1. N

    Trying to add WD 2TB Elements portable drive - communications error

    I just bought a brand new WD 2TB Elements portable drive, connected using both USB3 and USB2 but the drive does not show under Disks, the drive works fine on my windows machine? I get communications error, could it be the type of USB3 connector with the newer WD drives? I can see my old...
  2. N

    Problems with Proxmox VE 8.1-1

    I'm not really looking for support here because I have everything working now with 8.0 and that's enough. I'm more writing as a 'bug report' of sorts. I have purchased a new box intended for use as a router/firewall/etc with Proxmox VE at the top level. i7-1265u, 64Gb DDR4-3200 RAM, 1Tb main...
  3. P

    Cómo eliminar un volumen físico ya eliminado del PVE

    Buenas a todos. Tengo un problema que no sé solucionar. Retiré un disco duro que formaba parte de pve en /etc/lvm/backup, y ahora me da un error constante que no lo encuentra. No sé como hacer para que deje de mostrarme el error cada vez que quiero hacer una instantánea de alguna de mis...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] possible Issues with ZFS 2.2.x?

    Hi, are these relevant? https://github.com/openzfs/zfs/issues/15526 https://github.com/openzfs/zfs/issues/15533 https://github.com/openzfs/zfs/issues/14533 https://www.reddit.com/r/zfs/comments/1826lgs/psa_its_not_block_cloning_its_a_data_corruption/ As the first issue is regarding openzfs...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] Custom Status Check

    Hi, I have Dashy setup trying to monitor pve & pbs. However I'm not able to work out if there is a port that is available that will return 200 ok if requested. Below is an extract from Dashy, Custom status check endpoint for this item. Useful if the default URL doesn't return 200, or if your...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] local-lvm getting full.

    Hi, my local-lvm is almost full and I don't know what to do to fix this. I still don't fully understand what local-lvm is or how it works, compared to "local" (which is cleared with no issues). I tried fstrim on all my VMs and Containers. That only freed about 10 GB out of what's being used -...
  7. K

    Backup hangs - ends with the "question mark' sign (please help)

    Hi I run a cluster of 8.0.4 nodes one of the HA containers seems to be special. When I start the backup, it would hang making the whole node unresponsive (grey question mark). although the other containers on that node seems to keep working. It does not matter if I run it in snapshot or suspend...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/... /bin/login -f root' failed: exit code 1

    UPON LOST QUORUM (not indicated in the GUI), the attempt to access the node's OWN console ends up in generic: failed waiting for client: timed out TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/pve7 --perm Sys.Console -- /bin/login -f root' failed: exit code 1 This is clearly...
  9. S

    Volume group pve not found after impulsive update to proxmox 8

    Hello In the middle of the night I had an impulsive thought to update my proxmox 7.2 to proxmox 8. First I updated tot 7.4 then I changed the repo file and I tried to apt dist-upgrade. It gave some error codes so I tried to reboot. After the reboot the system constantly gave a error with...
  10. 0

    Possibility to move local pve backups to pbs

    Hello together, I#m searching for a solution to move my local PVE Backups to PBS. Is that possible in any way? I did not found a solution in the PVE or PBS Docs. Any Ideas are welcome. Best regards 0zw00d
  11. Y

    Question regarding local name resolution in Proxmox VE

    I would like to have Proxmox resolve its local name itself, without querying an external DNS. A (common) Debian system should actually be able to do this. However, my PVE (a Debian "onTop" installation) doesn't do that. My PVE has (as an example) the following names in the "/etc/hosts" are...
  12. A

    Patching PVE on update

    I have a small patch for PVE (adds a 10 minute timeout to booting VMs during backup), which I have been manually applying and re-applying after each PVE update. The re-applying is getting a bit tedious, so I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions on how to save this patch for...
  13. E

    Multiple VZDUMP processes

    I'm running some backups routines at the same time, but sometimes they don't run and show the message "INFO: trying to get global lock - waiting...", is there a problem running mutiple backups at the same time ? Can more than one vzdump process run at the same time ? Note: I'm using the latest...
  14. L

    Problems with backup of the lxc container to pbs

    I found a problem with copying the container to proxmox backup server. pve 6.4-8, Backup Server 1.1-12. As I understand it, due to old containers, upgrading to the latest versions can make containers non-working. Initially it was (log) 202: 2023-11-09 18:16:00 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 202...
  15. M

    "hostname 'pbs' does not resolves to any non-loopback address" after upgrade pbs2 > pbs3

    I'm running PBS in a debian LXC on top of PVE. The PBS container is set to DHCP, with the IP reserved at the DHCP server. After upgrading PVE7 to PVE8, and subsequently PBS2 to PBS3, the PBS container gives the error "hostname 'pbs' does not resolves to any non-loopback address" after boot...
  16. L

    PVE Random reboot

    My pve reboots after certain time. The log: Kernel Version Linux 6.1.10-1-pve #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC PVE 6.1.10-1 (2023-02-07T13:10Z PVE Manager Version pve-manager/8.0.4/d258a813cfa6b390 Nov 01 13:42:49 pve systemd[1]: apt-daily.service: Deactivated successfully. Nov 01 13:42:49 pve...
  17. S

    Proxmox, pfSense and routing…

    Hello all, I have a network setup that includes multiple Proxmox servers and a virtualized pfSense firewall. I've configured a VPN via pfSense to access my local network remotely. While I can successfully connect to the VPN and access certain devices, I'm facing issues when trying to access my...
  18. E

    Storage/Disk creation appears empty

    Hello guys, i have a problem. I need to connect my PBS to a PVE. To do this I need to create a Pool Storage/Disk. However, when trying to create it, it doesn't give me the option to select the disk. Both in directory mode and ZFS mode. * PBS was installed as ZFS(RAID10) on installation setup *...
  19. C

    SMART / ZFS Problems

    Hello, I have a recent proxmox installation (7.4-16). Every so often, sometimes a week, sometimes a few days...I get a slug of SMART emails about hard disks failing, also ZFS error emails. They appear to all fail at the same time, which I don't buy. When this happens it always makes the ZPOOL...
  20. E

    How connect my PVE to PBS (in differents places)

    Hello guys, i need to connect a PBS to a PVE, because i want to make the Backup. The servers are in different locations. What is the best way to do this? Through VPNs? Do I need to open ports on my router? I'm a beginner in networks and servers. I have a lot of doubts


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