rescue mode

  1. E

    Can not access terminal via network nor display nor rescue mode

    After i blocked myself via wrong firewall configuration i can not access terminal. Also tried rescue boot but it also stucks. I was blocked my GPU sake of passthrough for gaming, this might be the case. Any idea how can i restore my system? Thank you.
  2. K

    please delete this post

    I installed ifupdown2 with apt install ifupdown2 and it installed from debian repos instead of proxmox. now, network connectivity is lost, and my server cannot boot from HD. I just have access to rescue mode. I tried Code: apt update && apt dist-upgrade , but still server could not restart...
  3. K

    please delete this post

    Hi there, I installed ifupdown2 and now server cannot restart in HD mode, It is in rescue mode and all network configuration is gone. interfaces and interface.d/ is empty. How can I revert back the network configuration or please instruct on how to create a configuration file. Thanks.
  4. M

    Can I use vzdump in "OVH rescue mode" using chroot and mounting my partitions?

    Hello friends, I'll accompany you another day I'm having some software problems that I already mentioned in another post and I wanted to export the backups to a safer place, but I need to create some new ones, is this possible from OVH's "rescue mode"? I currently get an error when using...
  5. C

    nach Update komme in grub rescue

    Hallo, Meine Proxmox Instanz hat jetzt ewig perfekt funktioniert und ich war immer auf latest unterwegs, sobald ein Update zu machen war. So auch heute, wo eine Menge an Updates waren, habe ich diese durchgeführt. Wie dann im cmd popup ein GRUB installer daher kam, hab ich etwas Panik bekommen...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] rescue mode with root on zfs trouble

    TL;DR update. I used the ubuntu 22.04.1 ISO and things worked out great. end TL;DR update. I am running a fresh install of pve-manager/7.1-11/8d529482 (running kernel: 5.13.19-6-pve) on bare metal using a zfs mirrored root pool: rpool state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 00:00:02 with...
  7. W

    Efi error during installation

    Hi, I’m new here. I‘d like to create a little server from pro and dell wyse Z90d7. I have Eli error during the end of installation: “cannot install efi to dev/sda2. I’ll try version 5, 6 and 7. Always the same issue. When I use rescue installer finds the proxmo, and I can login to server. I...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] grub prompt on boot up

    Hello, community! I am in trouble. And at the mercy of some smart people in this forum. Here is the situation: Server was working fine Monday morning. 2h later - everything dead. Connected a monitor to the server and was greeted by the grub rescure prompt. "Error: attempt to read or write...
  9. mosesjohann

    rescue boot PVE6.0, ZFS root

    Hi there, as I made a config mistake my boot ends up with a kernel panic so I'd like to repair the installation (zfs-utils not running correctly so no root file system availible for booting). Thought about booting a buster-iso, chroot and try to fix it but I don't find anything about it to boot...
  10. Z

    Proxmox startet nicht "error: unknown filesystem"

    Hallo Proxmox-Team, ich habe ein Problem und hoffe, dass ihr mir helfen könnt. Ich habe proxmox 5.3-11 Linux PVE 4.15.18-10 64bit mit Software-Raid für einen Kunden auf einer HP-Workstation mit 2 x 4TB HDDs mit zwei laufenden Ubuntu-VMs installiert. jetzt zeigt die Workstation beim Start an...
  11. H

    Inhibit VM/CT autostart from GRUB kernel cmdline

    When i do some kind of service work on my server, sometimes i want to boot the system to do some changes, but i know that i will need reboot again few more time, so i don't want to start the CTs and VMs yet. Is there some flag that i can specify in grub to boot without autostarting VMs or CTs...
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Boot hangs, but rescue mode runs the node perfectly.

    How can I fix the boot / startup process on pmx4.4 when I can start a node perfectly using "rescue mode" from the iso, but trying to boot directly only gives me a black screen with a blinking cursor? Nothing is logged during that failed boot.


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