raid 5

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    Problems with passthrough hard drives

    I'm running Proxmox 8.1.4 and have an Ubuntu server 22.04.4 LTS VM that was a hardware server and I virtualized it. I successfully configured 3 hard drives from the Proxmox host to the Ubuntu VM. Those three drives were setup as a RAID 5 with mdadm before I virtualized it. I successfully...
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    How do i run RAID 5 on Proxmox?

    I've been researching for a bit about raid 5 on Proxmox and setting a usb-stick as boot drive. I've been seeing alot of warnings about using a usb-stick as boot drive, so im still skeptical about doing that part. However i can't find information about raid 5, i'm looking for a way to configure...
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    Proxmox on a Dell Precision 7820 workstation

    Kinda new to Proxmox. Has anyone been able to get Proxmox up and running and storage configured on a Dell Precision 7820? I can get the OS installed with no problem, but the storage is my issue. I can't seem to get Proxmox to see my Intel VROC Raid 5 drive and if I try to use the drives...
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    performance of reconstitution of a raid5

    Hello, I did a raid5 then I changed a gradient so I wanted to know how I could see the reconstruction performance of my raid5
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    getting a mail about smartctl not able to read a raided drive's sector, but array is healthy in raid controller settings

    so, to sketch my setup, a raid 5 array which is controlled by a H700 has one drive of which smartd says it has a bad sector, but when I scan the array in the controller's settings, it shows healthy. The array only contains backups. What notification should I believe? host name: pve2 DNS...
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    Question regarding LVM/ZFS

    I have 4 disks, each 2TB. I've set them in RAID5 using RAIDZ-1. I should have 6TB available. When I click on ZFS in the node itself is states that rpool size is 7.99TB. There are two storages: local (shows as 3.23TB) and local-zfs (5.67TB) Why those numbers? Why does that add up to 8.9TB...
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    [SOLVED] is it ok to store VM in directory?

    When I run vmware that is not so many option like that is in proxmox. That is so much to pick that I'm not sure I do it right and have not find any good tutorial. That I have done now is on a HP server I have create a hardware RAID 5 for 4 SSD harddrive. I did try first to use LVM of the RAID 5...
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    Promix server crashed kind of

    One of my Promox servers running on an old HP Proliant G6 DL380 has a problem, the storage part of the server died yesterday, it is a hardware raid setup. So the server or system refuses to start without it, is there a way to force start Proxmox and ignoring the missing raid array?
  9. G

    Which raid card ?

    hi every one, I'm new on this forum. I'm looking for a raid card to use with proxmox for a raid 5. i want to use this raid card only for disk where it will have personal data. All VM Os and proxmox will be on another disk. I am asking my self if there is some incompatibility between the...
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    Proxmox and Hardware RAID,

    Proxmox and Hardware RAID, which storage type must use? I have been building a "Production environment" for apps 24x7, 3 IBM server (x3650 m3) (for now, but we have 8 x3650 m4), LSI raid card for RAID 5 on each one (for fault tolerance on each node); On top, Proxmox 6.3 with cluster and HA...
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    Trying to create a raidz1 with 3 different size disks

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a RAID 5 architecture using proxmox 6.2-4. The server has no hardware support for RAID. I have three disks of different size (1TB, 640GB, 640GB), so I can't select RAIDZ-1 on the installation menu. I have read on the forum that I have to configure this using zpool...
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    Nas auf Proxmox mit Raid

    Hallo, ich heiße Marcel und bin gerade dabei Proxmox auf meinem Server zu installieren. Soweit funktioniert alles. Nur ein Openmediavault will nicht so wie ich das will. Ich habe 5 Festplatten die ein Raid 5 bilden sollen. Noch dazu ein Raid 0 mit 3 Festplatten. Wie ich schon herausgefunden...
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    Bad ZFS Write Performance

    Hi guys.. I am new and need some help here. Running ZFS file system. My Setup: Asus H270 Plus G4560 Intel WD Green SSD 120gb x 3 pcs I am running an UBUNTU File Server VM in my PVE. Transfer Files from UBUNTU File Server VM to Local Network PC = FAST (107MB/s) Transfer Files from Local...
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    Best Practice bei der Einrichtung von Proxmox

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin derzeit dabei mir eine NAS/Virtualisierungssystem einzurichten und habe mir folgende Hardware schon angeschafft: ASRock Rack X470D4U Ryzen 5 3600X 1 x 16 GB ECC 4 x 2 TB Seagate IronWolf NAS (Raid 5) 2 x 128GB SSD (entweder Hardware Raid 1 oder 1 x 128 GB System...


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