1. A

    Notifying the sender of a message delivery failure

    Hello, I have some questions about notifying. Is it possible for the sender of a message that has been marked as spam/virus etc. to receive a return message with information that the message from him did not reach my inbox? If so, will this message contain information about the reason why this...
  2. A

    BCC from Quarantine

    Hi Please advice, or indicate an approximate direction where to look for a solution There is a rule that uses the BCC action for certain emails. This rule is preceded by a higher priority rule with the end action "Quarantine". When an email is erroneously quarantined, BCC is not sent when it...
  3. V

    Message tagging

    Hello Tell me, please, is it possible to configure the reception of messages in such a way that spam is not sent to quarantine, but is delivered to the recipient's mailbox with a specific header?
  4. U

    [SOLVED] Disable Links and External Content in Quarantine Viewers?

    I opened an email in the Spam Quarantine area. I noticed that the "Selected Mail" display pane on the right is rendering links as clickable and appears to be loading external content. Is there a way to prevent allowing links to be clickable and to prevent loading external content? The emails in...
  5. S

    Spam quarantine is empty

    In tracking center I see that mail is moved to quarantine (moved mail for <user> to spam quarantine - 802CA636BB365A7CBF (rule: Quarantine/Mark Spam (Level 3))). E-mail field shows "no data in database", typing by hand also not working - the list of mails in quarantine is empty. pmgsh get...
  6. A

    Discussion of emails that are always in quarantine on the PMG server

    Hello All Is there an issue here, some domains always enter email quarantine on proxmox, in this case where our PMG server is used as an SMTP server, the customer has the right to use this SMTP service as long as the IP of the customer connection has been allowed on the PMG Server side, here is...
  7. P

    Modify Subject bei Attachment Quarantine Release

    Hallo, Wir setzen aktuell Proxmox MG 6.1 ein, soweit funktioniert alles super, keinerlei Probleme! Ich versuche nun schon etwas länger, dass Mails, die ich über die Attachement Quarantäne freigebe einen anderen Betreff bekommen. Unser Exchange schmeißt die freigegebene Mail leider weg mit der...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] global blacklist is not working default settings / after reboot rules working maybe a bug

    Hello, I have create a global blacklist rule (default rule). Only move the message to qms and not block. Under "Who Objects" -> "Blacklist" I Add some E-Mail Adress. The Blacklist Rule is by default on the top with Prio 98. If I now send test E-Mail with blocked E-Mailadress, E-Mail will...
  9. D

    Same email (spam), one is quarantined, one is delivered

    I have a weird problem and I don't know how to solve it. I am seeing emails start to come through where one email for a user @domainA.com gets quarantined, but the same email for a user @domainB.com gets delivered. I don't know what to do in order to solve this. Quarantined Email: Sep 02...
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    Link zur eMail Freigabe in Notification einbauen

    Hallo Proxmox Community, ich nutze das Proxmox Mailgateway seit kurzer Zeit und bin was den Umfang und das Handling betrifft sehr angetan. Aktuell laufen die meisten Funktionen wie erwartet, aber ich möchte gerne für den Enduser das Handling weiter verbessern. Deshalb habe ich folgende Frage...
  11. I

    sa-learn ham mails in quarantine

    would it be feasible to train the bayes-database with emails the user released from the quarantine as ham? - sometimes false-positives get caught by the quarantine. - the users will usually notice, and release these mails from the quarantine. - my idea is to use this information to train the...
  12. I

    customize quarantine login page

    is it possible to do (slight) customizations of the login-page (without hacking the source)? the problem i'm trying to solve is that the term "User name" is a bit ambiguous. My users can authenticate via the department LDAP (so we allow username/password based login to the quarantine; not just...
  13. T

    Quarantaine web interface for end users

    I must be overlooking something, as I cannot find anywhere in the manual how end-users can access their own quarantaine folder on the PX gateway.. I have an AD/LDAP connector that seems to be syncronising OK. But whatever I enter in the user/password fields (user@domain; domain\user...


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