1. M

    Timing and trying to understand the process of pbr and sync.

    Below is an example of a pbr doing a 'sync' from a remote site. Several processes are in there. I know that 'distance' plays into effect with the data and determines the ability of the tranfer rate. I belive I am understanding the process : sync snapshot - process of sending the latest...
  2. P

    HA Cluster Replication Question

    Hello, I would like to set up a Proxmox HA cluster with 2 nodes. I can't use Ceph with only 2 nodes, so I wanted to try replication. With replication, you can set the container to be replicated every 15 minutes, for example. But then I asked myself a question: If my container is running on...
  3. Y

    WinSCP transfer of VM's / Containers between Proxmox

    Hi, I have to Proxmox setups that are not clustered. My need is to periodically backup the VMs and containers from the primary to the secondary. The reason is that if the primary goes down I will power up the secondary and take on from the last backup. Both setups hard disk pools are named...
  4. A

    High Availability + Replication = Disaster

    Hi, I've configured HA and replication, but when I actually reboot a server, the failover fails stating that the volume already exists at the target node. Some helpful info: I have 8x nodes my goal is to have replications every 15m when there's an event that causes a failover, either a quick...
  5. S

    How to start with HA and replication in an existing environment - understanding concepts

    Hi guys i am using proxmox already for some while, but since i had only one physically node available for some time, i have always relied on the automated backup snapshotting. In case a container failed, i have recreated a backup. backups are stored in the cloud for extra security. Now i have...
  6. A

    How to migrate VMs from VMware Esxi to Proxmox?

    Hi, I need some help, I want to migrate many servers from VMware Esxi to Proxmox, but I have obstacles for the migration such as VMs on Esxi must be shut down first. Is there a way to migrate VMs from Esxi to Proxmox without having to shut down the original VM first, can it be said that it is...
  7. K

    VM Server Failover on Different Static IP

    Aloha, I have setup Proxmox 8.1.3 with an Ubuntu 22.04 mail server VM (zimbra) that has a static WAN Ip at site 1 I want to setup a replicated Mail server at Site 2 with a different static wan ip, So that if Mail server 1 goes down, Mail server 2 picks up and starts. Problem - The Static Ip is...
  8. P

    PBS Backups über DSL Leitung ins Rechenzentrum

    Hallo, ich habe noch bis vor kurzem ESXI und Veeam Backup genutzt, da ich immer mehr Open Source einsetze möchte PVE / PBS interessante Features bieten migriere ich gerade darauf. Bisher hatte ich die Backups vom Host mit Veeam ins Rechenzentrum gemacht über eine herkömmlich DSL Leitung (100...
  9. I

    Can not replicate containers to second node despite same zfs name

    Hi there, I am try to add a second node (pve2) to a already existing cluster to replicate the container using zfs features. The actual problem is to setup the zfs correctly to the cluster without loosing all data from pce1. Here is what I have done: I had an Proxmox VE 8 Node using all my...
  10. L

    Problem: PVE 8 migrating a replicated VM causes the VM to get 3-10x less IOPS

    Didn't know how to label this issue really. I couldn't find any similar post on the forums either. Two identical DELL servers, same specs. I am running PVE 8.0.4, updated to latest version. Servers are in a cluster (no QDevice yet, it's being prepared and is in testing at the moment). I have HW...
  11. B

    zfs raid-1 -> raidz-1 : 50% mehr Platzverbrauch

    Hallo, in diesem Thread wurde der Grund für den Mehrverbrauch erläutert: Ich habe jetzt das Problem, dass die Daten nicht auf die neuen Platten bekomme, wenn ich 50% mehr Platz...
  12. B

    Replikations Ziel wird deutlich größer als Quelle

    Hallo, Ich repliziere seit 2 Tagen rund 13,5 TB - inkl Snspashots (eine große ZFS Datenpartition) auf einen neuen Server. Dort sind mittlerweile rund 15TB verbraucht und der repliziert immer noch. Quelle: store/proxmox/vm/vm-60100-disk-0 776G 13.5T 366G 13.2T 0B...
  13. R

    scheduled incremental restore from PBS

    Hello I am trying to create a DR setup with a second proxmox cluster. the idea is that all vm's from primary cluster is regularly replicated to this secondary cluster, and sit's ready to boot on demand. The clusters have shared lvm storage on multipath Fiberchannel SAN. the first proxmox...
  14. N

    Storage replication hangs regulary

    Hey together :-) ! We have a setup of 23 hosts and a bunch of LXCs running on them. We are using the replication feature to replicate all ZFS resources. Everything beautiful! But regularly we face the problem, that something freezes. When this happens, we find the following state: - LXC doing...
  15. B

    Replikation eines ZFS Storages des Hosts

    Hallo, auf einem Host existiert u.a. ein ZFS storage, welches Daten per NFS in VM's weiter gibt. Dieses storage muss groß Dimensioniert sein weil es hohe Fluktuationen gibt. Eine "VM" mit einer explizitem Partition wäre nicht zielführend, da es sonst sehr viel ungenutzten Platz belegen...
  16. J

    Container replication stucked at "freeze guest filesystem"

    Hello, During my test to HA, i'm trying to enable replication between 2 proxmox 8.0.3 nodes (using ZFS). When lauching replication, i'm stucked at "freeze guest filesystem". This only happens if option FUSE=1 is checked (and my CT has a SSHFS mounted point) Unchecking the option (and...
  17. N

    Migration and Replication Issue

    Hello everyone ! I have configured a 2-node cluster with QDevice working properly. Now I reached the moment when I have to set up the HA but I am encountering some obstacles. Here are the configurations I have done till now : ZFS local storage (I am using the created one from the proxmox and...
  18. N

    Seeking advice for 2 node cluster

    Hello everyone ! I am setting up a proxmox cluster with two nodes. I know that the cluster must be with at least 3 nodes but I for now that is what I can afford. I have two identical servers each of them with two storage devices in raid 1 - 256GB/198GB (The operating system is installed on the...
  19. J

    HA replication without automatic migration

    Can I do HA replication without automatic migration? I want to start the container manually on another node only if necessary after analysing the situation. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  20. N

    E-Mail Notification: "Replication Job failed: got timeout"

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe vor kurzem zwei Nodes installiert, konfiguriert und in einen Cluster zusammengefasst. Node proxmox1 und proxmox2 haben jeweils ein paar VMs, für welche ich jeweils disk replication auf das jeweils andere Node konfiguriert habe. Die disk replication geschieht jeweils...


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