1. [SOLVED] pve-firewall problem

    I did a reboot yesterday....and then: Apr 29 18:05:00 v3 systemd[1]: Starting Proxmox VE replication runner... Apr 29 18:05:01 v3 systemd[1]: Started Proxmox VE replication runner. Apr 29 18:05:07 v3 pve-firewall[36094]: status update error: unable to apply firewall changes Apr 29 18:05:16 v3...
  2. pve-firewall disk usage 30%

    Almost all the time, the load in the atop is about 30% 5239 2577K 0K 0K 25% pve-firewall How can I reduce the load, IO Delay reaches up to 20% Proxmox Virtual Environment 4.2-17/e1400248 ZFS
  3. [SOLVED] PVE-Firewall doesn't have any effect

    Hi guys, I'm trying to setup some firewall rules to protect a VM, but I fail badly and don't have a starting point to find out why. The proxmox host has a public IP X.Y.Z.80 from the network X.Y.Z.64/26 The VM uses a bridged network and also has a public IP X.Y.Z.69 I already tried setting...
  4. [SOLVED] * * * Firewall error in node syslog * * *

    I am getting this error in the node syslog now, since the last subscription update today. Any help to alleviate this is greatly appreciated. "pve-firewall[13722]: status update error: iptables_restore_cmdlist: Try `ip6tables-restore -h' or 'ip6tables-restore --help' for more information."...
  5. NAT + Firewall

  6. [SOLVED] Failed to start Proxmox VE firewall.

    Just installed from Debian (due to needing a custom partitioning scheme). I installed a similar server last week without issue but ran into this error installing on this system. Upon trying to install proxmox-ve packages, pve-firewall fails to configure because it can't be started...
  7. [SOLVED] pve-firewall blocking upgrade

    Hey all, I'm trying to upgrade my Proxmox install, that is running 4.3-9. After the `apt-get upgrade` command, I noticed that two packages weren't installed: `pve-firewall` and `pve-manager`. I tried to upgrade the `pve-manager` first, but it said it was dependent of `pve-firewall`, so I tried...
  8. Firewalling question - securing the management interfaces

    Hello, I've got a Proxmox server that I need to connect to the internet directly (it is a hosted dedicated server). I then have a single IPv4 and IPv6 addresses provided by the hosting provider which will be assigned to this server. An additional IPv4 subnet and additional IPv6 subnets will be...
  9. pve-firewall doesn't block ports 111/tcp/udp and 3128/tcp

    Hello, I using a 3 Node Proxmox 4.1 Cluster with PVE-Firewall. The BSI Team makes a Pentest on my Server and have reported, that rpcbind and squid-http port is open. So i think ok, and add rules to drop the ports 111 and 3128 tcp/udp. But the Firewall doesn't block the Ports (other Settings...


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