1. N

    Vlans Networking for Whonix gateway VM

    I have installed the whonix gateway as a new VM in proxmox, I was following a YouTube guide but the creator does not seem very responsive. I have Pfsense setup with a WAN 192.168.1 and LAN 10.0.0 which is running fine for my home lab setup, following the Video I have created two VLAN's one for...
  2. H

    PVE und pfSense - Netzwerke

    Moin, habe ein Verständnisproblem ... habe Proxmox 8.1.4 auf einer IPU mit 6 NICs laufen ... Auf PVE eine VM mit pfSense, welche meinen Datenverkehr regelt. Das tut diese seit längerem auch verlässlich. cat /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp1s0 inet manual...
  3. A

    Hetzner IPv6 /64 Subnetz routing zu pfSense

    Hallo zusammen, kurz vorab, habt bitte ein wenig Nachsicht mit mir und Netzwerk :) Ich habe einen Dedicated Server bei Hetzner und möchte das ganze IPv6 Subnetz auf meine pfSense routen, damit ich das dann entsprechend an VMs weiterverteilen kann. Ich nutze das Routed-Setup und habe es auch...
  4. A

    SDN/vxlan with VLAN aware PFSense

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to setup this kind of setup (with more VM, but this is the simplified version) : 2 proxmox servers (px1 and px2) 1 pfsense firewall (fw1) on px1 2 virtual machines (vm11 and vm21) on px1 2 virtual machines (vm12 and vm22) on px2 My contraints are : I want vm11 and...
  5. N

    PFSense on a VPS

    I need help with my pfSense. I just can't seem to get the configuration right on my VPS for my pfSense router. Are there any people who can help me with this? I have created 2 vmbrs but I can't seem to configure them correctly. I actually don't want to share photos because they contain IP...
  6. Y

    (please delete)

  7. W

    Port Forwarding Issue with pfSense VM on Proxmox (Dual WAN, DHCP ISP)

    Hello, I'm having trouble with port forwarding on a pfSense VM running on Proxmox. I have a dual WAN setup with one DHCP connection and one PPPoE connection. I have confirmed with DHCP ISP that they use 1:1 NAT on their end. My setup: Proxmox version: 8.1.4 pfSense version: 2.7.2 NIC...
  8. M

    HA With proxmox & PFSense

    Hi all, I’m a little confused on how I would achieve this goal..... I’ve been tasked with migrating over our existing PFSense VSrv & setting up HA in the event a server fails or VM fails. I have setup a Proxmox cluster [ 2xDell R630 as PMS & 1xDell 3040Wyse running debian as a QDevice to...
  9. P

    DHCP Network Interface for VM

    Hi, I'm having some trouble configuring the DHCP network interface with Proxmox VMs. Here is my network setup. Baremetal Server comes with ESXi 7 with one network interface (promiscuous mode enabled for vSwitch0). Here, I create two VMs. One pfSense 2.7.2 and Proxmox 8.1-2 ESXi Has two port...
  10. R

    pfsense VM with UFS leads to overfull vm disk until reboot

    Hello, I recently moved to running pfsense in a VM on pve-manager/8.1.4/ec5affc9e41f1d79 (running kernel: 6.5.11-8-pve). My proxmox storage is zfs, so using virtio block storage for the vm creates a zvol. In pfsense, in order to avoid zfs on zfs, and write amplification, I am using UFS as the...
  11. O

    Help. Can't NAT Nginx Proxy manager on pfSense

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, and I hope I'm following all the rules correctly. I've recently migrated my Proxmox to use pfSense as a firewall(I was previously using OPNsense). However, I'm running into issues getting the Nginx Proxy Manager to work with pfSense. I have a domain...
  12. F

    sync interface for pfSense CARP HA cluster

    Hi, I am thinking to add 2 mini pc nodes with dual NICs and create my first ever proxmox cluster. I am already running pfSense on my single node. to do HA on pfSense, you need a sync interface. This would mean that I need 3 network interfaces: WAN, LAN and Sync Since I have only 2 NICs...
  13. G

    Bad NFS performance over vlans.

    Good evening, I hope there is someone who can help me in the right direction. I manage my ZFS pools in Proxmox and, where necessary, pass them on to the VMs via NFS. In my proxmox server I use a duo port Intel 10GB network card. I access the proxmox GUI via 1 port and all VMs are assigned to...
  14. D

    Not able to reach internet from LAN with PFsense

    Hello guys, I started to install a Proxmox VE on a server as a Home Lab to host some services. Those services needs to be accessed from anywhere. Basically, I've followed this tutorial: But I think...
  15. U

    Speedtest Throughput too low

    Hi, I recently updated my internet contract to 2,5G, and I can speedtest up to 0,9G with a CAT6 cable from a 2,5 switch to my 1G NIC on PC. As soon as I connect the same cable to a transceiver on my 10G SFP+ NIC on proxmox server, I begin to get up to 0,5G. Also, I cannot get more if I connect...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] pfSense LAN IP taken by Proxmox VE

    The title might be confusing, but I've installed Proxmox VE on a system with four Ethernet interfaces and thought to be using Ubuntu desktop and pfSense as follows: vmbr0 - Unused, for Proxmox VE interface only vmbr1, vmbr2, for pfSense LAN to and WAN to (DHCP...
  17. E

    Adding Proxmox VE to 2 networks

    Hello All, I live at home with my parents while I finish school, so I cannot set up my home network as I would prefer, but I am trying to work on my home in any way I can. I recently set up a pfsense VM on my home lab, and I have successfully gotten it connected to my main PC and an AP so that...
  18. P

    Connecting a router into physical server with Proxmox on it

    Does Proxmox have some type of embedded firewall? Or is it unsafe to plug in internet straight to the interface? I mention that I will be working with vms, one of which is a pfsense firewall. Can I configure it to filter the Internet that comes through, or is it not necessary? I am trying to...
  19. K

    Shell connections coming from other subnets dropping

    I'm trying out proxmox for the first time, and I'm running into a strange issue. My Supermicro nodes have four ethernet ports, and I've configured all of them to have different IP addresses on each of my four subnets. When I ssh to one of my nodes, or launch a shell from the Proxmox web ui...
  20. M

    Is it possible to make DMZ for VM inside proxmox when my router(pfSense) also is a VM on the same computer?

    I want to make DMZ for VM inside proxmox when my router(pfSense) also is a VM on the same computer? I found tutorial but i don't know how can I make port for this Do you have any ideas?


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