proxmox 6.4

  1. W

    Crash ohne Log

    Guten Tag Gemeinde Ich habe folgendes Problem bei dem ich eure Hilfe benötige und hoffe, dass sich einige Experten unter euch befinden, welche ein ländliches Problem auch schon hatten oder damit umzugehen wissen Seit ca. 1.5 Jahren setze ich erfolgreich einen Minisforum HM80 mit Proxmox...
  2. N

    udev Regel für USB Stick Rechte funktioniert nicht (Proxmox 6.4)

    Hallo zusammen, ich suche eine eine funktionierende udev Rule für die Rechtevergabe eines USB Zigbee Dongles, der in einem LXC Container reingereicht wird. Ich habe schon diverse Regeln, die bei Google gefunden habe ausprobiert aber ohne Erfolg. Nach einem Reboot sind die Recht leider weg...
  3. M

    Can I use vzdump in "OVH rescue mode" using chroot and mounting my partitions?

    Hello friends, I'll accompany you another day I'm having some software problems that I already mentioned in another post and I wanted to export the backups to a safer place, but I need to create some new ones, is this possible from OVH's "rescue mode"? I currently get an error when using...
  4. M

    I see some strange logs in my syslog related to containers

    I have these logs and they haven't stopped coming for days, I don't recall having this record in the logs before. Can someone know what it is? syslog Sep 10 11:12:01 ns3116965 kernel: [2643114.275953] audit: type=1400 audit(1662801121.089:508424): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount"...
  5. M

    After updating the system through CPanel and rebooting my system it loses the connection

    Hello everyone, I tried to upgrade all the containers and VMs one by one and then upgrade the head node to a newer version of proxmox 6.4 before making the jump to version 7. After upgrading to a newer version of proxmox 6.4 I ran into a connection problem. The update apparently worked fine...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] After upgrading to pve-kernel-5.4.203-1-pve does not start properly

    Hi folks, I have a problem that I can't figure out myself and would really appreciate any input. I introduce you... I tried to update the proxmox kernel through the control panel via web and as usual when the update was finished, I decided to reboot the system as mentioned at the end of the...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.4 end of life

    Hello, I've noticed that Proxmox 6.X has been considered out of support since 2022-07 as described on the official website here : But it also says : So why is Proxmox 6.X in End of Life ? Debian buster will be considered oldstable in June...
  8. A

    PVE GUI doesn't recognize kernel bcache device?

    Hi, Is there a bug in Proxmox that prevents it from correctly seeing bcache devices as a regular storage device? I'm using Proxmox PVE 6.4-14, Linux 5.4.174-2-pve. The bcache is a Linux kernel feature that allows you to use a small fast disk (flash, ssd, nvme, Optane, etc) as "cache" for a...
  9. P

    Error /usr/bin/proxinstall line 482

    I/m instaling proxmox 6.4 on a intel nuc 2820 and when the instaler gets to 100% a have this error: command 'chroot/target dpkg --force-confold --configure -a failed with exit code 2 at /usr/bin/proxinstall line 482
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Can't access Proxmox over VPN and Virtual Machines

    Hello folks! I just set up a new Proxmox Server and I wondered why I can't access the GUI or in general the IP from Proxmox when connected over a VPN or when I am sshd into a VM hosted on Proxmox. I testet something: - when I'm connected over VPN (WireGuard or FritzBox) I can't reach the UI...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] PVE+PBS node in remote location

    Hello, We're looking to setup a Proxmox node responsible mostly for storing backup copies of VMs and LXCs and testing them. Is it a good idea to connect a remote node to a cluster over VPN? No Ceph nor Live VM migration will be used. In theory both Corosync and PMXCFS should work?
  12. L

    [SOLVED] ubuntu 20.04 liest die cloud-init meta-data nicht

    Hallo, ich habe ein Template von Ubuntu 20.04.3 durch Packer (1.7.3 apple m1) auf Proxmox (6.4-9 - ich weiß, es ist ein bisschen alt) erstellt, wo ich unter anderem auch cloud-init benutzt habe. In der Kernel Command Line gibt Packer das Folgende ein: initrd=/casper/initrd quiet...
  13. V

    [SOLVED] Can't access WEB GUI, apt update is failing with temporary name resolve.

    Hi, I have Installed proxmox VE 6.4 on a Dell laptop. After installing nothing seems to be working. The Errors that I am facing: Cannot access the web GUI with an Error connection timed out. apt update fails with temporary name resolve error. Changed from enterprise-repository to...
  14. M

    Proxmox Backup configuration

    Hey! I backed up my old Proxmox server with 120GB SSD using of this script and restore it on the new Proxmox server with SSD at 500 GB. Everything works fine except I can use only 100Gb of my 500GB SSD, but I don't know how to use...
  15. P

    Please delete post. Thank you.

    Please delete this post. Thank you.
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Unable to pass vlan to trunk

    Pfsense vm cannot detect the WAN connection. I can manage PVE through a managed switch. Also, I want to set up VLANs in Pfsense, so that the management VLANID of Pfsense will also the same as that of proxmox. After installation of Pfsense, I cannot login to web interface through the switch. I...
  17. G

    Proxmox not working after adding Linux Bridge

    After I add the bridge (vmbr2), and hit accept it works as it should. But if I reboot I can no longer SSH in or get to Proxmox via GUI. Than to get back in I must boot to an emergency CD and disable the vmbr2 bridge. Any help would be much appreciated, below is my /etc/network/interfaces file...
  18. Z

    LVM caching of pve/root volume cause grub to fail on Proxmox 6.4

    Tried to enable LVM caching of pve/root successfully. I know that is strange desicion for server. But this is home server with uncritical data. But then I try to run update-grub and get multiple errors about pve/root partition: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: disk...
  19. mircsicz

    [SOLVED] Tried my first 3Node CEPH Cluster on 6.4-6

    Hi all, been running ProxMox since more or less five years, now I wanted to try my first real cluster: I've got three Supermicro 1HE Xeon 4 drive 3.5" Server's with dualPort 10G Card's for CEPH, all just freshly reinstalled each with a SSD as their install drive and 4 Drive's in the cage...
  20. Coolguy3289

    Backup Caused Complete Swap Consumption

    Hi All, So we've been running Proxmox for a while here at work, and while virtualizing machines as we move to phase out the legacy equipment in our rack we've temporarily cloned some of these machines to our cluster (currently sitting at 5 nodes). The issue we're having is when we went to run a...


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