1. K

    [SOLVED] Writing Regex for Virtual Domains

    Hello, Is it possible for postfix to recognize regex inside a virtual alias file? I wrote some regex in /etc/postfix/virtual, but it does not seem to be read. Here is one example of my regex: This should catch any addresses such as and send it to...
  2. X

    PMG | SMTP-Smuggling

    Has the vulnerability SMTP-Smuggling (CVE-2023-51764) already been mitigated in the current PMG standard setup?
  3. E

    Cron not sending emails

    The box (PVE1) was installed on top of Debian and recently upgraded to 8.1. Tried (unsuccessfully) setting up postfix after upgrading before learning about the new SMTP notifications system, which was set up successfully and backup jobs send emails as expected. However, cron jobs are not sending...
  4. P

    Restoring /etc/postfix/

    Is there a way to restore postfix's to its contents after installation? I accidentally overwrote it's contents.
  5. D

    Proxmox Cluster - How to manage Postfix configuration accros all nodes, CTs and VMs?

    Hi there, A quick question about Postfix configuration: how do you guys manage this effectively within your cluster? Do you have a dedicated container that does SMTP relay and "collect" emails from the rest of the cluster? Do you do it by node? What about CTs and VMs? I'm running a 9x nodes...
  6. H

    Postfix not working = where are the logs?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to setup postfix to send me system emails via gmail exchange. I've had this setup without issue on proxmox 7. I am now running proxmox 8 fully updated. I set everything up. Unfortunateyl the following two commands (using proper email addresses) do not work. ```...
  7. L

    DKIM signing for bounces

    In the current PMG 8.0.7 version postfix internal mails (bounce & notify) will not be DKIM signed - even if the source domain is part of the signing domains. If the bounce sender domain have a strict DKIM / DMARC alignment, some providers are rejecting these important mails. e.G. Incoming mail...
  8. S


    I have been testing PMG for a while now and I have to say I'm impressed. I like how simple it is to use. There is one thing that it's missing though. You can have finer grained control (than domain level) by putting in transport_maps by using virtual_alias_maps. # transport...
  9. J

    Backup jobs mails in deferred status

    Hi, For a few weeks we have stopped receiving the emails that scheduled backup tasks send when they finish their execution. We only receive emails if we execute them manually. When they automatically execute the emails, they remain in the 'deferred' state and are not sent. root@pve01:/var/log#...
  10. M

    Send retry attempts

    Hi, I'm having a problem with the outgoing emails, when it fails it keeps trying to send the deferred emails an excessive amount of times. That is a problem because some times our emails could be considered as spam. What can I do to set a limit to the retries attempts? I'm using Proxmox Mail...
  11. B

    PMG Postfix Header Modifizierung

    Hallo kann mir das wer bitte weiterhelfen, ich habe die nach /etc/pmg/templates kopiert und um folgenden Eintrag am Ende erweitert: smtp_header_checks = pcre:/etc/pmg/smtp_header_checks apt install postfix-pcre habe ich auch installiert Die Datei /etc/pmg/smtp_header_checks nun...
  12. H

    [SOLVED] Change Email Template for Notifications

    Maybe I'm not using the appropriate search terms, but I can't seem to find where I can change the email template for notifications from Proxmox. I've configured postfix and SMTP is functioning perfectly, but I am not a fan of the way emails look; email name: vzdump backup tool (not ideal)...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Systemd dependencies for mail forwarding

    Piggy-backing off this thread: How should I set up the dependencies for a systemd service to ensure mail delivery during startup & shutdown of the system? From the thread linked...
  14. T

    Unbekannte E-Mail Empfänger bei E-Mail Versand

    Bei meiner Proxmox Neuinstallation werden E-Mail Benachrichtigungen an zwei zusätzliche E-Mail Adressen versendet. set@proxmox.local und escape@proxmox.local. Ich finde einfach nicht heraus wie ich das unterbinden kann. Postfix und Fail2Ban habe ich bei meiner alten Installation exakt gleich...
  15. J

    Stopped receiving emails from successful backups or any communication altogether such as cron jobs.

    I'm wondering if any body else is having issues. I have stopped receiving notifications from PVE. Either through Outlook or Gmail accounts. Could this have to do with their emails becoming more secure? Or perhaps this is an internal issue? I would appreciate help. I think the latest email I...
  16. Denny Fuchs

    PVE6 | pvemailforward | pveupdate: node-03 sends mail to node-01 instead

    Hello, I have since update from 5 to 6 the problem, that the node-03 wants to send mails to node-01 .. instead of, what is configured on Postfix. We manage the whole Postfix configuration with Puppet, so every node is identical ... except myorigin = fra-corp-pmox-03.example.local Every node...
  17. L

    pvemailforward loses emails if mail server is not available

    Hello, I am using Proxmox VE 7.1-12 on my main workstation which I start and shutdown daily. I have configured postfix to forward local email to a smarthost as explained in this tutorial and confirmed that it does work, but I noticed that I never get the email after boot. This is the syslog...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Some nodes do not send mail correctly

    Hello. I have a 7-node cluster, with the same Postfix configuration (identical /etc/postfix/ except for the mydestination line, where, among other things, the corresponding hostname is specified). Mail for root@pam is correctly configured from the Web GUI, and I can verify that mail is...
  19. J

    Mailgateway im LCX Container "command 'systemctl reload postfix@-' failed: exit code 1 (500)"

    Ich habe heute versucht den Mailgateway 6 und 7 in einem LCX Container in der Proxmox VE zu installieren. Container wird auch erstellt und ich kann auf die Weboberfläche zugreifen. Jedoch kommt es im Laufe der Konfiguration des Mail Proxy zum Fehler "command 'systemctl reload postfix@-' failed...
  20. I

    [SOLVED] Email alerts do not work!

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with email alerts from Proxmox. I tried to work according to several guides none of which helped / worked. Everyone gives the same instructions, I worked mostly according to this guide...


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