pci passthrough

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    PCI Passthrough - Device not listed

    Hi, I am currently building a Proxmox system for virtualizing old testequipments. For that purpose I am using multiple interface cards (PCI and PCIe) that shall be passed through to an WinXP VM. I managed to setup the VM and I also passed through some PCIe cards successfully. However, doing...
  2. J

    Resetting pci passthrough

    Hey there, I passed through a sata controller to VM via PCI passthrough. I got errors after a while so I wanted to reset everything. My aim is to stop the passthrough to be able to use the sata controller inside proxmox and just share the disc space with the vm. but after removing the sata...
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    Host crashing when GPU passed to VM is under load

    I'm not sure how much help anyone is going to be but I've come across a very annoying issue I've managed to put down to pci passthrough, I've set up a Windows 10 VM and successfully passed through an Nvidia GTX 980 and have all of the drivers working and I access the system using Parsec, I've...
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    No PCI Devices are listed in the PCI Device list.

    Hi, I am new to proxmox. I am using a laptop (i3 11th gen, only have igpu) and successfully installed proxmox on Debian 12. So, my problem is When I click on the VM, go to Add -> PCI Device and click on the drop-down NO PCI Devices are listed under mapped devices. I tried many things to fix...
  5. G

    HBA PCI passthrough works on ~20% of boot attempts, locks up proxmox otherwise

    Hi. I've been banging my head against this problem for a few days now. I've got this HBA: # lspci -nnkv -d 1000:005d 61:00.0 RAID bus controller [0104]: Broadcom / LSI MegaRAID SAS-3 3108 [Invader] [1000:005d] (rev 02) Subsystem: Dell PERC H730P Adapter [1028:1f42] Flags: bus master...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] How to remove/undo PCIe (NIC) passthrough?

    Hi, I have a nic passthrough to pfsense which i want to convert to linux bridge. How do i undo a pcie passthrough so that the host can regain control?
  7. D

    Request for Information - Which graphics card is recommended for PCI Passthrough?

    BLUF: Instead of buying a card and forcing an outcome through hours and days of troubleshooting, I would rather take the advice of the community and pick a GPU that isn't a troublemaker and easy to use and work with. I looked through the forums and didn't see (I am not good as using forums)...
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    Yes another pci pass through trouble

    Hello everyone, I open a thread for a pci pass through. Symptom, everything work great exact, in game (with parsec or moonlight) or GPU benchmark (benchmark heaven), i have no more than 15 fps, I try to reduce or increase graphical in game but not change. Hardware: GPU: GTX 1070 TI...
  9. D

    PCIe passthrough as root disk gets EFI disk / vars warning

    i have 2 VMs with PCIe passthrough on a Xeon Gold 6326. Everything is great. OPNsense PCIe passthrough Intel i350-t4 NIC NVMe disk TrueNAS SCALE PCIe passthrough LSI controller NVIDIA GTX 1650 Intel X710-da2 NIC 5x NVMe disks i am installing the OSes on 1 of NVMe passthrough for each VM...
  10. J

    VM crashes/reboots when installing GPU drivers

    I tried to passthrough my GPU to a Windows 10 VM so I can use it for gaming. The GPU shows in device manger with error code 43 and when I try to install the Nvidia drivers approximatly where the screen would go black for a sec on a normal PC RDP loses connection and after it reconnects 10...
  11. N

    Proper way to dump vBIOS with NVIDIA.

    Hi all. I'm folowing the guide on proxmox wiki to make a GPU passthrough with my GTX 1060 (latest vBIOS), but I've got stuked on rom-parser to identify if the card is UEFI (OVMF) compatible. If I blacklist the video card and try to use the wiki command like root: cd...
  12. M

    NetXen NX3031 card passthrough issues

    Hi, I have a NetXen NX3031 pci-e ethernet nic. Proxmox can recognize it properly, but with a warning: lspci -v 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: NetXen Incorporated NX3031 Multifunction 1/10-Gigabit Server Adapter (rev ff) (prog-if ff) !!! Unknown header type 7f Kernel driver in...
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    Help! Old Hardware, Old Problems with PCI-E Passthrough (again)

    I have posted this information to reddit as well... but I have been having some issues getting PCI-E Passthough working correctly on my older gear. I wasn't sure if cross-posting there or somewhere else would be effective or not, but either way I was hoping to get some assistance in getting...
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    PCI Passthrough of SR-IOV Capable NIC doesn't show VFs

    Hi Folks, I hope someone can help me with this issue, I have tried many different settings to get PCI Passthrough working, with available VF functionality on an Ubuntu 22 VM, without joy. Equipment details: I am running Proxmox VE 7.3-4 on a Dell r720. I have an Intel Corporation 82599ES...
  15. J

    Fixing 'Error: start failed: QEMU exited with code 1'

    Alright so there's plenty of other posts about this issue but I was hoping to get some insight into my particular situation, more context here, where I had to force intel_iommu on. I can now add the PCI passthrough device and try to start the VM, but it throws 'Error: start failed: QEMU exited...
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    [SOLVED] Adding PCI device and starting the VM causes web GUI to fail

    Going to add as much context as possible, one aspect being that I'm a scrub at Proxmox Got an old Dell T3610 with a Intel® Xeon® E5-1607, it has an integrated Intel 82579. I had a PCI NIC laying around, TEG-PCITXR with a RTK8169 on it. (don't know if hardware info is relevant). When I first...
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    Record PCI device usage of VMs

    Hello Everyone; I am running a Proxmox 7.1-7 server which contains 4 nodes and total of 9 GPUs. I have virtualized GPUs with no problem and each of them running smoothly on assigned VMs. However since our GPU capacity is limited and there is more than 9 VMs on server. I have to track gpu usage...
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    Missing PCIe Items in add PCIe device

    Hello I have a Dell R740 server which has a PCIe backplane extender for nvme drives. I am looking to passthrough the extender to a truenas install . When I go to add PCIe device for the truenas vm, I don't see the extender listed though I can see it when I do an lspci on the proxmox node...
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    USB PCIe device dead on boot - xHCI host controller not responding, assume dead

    Hello all, I'm having some trouble getting a PCIe usb controller working with my system and I'm not sure where the exact problem is. As an FYI, I am successfully passing 3 GPUs (1660 Ti, 3060 Ti, and a RX 6400) and 2 usb controllers (they are motherboard controllers and NOT pcie add-ons) as well...
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    IOMMU and PCI 4-port ETH card

    I have a little head-scratcher. I have installed HP 331T-4 card in my Proxmox computer. IOMMU setup performed and I am able to add the ports to a VM...but it appears that if I enable this setting - the VM will show all 4 ports and I can choose any of the 4-ports 0000:01:00.0 (.1, .2, .3) for...


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