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    raw image fills 100% space of thin lvm after migration

    Hi everybody, I've started a proxmox cluster with four nodes so far. Hardware is HP DL360G9 with P840 controller, 2 x 240G ssd raid-1 for proxmox, 4 x 960G raid 1+0 ssd for thin lvm storage, raids are on controller. I've created a new VM (raw) on thin lvm storage on whatever node, and thin...
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    RAW Container Image eingefügt - Backup geht nicht

    Guten Tag, ich nutze seit ende letzten Jahres ein Container auf meinem Proxmox Server ich habe damals den raw speicher des containers also die local disk gebackupt vor ca 2 Monaten habe ich meinen Node neuinstalliert danach habe ich so einen Container erstellt und die raw datei die ca 100GB Groß...
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    [SOLVED] Can't convert a RAW disk to QCOW2 on local zfs storage

    Hello! For some reason, when I'm trying to convert a RAW disk, which is stored on zfs-local, to QCOW2, the format dropdown list is inactive. But if I try to move (Move Disc button) the disk to remote storage (SMB share), the dropdown is active. It seems like I've missed something during the...
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    restoring container from .raw-file

    Hello, Im not too experienced with Proxmox and I have a little problem with dataloss... My whole Proxmox Host-System crashed lately and I wasnt able to repair it. So what I did was I copied all the vm and container-image files from that server and set up a new one. Now when I try to mount the...
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    [SOLVED] How works VM snapshots in PVE?

    Hi! Please tell me how works VM snapshots in PVE? 1. I create snapshot (disk type qcow2), do some changes on disk, and snapshot size - 0 (screenshot). 2. How creates RAW-image snapshot (backend ext4) during backup VM with type "snapshot"?
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    How to restore vm DISKS back to VMs without .conf files?

    PVE 5-2-1 Video cards passthrough I have a bunch of raw vm-xxxx-disk-x disk images, and have NO .conf files for them. Some are win and some are mac, may be one are linux. Any way to restore em except trying one by one attaching to a similar new VM(s) plz? They where created on a lost server...
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    Any way around raw storage on container creation?

    I was wondering why Proxmox defaults to a raw rootfs when I create a new container. In fact, there seems to be no way around it. However, I really want to be able to directly access my files. They are on a nfs share backed by zfs so the raw image keeps me from using snapshot, rollback, clone...
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    [SOLVED] LXC Images

    So I have my cluster up and running then the other day one of my LXC container had an issue and crashed - I am not sure how but now the configuration file is on one node (node 2) and the raw container image is on another (node 3). I am unable to start the container on either node (presumably...
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    raw Image auf zfs volume

    Hallo Forum, ich verstehe es nicht ganz (Anfänger bezüglich Diskformate). Ich wollte eine VM von einem Proxmox 4.1 auf Proxmox 5.2-7 umziehen. Dazu habe ich zwei qcow2 Images per NFS den neuen Server verschoben. Von dort habe ich mit dem Befehl die das Format umgewandelt mit: qemu-img convert...
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    Restored VM backup, all data on mount raw image lost

    Hello Guys, i just restored a backup of a lxc container running on my pve instance. The container has a second .raw data image mounted. After restore the complete data got deleted from the .raw image. 1.) I know there was a "deletes all data of the running vm" window. I'm probably stupid, but...
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    [SOLVED] Formatting raw images in raw?

    2018-03-01 20:06:58 use dedicated network address for sending migration traffic ( 2018-03-01 20:06:59 starting migration of VM 7113 to node 'node02-sxb-pve01' ( 2018-03-01 20:06:59 found local disk 'local:7113/vm-7113-disk-1.raw' (in current VM config) 2018-03-01 20:06:59...
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    [SOLVED] .raw images corrupt?

    Good day: This is the situation, dmesg is reporting errors on loop devices (complete log on attachment), fsck on images show errors like this: root@proxmox4-eu3:~# e2fsck -fyv /var/lib/vz/images/107/vm-107-disk-1.raw e2fsck 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014) MMP interval is 10 seconds and total wait time...
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    Convert subvol disk to raw disk ?

    Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to convert "subvol root disk" to "raw root disk" for a container ? Or is there an option to backup my container with subvol root disk in a raw format ? Or is there an option to restore my backup of a container with subvol root disk in a raw...
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    LXC mount options / trim

    Hey. is it possible to add a mount option like discard to an LXC RAW storage? If not, is it save to use something like that to trim runnings VMs from the Host-Os: fstrim /proc/<PID of LXC init process>/root Thanks for your help!
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    Attach raw file to virtual machine

    I have a .raw image with linux operating system. How do I make it a hard disk for my virtual machine? Ideally, I want proxmox to ask me the path on the filesystem to this .raw file. Add Hard Disk Bus/Device: VirtIO Path to image: /tmp/images/some_image.raw Format: RAW I can do that...
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    From OpenVZ to LXC with thin provisioning ?

    Hello, I'm migrating from proxmox 3.4 to proxmox 4.0 and therefore I'm migrating my containers to LXC. I see that LXC containers use raw disks. With OpenVZ, containers only used the necessary disk space, but now I have a container that uses the entire 4GB raw disk image when it only needs...


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