1. N

    [SOLVED] possible bug: bindmount into running container no longer works

    Since 2022, I can bind-mount into a running comtainer (see this post). While this still worked in January 2024, it's no longer working now. root@pve:/# pct set 104 -mp1 /media/tmp,mp=/media/usb,replicate=0 400 Parameter verification failed. mp1: unable to hotplug mp1: failed to move 'mp2' into...
  2. J

    Prevent Tasks log running full with Push tasks

    When daily distributing files from a script to the different containers, the pct push task which is used gets logged in the Tasks window below of the PVE GUI. This makes it hard to monitor my other daily Tasks in this window. Is it possible to prevent sending/logging a pct command to the Tasks...
  3. T

    LXC - pct remote-migrate fails

    I'm trying to remote-migrate my LXC containers between 2 separate clusters but it keeps failing. Remote VM migrations do succeed (both online/offline). At this point I can't seem to find the exact point the migration fails at. Things I have searched for: The error "failed: Insecure dependency...
  4. M

    Best practice: Mount NAS (NFS) to LXC

    Hello, I wonder what the best practice is how to mount NAS to a LXC? Why? Reason: I don't want to estimate and manage the size of the LXC data storages in a containers, etc. (e.g. jellyfin, nextcloud, etc.) + have all the advantages of user management etc. of a NAS system. I basically just...
  5. J

    Start lxc as non-root

    Hi everyone! Although this is my first time posting on this forum, I have been using proxmox for a while and love it! I have previously always only logged in as root on my host and never had much issues. Now however I want to set up an lxc under a separate user which was much trickier than I...
  6. J

    Periodically run fsck on LXC

    Good day everyone! So I have a number of LXC on a Proxmox VE version 7.4 cluster with 5 nodes at the moment, and recently I had a file corruption problem on one of the nodes that affected the LXC in it (both SSD-ext4 pool and ZFS pool). That's in the past, but it got me thinking how am I...
  7. V

    Snippets hookscript can not change CT net config

    Hi all, I have a two node cluster PVE 7.3-4 on different data centers with different public networks. LXC container running on node1 and replicated to node2. I need to change container's network settings (MAC addres, ip-addres and gw) when it migrated on node2 and change it back when it...
  8. K

    backup jobs with proxmox containers (pct) fail on only one node

    Hey guys, currently all backup jobs including containers seem to fail on only one of our three nodes: ERROR: Backup of VM 100 failed - can't map rbd volume vm-100-disk-0@vzdump: rbd: map failed: (12) Cannot allocate memory The normal qemu VMs are not affected, as can be seen in the screenshot...
  9. G

    "pct list" time out

    Greetings On my new Proxmox 6.4.13, something got "stuck": pct list or any service pve-<whatever> stop hang. In the log I see lines like: systemd[1]: pvestatd.service: Stopping timed out. Terminating. scwv10 systemd[1]: pvedaemon.service: State 'stop-sigterm' timed out. Killing scwv10...
  10. R

    Can't destroy container

    I create a container and the strange thing is that it was created on disk-0 and disk-1 (I notice that I need to do the creation process 2 times maybe it's for that, I don't know) The thing is I want to destroy the container and I can't: root@ns3128946:~# pct destroy 106 zfs error: cannot...
  11. K

    Diagnosing mount: /var/lib/lxc/.pve-staged-mounts/rootfs: can't read superblock on /dev/loop3

    Hello proxmox fourms! I'm recently getting this error (and the same error minus line 1 when starting without using HA) when attempting to start this container. Im a bit stressed, because the backup for this container is a bit old, and id really like to restore this container to functionality. I...
  12. S

    pct fstrim <CT_ID> ignore /mnt ?

    any way to get the pct fstrim command to ignore the /mnt directory or mountpoints in the LXC? i get an error on all LXC with ZFS mountpoints: fstrim: /var/lib/lxc/121/rootfs/mnt/Media: the discard operation is not supported command 'fstrim -v /var/lib/lxc/121/rootfs/mnt/Media' failed: exit code 1
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Backup lxc Container from pve 4.4

    Hi, might sound a little stupid, but I am searching on Google since yesterday evening and don't know if I just search wrong. I tried to Upgrade my Proxmox from 4.4 to 6.3 So i backuped my VM and my Containers (via WebGUI) and tried to upgrade the Server. Well, this went horribly wrong, and...
  14. C

    pct unmount error: exit code 32

    I'm getting a consistent error when manually unmounting .raw lxc disks. I have several containers that I wanted to setup mount points within them for users /home directories and other "core" directories, so to do it without borking a live system, I had to shutdown the containers, manually...
  15. Z

    Löschung volume mount Disk bei LXC Container bei pct destroy <id> über Konsole

    Es wäre praktisch eine Abfrage zu implementieren, bevor einem die gesamte 2. angehängte Disk (als mount point wohl gemerkt) unterm Hintern weg gelöscht wird, oder diese schlicht zu ignorieren, wie bei anderen mounts. In meinem Fall war diese als "volume mount point mpX" angehängt und wurde...
  16. B

    How to add device (disk storage) in container

    Hi for everyone, Our context: We wish to install a database with cluster features in two or more containers. To do this kind of installation we need as mandatory requeriment, have availables disks to create a disk group which will be use as a global storage for both containers. I tried with NFS...
  17. V

    What is the exact difference between pct and lxc-[...]?

    Hello, what is the exact difference between pct and lxc-[...]? I have the perception that many commands are the same or similar e.g. pct create and lxc-create. Unfortunately, I didn't really find anything about lxc-[...] in the Wiki. So are there concrete reasons why you should use one or the...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] How to determine if a container is locked?

    How to determine if a container is locked? I want to check all containers and identify locked.
  19. M

    No Space Left on Device when restoring from tar.lzo

    Hello. I'm in the process of migrating all my VMs and containers from version 3.3.5 and 4.x of proxmox to version 5.4. On several occasions, I have run into errors on restore: tar: ./usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/ndg/httpsclient/test/scripts/openssl_https_server.sh: Cannot create symlink to...
  20. P

    Ubuntu VM Root Passwort vergessen

    Hallo, bin neu hier und hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen. Ich verzweifele daran mich an einem Ubuntu VM anzumelden. Leider ist das Root Passwort nicht mehr auffindbar. Gibt es einen Trick dieses über den Host zu ändern ? Ich habe es schon mit dem Befehl "pct enter 500" versucht. Dann kommt die...


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