pci passthrough

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    Intel ARC A750 PCIe Passthrough

    Hallo Leute, ich möchte meine Grafikkarte an eine Windows11 VM durchreichen und komme nicht weiter. Vielleicht ist ja jemand so freundlich und schaut sich das mal an. Zur Situation: UEFI Settings: Intel (VMX) Virtualisation Technology - enabled VT-d - enabled 1. Anpassung der Datei...
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    Proxmox VFIO [SOLVED]

    How does Proxmox (8.1.10) set VFIO automatically? I have a VM, with passed through PCIe NVME. I am having issues with speeds on this, so wanted to test the zpool on the host machine. All devices SEEM to be passing through fine I am new to proxmox, but previously used libvirt. I have set...
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    Dual RX570 GPU passthrough

    I have been digging around through various "Solved" similar issues but am having no luck on my own. Setup: 2x MSI RX570 4Gb GPUs Intel i7-4790K CPU ASUS Z97-A Mobo 32GB Ram I have Nvidea GTX1080 and a GTX1070 on hand if this is an AMD problem, but all installed hardware has been verified to be...
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    Changing from Hdd passthrough to PCI passthrough

    I have a running VM to what i have passed through 2 hard drives (using command qm set ...). But now i would liket to change that and pass through the whole SATA controller to the VM with the same hard drives connected to it. Will this corrupt the data any way? I know the hdd passthrough still...
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    NVIDIA GT620 PCI passthrough with Ubuntu Server

    Greetings Community, I am new to Proxmox and the Ubuntu/Linux environment. I am currently facing a challenge with executing the following command on Ubuntu Server 22.04.4 LTS while I try to verify my passthrough of the NVIDIA GT620. As far as I understood from this forum along with some...
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    [SOLVED] PCIe passthrough breaks display of memory usage

    Hello community! I am running a single node on Proxmox 8.1.4 and I successfully set up a Ubuntu Server 23.10 VM with GPU passthrough of my Intel Arc A750. But when starting the VM I noticed something very strange. As soon as I added the PCI device to the VM and started it, it displays in the...
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    Proxmox reboots after "Purging GPU memory"

    Hi, My Proxmox server is sometimes rebooting in the night. The message "pve kernel: Purging GPU memory, 0 pages freed, 0 pages still pinned, 1 pages left available." is then thousands of times in the log within a timespan of ~5 minutes. Can someone help me to fix this? Thank you a lot :)...
  8. E

    Very high memory usage on VM

    Hi, just installed NixOS in a VM with GPU passthrough. Everything seems to be working fine, but the RAM usage being reported from the Proxmox dashboard seems very high. Specially compared to what the VM is reporting... I have another VM booted with the ISO for NixOS and it shows far less...
  9. W

    [SOLVED] PCI Passthrough SATA Controller VFIO-PCI

    Hey Ho zusammen, ich habe ein Problem was ich einfach nicht gelöst bekomme. Das Problem: ich versuche einen Sata Controller (ASM1166) an eine VM durchzureichen. Erstmal ist es nur eine Basis Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Eval. Wenn ich die VM ohne die PCI Karte starte geht alles super. Füge...
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    [SOLVED] all iommugroup are -1

    [SOLVED] Gotta run update-grub for changes to take effect :rolleyes: Hi, I am not able to figure out why I can't do a PCI pass through of the two Western Digital SSDs to a VM (or LXC for that matter). My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z790 AORUS ELITE AX I tried to add them to a VM but get this...
  11. A

    PCIe passthrough

    Hi, I changed motherboard and CPU recently on my server and a lot broke. But finally, when I got proxmox to boot and got access to the web interface, I have to passthrough my PCIe devices again. The problem I am running into is that when following the guide PCI Passthrough, when I run; dmesg |...
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    MacOS Ventura on Proxmox 8 but fails GPU passthrough ( display goes off after apple logo )

    Hello everyone, I managed to install macOS Ventura on my fresh Proxmox 8 installation. Everything went fine, installing macOS through the noVNC console and setting up everything. Now its the last part to my success that does not work: the GPU passthrough. After the initial Proxmox booting...
  13. L

    Help with RTX3090 Passthrough (Code 43)

    Good morning everyone! I've been wrecking my brain for the last 2 days looking everywhere to get my RTX 3090 to passthrough without Code 43 error. Current Setup: Mobo: Crosshair VIII Dark Hero CPU: Ryzen 5900x No Integrated GPU (But I have a second RTX3090 and have tried using both)...
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    PCI Passthrough - Device not listed

    Hi, I am currently building a Proxmox system for virtualizing old testequipments. For that purpose I am using multiple interface cards (PCI and PCIe) that shall be passed through to an WinXP VM. I managed to setup the VM and I also passed through some PCIe cards successfully. However, doing...
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    Resetting pci passthrough

    Hey there, I passed through a sata controller to VM via PCI passthrough. I got errors after a while so I wanted to reset everything. My aim is to stop the passthrough to be able to use the sata controller inside proxmox and just share the disc space with the vm. but after removing the sata...
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    Host crashing when GPU passed to VM is under load

    I'm not sure how much help anyone is going to be but I've come across a very annoying issue I've managed to put down to pci passthrough, I've set up a Windows 10 VM and successfully passed through an Nvidia GTX 980 and have all of the drivers working and I access the system using Parsec, I've...
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    HBA PCI passthrough works on ~20% of boot attempts, locks up proxmox otherwise

    Hi. I've been banging my head against this problem for a few days now. I've got this HBA: # lspci -nnkv -d 1000:005d 61:00.0 RAID bus controller [0104]: Broadcom / LSI MegaRAID SAS-3 3108 [Invader] [1000:005d] (rev 02) Subsystem: Dell PERC H730P Adapter [1028:1f42] Flags: bus master...
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    [SOLVED] How to remove/undo PCIe (NIC) passthrough?

    Hi, I have a nic passthrough to pfsense which i want to convert to linux bridge. How do i undo a pcie passthrough so that the host can regain control?
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    Request for Information - Which graphics card is recommended for PCI Passthrough?

    BLUF: Instead of buying a card and forcing an outcome through hours and days of troubleshooting, I would rather take the advice of the community and pick a GPU that isn't a troublemaker and easy to use and work with. I looked through the forums and didn't see (I am not good as using forums)...
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    Yes another pci pass through trouble

    Hello everyone, I open a thread for a pci pass through. Symptom, everything work great exact, in game (with parsec or moonlight) or GPU benchmark (benchmark heaven), i have no more than 15 fps, I try to reduce or increase graphical in game but not change. Hardware: GPU: GTX 1070 TI...


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