My network environment is 100Mbps downlink 30Mbps uplink I...
  14. M

    Slow VM

    good morning guys, i'm new to the forum and i use proxmox for about 3 years, i'm having a problem after changing my server disks, i only have 3 VMs on it, and after the exchange i noticed that one of them is slow in some tasks , the slowness does not always occur, they are small "chokes" that it...
  15. C

    Bad ZFS Write Performance

    Hi guys.. I am new and need some help here. Running ZFS file system. My Setup: Asus H270 Plus G4560 Intel WD Green SSD 120gb x 3 pcs I am running an UBUNTU File Server VM in my PVE. Transfer Files from UBUNTU File Server VM to Local Network PC = FAST (107MB/s) Transfer Files from Local...
  16. D

    Why my container is swapping?

    Hi, I have a container which has very slow performance, and trying to debug this i realised that it's swapping so much even if it has a lot of RAM memory available: These are the status graphs of the hypervisor: As you can see the host does not seems to be overloaded. Another...
  17. L

    Super slow performance on Proxmox SSD

    We're evaluating Proxmox in our lab and have two setups - both running 5.3: 1. Xeon Storage: ZFS (10x 3TB SAS + 100GB ZIL SSD) 2. i7-7700K Storage: ext4 LVM (1x 1TB SATA SSD) Running the following sysbench commands inside identical LXCs to evaluate storage performance: sysbench...
  18. E

    Machines are EXTREMELY slow

    Hey all, So I just picked up a server from work with 64Gb of RAM and about 8 SAS drives that total about 1TB of storage space. I RAIDed them and decided to install Proxmox to run my VMs. I wanted to start by creating a windows 12 server VM that I can use as a DC but I've ran into some issues...
  19. J

    Unresponsive VM during backups

    Dear all, We have a recurring issue where our VM become either very slow or unresponsive during backups. We have a cluster of 6 hypervisors (3 with SAS disks, 2 with SSDs, 1 with SATA disks, all servers have 3 identical disks on a LSI MegaRAID RAID5) backing up to a shared NFS mount (1 Gbps...
  20. DynFi User

    Slow perf: removing zfs intent log and l2arc

    We have a Proxmox install where everything is up and running and up to date (5.2.5)… but with ridiculously slow performances (write) on the disks. For a dual socket with 256GB of RAM and SAS 10K disks this is really bad… System has been formated with two SSD (Mirror) for the system on...


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