1. R

    New PCIE NIC Not Getting Interface Assigned

    I've installed a PCIE NIC into my machine running Proxmox, but no new interfaces are showing up under the network tab. I can tell that the NIC is detected by the computer because it shows up when I run lspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet', which I've shown in the first screenshot. The NIC...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] pve 8.1 all pcie devices in d3cold state and inaccessible

    Hello, after my proxmox node started having really bad performance issues in my vms, I decided to reboot the node and after reboot, networking refuses to work and the network card reports "PCIe link lost, device now detatched", and most if not all of my pcie devices fill my screen with the...
  3. E

    Coral TPU (pcie) on Proxmox

    I have been trying for hours to get the Coral TPU (install in a pcie slot) operating correctly in Proxmox. I'm on the lastest dev 6.5.11-7. I've followed the instructions on the Coral website (and tried many workarounds from google searches!) and am at a loss. Coral TPU is recognised...
  4. F

    Adding 2.5" SATA SSD via PCIe adapter kills ethernet connection

    I am trying to add a 2.5" SSD to my system using the Accelsior S PCIe adapter card. When I add the card to the system and boot, I can see the disk drive in fdisk as well as format, add/remove partitions etc. But then my ethernet connection is broken: Jan 13 14:26:08 pve-1 networking[887]...
  5. S

    Proxmox does not detect all 4 NVMEs on my asus hyper m.2

    I have a asus Z9PE-D8-WS which I recently installed a Asus hyper m.2 into to get myself some high speed(ish) storage. Problem I'm having is Proxmox only detects the first drive out of 4. As far as I can tell, PCI-E bifurcation is enabled and set up as 4x4x4x4 on the required slot, The bios...
  6. G

    PCIe lanes understanding.

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can give me some clarity about PCIe Lanes. Situation with a Mellanox X3 10GB network card. I have a PCIe 4.0x8 slot working on 4 lanes (CPU lanes) The duo Mellanox card uses a 3.0x8 connection. As far as I know 10 Gbps lets you transfer at a rate of 1.25 GB/s...
  7. K

    Can't boot VM when it has 2 GPUs assigned (pcie passthrough)

    I'm trying to passthrough 2 GPUs to the same VM without luck. If I boot it with only one of them configured, the VM boots and everything works as expected. But when I configure both at the same time, the VM doesn't output anything nor collects logs (checked multiple logs inside `/var/log` and...
  8. G

    Proxmox 8 freeze and error message

    Hi all, I have a strange behavior on my Proxmox VE. The whole system freeze after some time of "idle", meaning I do not interact with it, but my VMs are still running. Sometimes after 1 hour sometimes after 24 hours. I am not really able to find the issue in the logs most probably because I...
  9. D

    AMD ASROCK X570 CREATOR Thunderbolt 3 Passthrough, IOMMU Groups splitted but can't pass all the controller to the VM

    hi, FIRST OF ALL, sorry that i divided my post to several posts one after one, thats because my files exceeded the characters limit per post don't point me to read other threads, I've already read all of them :) THE PROBLEM: I've successfully pass through my VGA Controller to the vm NVIDIA...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Weird audio pass through problem

    # Main problem There is a 2 seconds gap of silence after every 10 seconds of normal playback # Setup 1. Proxmox 7.4-3 2. Passing through GPU + a PCIe Sound Blaster to Windows 10 VM 3. Running VAC https://vac.muzychenko.net/en/, same thing happens with https://vb-audio.com/Cable/index.htm...
  11. S

    Micron 7300 Pro not mounting in Proxmox

    Hi, We have got 4 pcs of Micron 7300 Pro U.2 (installed on PCIe using PCIe Adapter) 4 TB each which we installed on Dell 730 having Proxmox 7.1-7 Disk were properly detected. Using linux command line we successfully prepared disk with gpt and created partition and mounted to the linux...
  12. S

    Help with adding new M.2 SSD PCIe drive

    I am trying to add a new additional M.2 SSD to an open slot on my home lab server running Proxmox. The addition of the new drive takes over the PCIe passthrough and does not allow the NIC assignment, so I lose network GUI. Can anyone walk me through the steps needed to attach this new drive?
  13. G

    Passtrough M.2 card vs virtual disks!?

    Hello proxmox users! quick question about using nvme m.2 drives. I have a pcie to m.2 cardholder in my server with a total of 4 drives. I need a vm with a lot of speed. In terms of performance, is it better to pass through the whole card or is there no loss when creating virtual disks?
  14. P

    Configuration of motherboard bluetooth

    Hi all, I use Proxmox for Home Assistant and I have HP ProDesk 400 G6 mini PC and I want to use motherboard bluetooth in HomeAssistant but I don't know how to add bluetooth to virtualization of homeassistant. Do I need to install drivers for bluetooth some how in proxmox? Or I have to add...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] PCIe Passthrough not working

    Hi, I have problem pwith passthrough SATA controler to one vm and pcie USB3 to another vm. I using Supermicro H11DSi motherboard with AMD Epyc 7601 CPU and latest version of Proxmox. I have enabled IOMMU in BIOS and Im add "quiet amd_iommu=on" to systemd-boot file and reboot host. Before Edit...
  16. U

    PCIe NIC detected only when booting from one SMP MP-table (every second boot)

    Hi, I have PCIe network interface card: NC375T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit Server Adapter. It uses netxen_nic module. The problem is that it's detected every second boot. I noticed that the module and firmware are loaded correctly when it boots using certain SMP MP-table. When I see in...
  17. F

    PCIE Adapter despite no IOMMU

    Hey, I am currently running a Ryzen 9 5900x with a Asus X570 Steel Legend, which afaik does not support IOMMU Is it possible to pass through a gpu to a windows 10 VM using a PCIE x16 to usb adapter despite not having IOMMU? Thanks in Advance
  18. T

    Compression accelerator for PVE Backups

    Hey Everyone, PCIe accelerator cards of all shapes and sizes interest me, mostly because CPUs are these hulking beasts that handle significant amounts of processing and they are constantly taxed from "side" or "auxiliary" workloads outside of their primary tasks. Take a hypervisor, proxmox...
  19. X

    PVE can't recognize my hdd

    I installed a Synology system on the pve, then I bought a minipcie to sata product, after booting the pve did not recognize the hdd,The motherboard's own sata interface is normally recognized to hddI attach a link to the product to see if you have encountered it.PCI-E PCI Express to SATA 3.0
  20. B

    Netzwerkkarte erzeugt PCIe Bus Error

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe eben einen neuen ProxMox VE Server (7.1-8) aufgesetzt. Im Grunde ist alles schick. Der Haken: ich möchte zwei zusätzliche Netzwerkkarten in den Rechner einbauen. Doch dabei werden PCIe Bus Errors erzeugt. Auf dem Bildschirm erscheint eine endlose Kette von...


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