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    File exists at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ line 863

    I am unable to restore CT 104 from a back up. TASK ERROR: unable to restore CT 104 - mkdir /mnt/pve/Frigate_Data/images/104: File exists at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ line 863.
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Restoring a container leads to error: "Cannot write: No space left on device"

    Hi I have a new server, where I just installed proxmox. I have two SSD installed but it seems it doesn't matter, which one I take to restore a container on it. I have only issues with this container. All others have worked. This is what I have from `df -h /var/tmp` ```bash df -h /var/tmp...
  3. K

    Restore old installation.

    Hi guys i try to access to a drive which have Proxmox installed in with lXC and VM i want to mount them into new Proxmox installation or restore it Proxmox detects the old installation and renames it OLD. How can i mount the LXC and VM into the new one Thanks
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    Privileged LXC group IDs different to host after restore

    Hi, I have just done a clean install of PVE 8.1.3 after changing some hardware in the host. I have restored my Plex LXC and some of the groups have different IDs in the container than the host which is breaking my GPU transcoding. The render group is ID 107 in the LXC but 104 on the host. On...
  5. L

    lxc container crashing

    If have a LXC container within the latest Debian version (12) and updates. It is running but after a few minutes it crashed and cannot be started again: run_buffer: 321 Script exited with status 25 lxc_init: 846 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "113" __lxc_start: 2002 Failed to...
  6. S

    How to fully detach ZFS subvol mount point from container?

    Hello I have a container which has two disks, a small root disk, and a large ZFS subvolume as mp0. What is the correct procedure for detaching the ZFS subvolume, so that I could delete or restore the container without loosing the subvolume. I tried to do this recently, I detached the ZFS...
  7. B

    Restore LXC - edit config file; restore fails

    recovering backed-up configuration from 'Backup_NAS:backup/vzdump-lxc-5000-2023_05_03-03_08_55.tar.zst' restoring 'Backup_NAS:backup/vzdump-lxc-5000-2023_05_03-03_08_55.tar.zst' now.. extracting archive '/backups/dump/vzdump-lxc-5000-2023_05_03-03_08_55.tar.zst' lxc 20230509055514.227 ERROR...
  8. R

    After Restoring LXC Docker not running

    I had to reinstall my Server. After proxmox installation I used my backup server to restore all VM's and LXC - everything works, except DOCKER. Does anybody know what happend?
  9. S

    Issues after crash/restoring vm's and ct from backup (not visible in server-view, but they are running)

    Hi guys, I noticed the disk (ssd) pve was running on started to fail (every day some extra reallocated blocks) so I ordered a new ssd. I Also make weekly full backups of the 2 vm's and the container it is hosting to a remote server. All good right ? - The new disk arrived last evening. Since...
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    [SOLVED] [Backup & Restore] How to create a CT from an existing volume (disk-image)

    Concern: Backup & Restore I restored a volume (from ceph RBD), and want to start a CT from it. How should I create & start a CT from which I have the disk image ? Preferably without re-creating the /etc/pve/nodes/{node}/lxc/{vmid}.conf config file from an existing one. (Consider I lost the...
  11. R

    Proxmox OS disk failure - Restore old container on new disk

    Hi there! I'm running a Proxmox 7.0 server. Unfortunately the disk where I kept my VMs, containers and Proxmox itself on failed. I didn't back up the VMs and LXC. I have only a backup of the Postgres server that was running in the LXC. Though the back up is 3 days old (not that problematic, but...
  12. B

    Nextcloud lxc inkl. externen Speicher umziehen

    Hallo Leute, ich habe heute meinen Server auf neue Hardware übersiedelt und stehe nun vor einem Problem das ich nicht lösen kann. Auf der alten Maschine war nextcloud auf der host SSD installiert, alle Daten die ich dann in der Cloud hochgeladen habe wurde auf meine HDD gespeichert. Was in...
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    pct rollback fails with error "lvremove 'xyz-vg/vm-123-disk-0' error: Logical volume xyz-vg/vm-123-disk-0 contains a filesystem in use."

    I am trying to rollback a snapshot on a container and get the error: "lvremove 'xyz-vg/vm-123-disk-0' error: Logical volume xyz-vg/vm-123-disk-0 contains a filesystem in use." After that the Container is locked with snapshot lock. The lock can be removed by pct unlock 123. The lsof command...
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    [SOLVED] VM disk overwritten after migrating to new install

    Hello, I just migrated my proxmox server to a new motherboard+CPU combo. I carried over the HBA and most of the HDDs from my old proxmox install. I had a Samba server LXC which had a couple of disks attached (stored on 3x4TB drives in RAIDZ1), totalling about 5TB of data. Since the data was not...
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    How do I backup and restore VMs and CTs?

    Some background information: I have 1 server connecting 4 Proxmox Nodes. They were all on the 5.0 version, but I wanted to upgrade them to 6.1. I upgraded 1 node to 6.1 and I want to backup VMs from the other 3 nodes on the 5.0 version into the 6.0 version. I also do not have any internet...
  16. P

    NFS share drops while attempting to restore backup

    Hello everyone! For some backstory, I upgraded my server, and I keep backups of all my containers and VMs on a NFS share. I have never had any issues restoring said backups, until today. After a fresh install of Proxmox 7.0-1, I went to restore my backups and it took longer than 15 minutes (the...
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    Restore containers from PBS

    Hello, i have questions about restoring containers from PBS. I setup PBS (v1.1-5) server, connect it to my ProxmoxVE and backup my containers in it. Previously i often use backup archive of container to make clone or restore it at different server, its very simple and convenient, move archive...


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