1. V

    Can proxmox-backup-client restore a host to another drive?

    Hello everyone, I have a 2 node cluster in my current setup. I want to use proxmox-backup-client to backup only the Hosts(Nodes) not the VMs, the VMs are already backed up to a NAS using the backup feature in VE. I already have a pbs setup where I want to backup the host and the VMs in the...
  2. P

    Email from PBS after backup

    Hello I've a 2 nodes cluster PVE and a physical PBS. When I backup I receive one email from PVE01 and one email from PVE02. I've a service that check email log backup and signal for failed or missing job. This service can receive only and email from a single server sender. How can I've a single...
  3. B

    Reduce log spamming when PBS is offline - (error fetching datastores - 500 Can't connect to...)

    Hi everyone, I have a PBS witch is offline and turned on only for the backup via WoL. After that, the PBS shutting down. It's working fine, but in my PVE log is spammed with an error (every 10s), because the PBS is not reachable: pve pvestatd[1890]: PBS: error fetching datastores - 500 Can't...
  4. G

    TASK ERROR: 500 Can't connect to X.X.X.X:8006

    Hello! I encountered a problem (in the attachment) when trying to create a cluster of two servers. Shows error 500 without additional information (in some threads there were similar problems, after the address there was still some description of the error), but mine is empty. I did everything...
  5. S

    Fail to find partition on loop device inside container

    Good morning, I'm having a problem with creating and using a loop device interface, in particular using internal partition. I'm using Yocto to create an image. I've already done this on a separate machine, and I moved to proxmox machine recently reproducing the same steps. I'm using a Ubuntu...
  6. R

    Freezes mit Proxmox 8.2

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe folgendes Problem. Ich habe einen Server mit: i7-7700, 64GB RAM, 2x 512GB NVMe SSD's. Ich habe mir auf regulären Weg ohne viel Tricksereien Proxmox 8.2 installiert (6.8.4-2pve). Mein Problem ist es, dass der Hypervisor sich komplett aufhängt, meine CT/VM...
  7. J

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox 8 Mellanox Infiniband and SR-IOV

    Here is how i was able to get proxmox working with Infiniband and SR-IOV. Hardware used is a mellanox switch (sx6036) and a mellanox Cx-4 100gbps EDR dual (or single) port card. Make sure the firmware is latest. AS FAR AS IM AWARE, THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH OPENSM AND MUST HAVE A MELLANOX SWITCH...
  8. B

    Subscription added, but pve is somewhat unaware

    Hi there, I just added a subscription key to one of my servers. The license shows as "active" here: On login I still get the nag screen: Apt update works without a problem, but under "Repositories" I still get a warning: When I create a system report under license, I too get this...
  9. U

    Convert Proxmox Installation from BTRFS Z0 to Z1

    I have a PVE node (8.2.2) that was configured to use BTRFS on a single SSD. This disk contains my Proxmox installation, VMs, and CTs. I have also configured a PBS to create backups of my VMs and CTs, but I would like to add some resiliency to my PVE node by adding another SSD installation drive...
  10. C

    PVE: edit mac filter rule / modify ebtables rule

    Hello dear proxmox forum! TLDR: I want to allow particular MAC through mac filter rule. How I could edit ebtables rule for particular VM, so it will fit ergonomically into pve itself? I tried searching proxmox forum before creating new thread. Well.. I tried searching internet for this. But...
  11. M

    PVE Sicherung sporadischer Fehler - Backup Backup of VM XXX failed - cannot determine size of volume

    Seit Wochen macht die tägliche Sicherung auf einen Cluster Knotens eines PVE 8.1.4 auf/per den PBS 3.1-4 Storage Probleme. Die VMs liegen auf mehreren NAS LUNS die per LVM/ISCSI + Multipath und 10GB eingebunden sind. Der Fehler tritt bei den VM Sicherung sporadisch auf: ERROR: Backup of VM XXX...
  12. S

    How to configure Fail2Ban for PBS

    Hello, I want to configure fail2ban also for the web-gui of PBS. I followed the wiki and it worked well for PVE. I used the systemd-variant. My PBS is installed directly on the PVE hypervisor and whatever I configure, fail2ban is not detecting failed login attempts. Maybe someone else already...
  13. M

    Filesystem in VM has been corrupted after backup failed

    Hello, I am using the latest version of PVE without cluster functions and I am facing the problem of file system corruption inside the VM if the backup task (zstd process) fails I found one mention here, but I decided to create a separate topic, as I consider this a critical problem I did not...
  14. W

    [TUTORIAL] Simple Working GPU Passthrough on UpToDate PVE and AMD Hardware

    Hello Guys, I wanted to share my steps to my perfectly working GPU Passthrough setup after a lot of debugging, testing and searching for the best, working method. Maybe it helps someone. First my system specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7800X3D (Should Probably Work with all Ryzen 7000 APUs) GPU: Sapphire...
  15. M

    VM's open ports not visible from outside of VM

    Hi, I just installed a Discourse forum engine on Ubuntu VM. The installation went great, but I am unable to open the Discourse site from my network over 443. When I check open ports of the VM from external I see this: But from inside (of the Ubuntu VM) I see this: So, apparently no ports...
  16. F

    PVE with HPE 3PAR 9450

    Hello, i'm currently trying to set up our new PVE Cluster with 3 Nodes (DL380 G9 with FC Cards which wont show up in Proxmox?), we want to use an HPE 3PAR 9450 but dont know how to configure it?! (But atleast the 3PAR is working) If someone could give me a little walktrough with the steps we...
  17. E

    can 6.4-14 and 8.1-2 be in one cluster ?

    Hello! I'm going to add a few servers to my PVE 6.4-14 cluster, can i install 8.1-2 and add it to cluster to move some VMs to 8.1-2 and then upgrade 6.4-14 .. thanks
  18. V

    Export from PBS / Import in PVE

    Hi, I have a question about exporting backups from PBS to import them into PVE. I need to do this because the backups are too large to transfer over the network (internet), so I want to copy them to an external drive, transport the drive to the other server, and then import the backups. Is this...
  19. T

    Add NFS storage in nobody:nogroup

    This is my nfs directory permission (NFS server in a privileged container): root@homelab-nas:/data# namei -l /data/nfs/ f: /data/nfs/ drwxr-xr-x root root / drwxrwxr-x root writers data drwxrwxr-x root writers nfs And nfs exports like this: root@homelab-nas:/data# exportfs -v /data/nfs...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Auth/PAM.pm

    have 3 pve host in 1 cluster, in customer's server room. ( those servers have no internet access, and under insanely restricted access control) was about to send some files to a new vm. ( package libpam-pwquality and it's dependencies). but I execute dpkg -i *.deb before qm terminal to the...


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