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    is it possible to do (slight) customizations of the login-page (without hacking the source)?

    the problem i'm trying to solve is that the term "User name" is a bit ambiguous.

    My users can authenticate via the department LDAP (so we allow username/password based login to the quarantine; not just ticket-based login), but I'm afraid that they will not enter the correct username.

    One of the problems is, that the users have multiple accounts at work (one for the company; but also one at the department; this is unfortunate, but has technical reasons that cannot be changed), and depending on the service they have to use one of them. Usually they pick the wrong one.

    The other problem is, that the PMG doesn't really want the `username`.
    Instead it wants the `email` of the user

    That is, I can login with ``, but i cannot login with `user`.

    I've tried setting the "Account attribute name" to `uid`, but to not avail:


    so what i'd really want to do is just to add a note to the login-page that users are enter "<username>" in the login-form.

    Ideally this would be a placeholder text in the username field, but being able to inject some arbitrary HTML-code into the body of the document at a well-defined place would be good enough (e.g. by editing some template on the filesystem).
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