1. M

    Cannot connect to the Proxmox node shell

    After moving my computer to another location, I have changed my settings in the '/etc/hosts' file, and then I can access my Proxmox UI. (But the second node is still offline) The shell of the first node worked at that time. However, when I logged back in a few days later, Promox UI can no longer...
  2. J

    VNC Shell über API unverschlüsselt starten.

    Hallo, wenn ich eine Shell per API anfrage ist diese über VenCrypt verschlüsselt. Mein WebSocket zu VNC Proxy bietet aber keinerleie möglichkeiten dieses Protokol zu entschlüsseln. Wenn ich mir anschaue wie ProxMox die Shell selbst startet ist mir ein ``-notls`` Argument aufgefallen. Wenn ich...
  3. V

    Login über PVE-Web-Shell geht nicht

    Guten Morgen, ich kann mich über die Web-GUI nicht mehr in die Shell einloggen und bekomme folgenden Fehler: "TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/home1 --perm Sys.Console -- /bin/login -f root' failed: exit code 1" Ich denke, dass es daran liegt, dass ich gestern die...
  4. D

    shell wont work

    i gotta problem ailed waiting for client: timed out TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/pve --perm Sys.Console -- /usr/bin/pveupgrade --shell' failed: exit code 1 on shell command, and console noVNC wont work. it worked normally, now it doesn't. I don't know exactly...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Unable to run Shell for PVE (error 500: waiting for port 5900)

    Hello everyone, If I want to run the Shell on my PVE, I get this error: Connection failed (Error:500: timeout while waiting for port '5900' to get ready!) I suspect that this problem occurred after changing the default ip address of the Proxmox server (default ip:, new IP...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] HOME Variable is not set // mcedit does not work in the debian container

    Hi! I have installed proxmox 8.1.3 and "debian-11-standard" container using I have installed midnight commander ("apt-get install mc") in both proxmox pve and the container. When I run "mc" from the web console in the host OS (Datacenter -> pve ->...
  7. N

    Added certificate - cannot access Shell or run Updates

    I have setup a lets-encrypt certificate, however if I access the server using the domain name I cannot access shell or run upgrades, it works fine with my PVE server? I can access both if I use the ip address is this normal?
  8. J

    Is there a way to reopen a running shell after navigating away from the shell tab?

    I would like to revisit the shell tab to check up on a running job (and provide user input to the process). Is this possible? I haven't been able to find a way to do this. I see the job running in the task log, but I can't seem to open the shell view again to inspect the running process.
  9. R


    I am trying to access shell but it is giving me the error mentioned in screenshot attached below. I cant access server through WinSCP too is there any fix?
  10. A

    I can't connect to my nodes

    Hello, I have a cluster, with 5 nodes. I use a wireguard VPN to go on my proxmox cluster because I connect remotely (I don't know if this is the problem). But I can't connect to the shells of my nodes in noVNC and xterm.js. Here is the error message: failed waiting for client: timed out TASK...
  11. A

    I can't connect to my nodes

    Hello, I have a cluster, with 5 nodes. I use a wireguard VPN to go on my proxmox cluster because I connect remotely (I don't know if this is the problem). But I can't connect to the shells of my nodes in noVNC and xterm.js. Here is the error message: failed waiting for client: timed out TASK...
  12. J

    adapter quirk: no zero length message appearing on shell window

    We have a new Proxmox setup and I noticed on the shell window (the one from the physical monitor), I see this message pop up multiple times. i2c i2c-3: adapter quirk: no zero length What does it mean?
  13. G

    LXC: problem with monitor socket, but continuing anyway: got timeout

    Ever since I upgraded to proxmox 7, I am unable to run LXC containers. Shell access from GUI reports "Connection Failed (error 1006)". When running the container manually, I get the following error: root@proxmox1:~# pct start 100 --debug problem with monitor socket, but continuing anyway: got...
  14. A

    Hostname of Node changed - How to revert to normal

    Hi I have a question about the Hostname and nodes of Proxmox. I accidently changed the node name of my Proxmox with the command: hostname <name>. Now i have a problem... Proxmox is using this new name thats not correct as Hostname. It also created a node named like this: In my Webgui its...
  15. S

    execute qm monitor commands in shell script

    If I execute this below lines on proxmox shell to wakeup my mac os it works flawlessly but in shell script (.sh) it doesn't work qm monitor 503 system_wakeup quit I tried this code which is posted as solution in another question but it throws an error "2022/02/19 12:02:58 socat[6449] E...
  16. I

    [SOLVED] ZFS commands not found

    Hello, I installed Proxmox 7.1-7 using ZFS as the root file system. I have now setup ssh from my linux box to proxmox. However when i run the zpool command as root it says [proxmox: ~]── - zpool status zsh: correct 'zpool' to '_zpool' [nyae]? n zsh: command not found: zpool Basically all ZFS...
  17. M

    No shell privileged container

    Hello, I had a great install of CentOS on a container in Proxmox, with several users set up. I had to then change the container to be privileged as I needed to be able to create and used tun interfaces. Since that time I can no longer SSH into the container (but the webserver GUI I had set up...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Host key verification failed on shell

    Hello i got 4 nodes on my cluster, 23,24,28 I just do some daily checking on my main node 28 and when i open shell 21 the error was shows up @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! @...
  19. D

    Warum sind mit qm create erstellte VMs langsamer als händisch erstellte?

    Guten Tag, ich habe das Problem das wenn ich mit dem Befehl qm create eine VM erstelle diese viel langsamer als eine in der GUI erstellte VM ist. Außerdem kann ich bei einer VM welche über die Shell erstellt wurde weder hin noch raus pingen. Habe das ganze schon mit Linux Ubuntu 20.04 und Win10...
  20. C

    Minimize Shell and re-open

    When I minimize a shell on Proxmox, I'm not quite sure where it goes to re-open it (other than open a new shell) Any help please?


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