pbs 2.0

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    Avoid Reuse of VMID

    Hi Team, We are facing challenges in maintaining the backup in PBS. due to the reuse of VMIDs VMIDs should be auto-incremental, like in a database. Currently, when you remove a VM/CT, the ID becomes available again, and the next time you create a virtual machine It will be used (proxmox...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Remote Sync Error

    I have two onsite Proxmox Backup Servers at two locations. They both sync to an offsite remote (pull). Then there is a cloud proxmox backup server Pulls from the offsite remote and both onsite locations After everything was synced I had a couple backups that had errors saying unable to load blob...
  3. N

    Increase size of PBS Datastore Directory

    Edit: fixed it in my latest comment! ---------- Hello guys, I'm running PBS 2.2-6 on my TrueNAS SCALE as a VM. I started out with a 6TB Volume for my PBS Storage and a 32GB Volume for my PBS Boot drive. The Storage started to fill up, so i increased the 6TB Volume to 11TB. After a Reboot...
  4. Z

    Notifications with custome SMTP

    Hi, How should I configure PBS notification system to sent mail with Datastore Verification Jobs and S.M.A.R.T. disk checks? I want to use my own mail domain.
  5. D

    PBS - API - Missing informations

    Hello, I'm using a PBS(2.1-5) for more than year and I try to integrate it to my supervision(prometheus) via the blackbox exporter(http's probe). To do this I have to interact with the API and here is the problem: the documentation is very poor about details. Here is my script to try to...
  6. M

    PBS error during installation

    After trying to install obs on a dell R510 getting the following error when starting the install
  7. G

    Consultation on pruning schedule

    Hello, I want to schedule the next pruning: 1 weekly backup (only during the current month), 1 monthly backup 1 annual backup Are these options correct? Thanks
  8. L

    Backup at the same time (Issue)

    Hello, I have a very annoying issue with PBS 2 and PVE 7. Because PBS and PVE do not have a queuing system to make backups one after the other. For Example you have 3 Nodes : on each nodes that we will name respectively pve1, pve2 and pve3 are located a vm that we will call vm1, vm2 and vm3...
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    proxmox-backup-client --backup-time

    Hi, I wanted to add older files system snapshots to pbs using proxmox-backup-client backup Documents.pxar:Documents/2018.07.27/ --repository --backup-time `date -d 2018-07-27 +%s -u` but I get: Error: parameter verification errors parameter 'backup-time': value must have a...
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    virtualized PBS with shared mount

    Hi folks, Relative noob here trying to setup a proxmox backup server, but running into some issues with backups completing. My PBS is running as a VM under Unraid (offsite from cluster), with a shared folder being passed to the VM. I'm passing my backup share to the VM as follows: <filesystem...
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    backup entire cluster

    I am in a process to automate offline backup (will be based on weekly drive change connected via usb3 to one of the proxmox server) my goal is to make offline backup to be stored on secure location offsite (most of our IP is stored in the same server room ) I have already set up already have...
  12. K

    PBS migrate backups from one datastore to another

    Hi, I opened another thread because some of my backups don't want to verify because i have some bad chunks that appeared after a disk increase. I would like to know if there is a way to transfer some backups (in my case the ones that had been verified) from the corrupt datastore to another fresh...
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    Unable to load chunck ... Data blob has wrong CRC checksum.

    Hi , since a few days i'm experiencing some pretty troublesome problems with my PBS. I increased the size of my datastore from 4TB to 10TB and since then, I have a lot of verify tasks that are failing. Here is one of the many failed log that i'm recieving: () 2021-11-03T02:13:50+01:00...
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    Datastores sync local

    Hi, i have a VM with PBS installed, Could be possible sync 2 datastores in local? (over GUI?) my scenario: (3 disks) /dev/sda1 (system of proxmox backup server) /dev/sdb1 (here, i make the copies with Proxmox Server) /dev/sdc1 (i want sync with sdb1, i could do it with rsync... but i don´t...
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    PVE Anbindung zu PBS per API-TOKEN

    Hallo zusammen :) wir probieren gerade den Proxmox-Backupserver aus. Bisher klappt alles ganz gut. PVEs konnte ich verbinden mit einem GUI-User, dem ich weniger Rechte gegeben habe. Leider stelle ich mich vermutlich beim API-Token etwas doof an :( Ich würde allerdings gerne einen Benutzer mit...
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    Backup causing network latency spikes on VMs

    Hi I am experiencing network latency spikes on VMs when backup job is running on same Proxmox VE node (PVE 7.0 + PBS 2.0) sometimes up to 800ms. I tried isolate vHDD with second storage , disable RAM ballooning and test network with iperf3, but none of this options are causing problem. I...
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    [SOLVED] PVE can not connect to PBS; Error 500 can not get datastores

    Hello everyone, for my problem, i found this "old" thread but unfortunately, the only solution proposed by this thread was different from the original poster and mine, so i'd like to give this topic a bump. I already had this problem in a different setup and was able to resolve it with a fresh...


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