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    Pcie/Thunderbolt 4/USB4 Passthrough on Proxmox VE 8.2

    hi, this is my second post im a newbie in proxmox so im trying to figure out how to acomplish a full passthrough of my thunderbolt4 that lookslike its conencted via pcie port that port share conection with the network card First, the system has a Motherboard MSI Z590 ACE with a i5-11600k it has...
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    [SOLVED] Error: Passtrough Intel x520-DA2 | VMs won't start

    Hello! I am fighting since many days with my Intel x520-DA2 NIC to passtrough it in a VM. As im not able to find a solution, i want to try to ask you for help. Important context: This is a new machine and i use proxmox the first time. The installation was around 2-3 weeks ago. Proxmox is...
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    PCIe Passthrough No irq handler for vector

    Hello. I'm having problems with my NIC PCIe passthrough setup and I'm looking for support. The VM network interface flips on and off after being left alone for a few hours or days. Network load might trigger the problem, considering I tested the hypervisor with a nearly identical VM that did...
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    i226-V doesn't work at 2500mbps mode

    I tried to PCI-passthrough the i226-V ethernet card to a Linux (openwrt with latest i915 drivers). Then connected its LAN to the WAN of Xiaomi 7000 (2.5G) router. But it only worked at 1000 mbps full-duplex mode. I tried to force Xiaomi 7000 to negoticate with OpenWRT VM at 2500 mbps...
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    USB-C controller passthrough working but webcam stops working after a time (Intel i9-9900k)

    Hello everyone, I have a puzzling and annoying USB controller passthrough issue, specifically with my webcam. I’m not sure where to start to fix this issue so I’d like to see if the forum can guide me to try and resolve it as it’s literally the only issue I have with an otherwise smooth system...
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    Partially NVMe passthrough with same vendor id

    Hello there! I have freshly installed PVE 8.0 on lab server, trying to run some performance tests for different storage backends. Server configuration (if matters): Xeon W-2145 on Supermicro X11SRA-RF with pair of NVMe Micron 7300 Pro 1.92tb each. nvme0n1 used as LVM PV with PVE installed +...
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    Proxmox GPU Passthrough crashes VMs

    Hi All, Firstly, I'm sorry it has had to come to this, I have spent days trying to fix this myself following every guide possible. I just need a sanity check over my config files incase I am missing something obvious. I think that I have IOMMU enabled correctly but when I pass it through to my...
  8. E

    [Solved] Pci Passthrough: No IOMMU detected

    Machine: Dell Precision T7610 (Xeon 2650 v2) x 2 Pci Device: LSI 2308 SAS Controller flashed to IT mode Problem: "No IOMMU detected, please activate it.See Documentation for further information." So far I have done these things: Added "intel_iommu=on" to nano/etc/default/grub and added to...
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    [SOLVED] epyc 7282 on h11ssl-i can not paasthrough SATA controller to VM

    Greeting All, I have an AMD Epyc 7282, on supermicro H11SSL-i, I want passthrough 1 SATA controller to my VM (TrueNas).But I get the error from my VM: [ 163.344292] ata22: softreset failed (1st FIS failed) [ 173.345630] ata22: softreset failed (1st FIS failed) [ 208.349098] ata22: softreset...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough issue

    I've been having this GPU passthrough issue with HP Proliant dl380 g9. The GPU is passed through to vm, but after installing drivers it either bootloops or freezes the guest. Both q35 and i440fx chipsets were tried. CPU is set in host mode. PSU's give sufficient power, server only consumes 250w...
  11. Y

    AMD Epyc PCIe-Passthrough FLR error.

    Greeting All, I recently accuired some server hardware and was planning on running proxmox on it. While learning on how to use proxmox I ran in to some trouble when trying to passthrough the AMD Epyc internal SATA controller to a VM. I have an AMD Epyc 7282 on a Gigabyte MZ01-CE1, there are 2...
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    PCIe Passthrough - Dual Port HBA Card to Win 2016 - Server

    Hello everyone! I've been using Proxmox for some years and I'm very satisfied with the platform's features and stability. New features are constantly being incorporated into the system, making it one of the best hypervisors on the market today. This is nothing new. But now I'm having a problem...
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    Trying to pass through a SATA controller on the motherboard

    Hi! I'm trying to pass through a SATA controller, so that it is available to a TrueNAS VM. I think this is more difficult than it should be due to the device being embedded on the motherboard itself. The problem is that although the VM can see the PCI device(s) the HDDs are not recognized. On...
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    GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti passthrough AMD Ryzen 9 5900X VM Ubuntu Server 20.04

    Hi, I needed to passthrough GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti to VM to use it for Plex server hardware acceleration. Took me a lot of time to find a working configuration so I want to share. May be will help someone I used the following sources: Plex on ProxMox Tutorial WITH nVidia Hardware...
  15. H

    Iommu ID persistence

    Hi all, Very sorry if the topic is already adressed (pun intended) I read the documentation of Iommu and this behaviour doesn't seems to be covered (or incompatible jargon) Is there a way to ensure that IOMMU device adress shifts along with hardware changes? IOMMU id's seems to be arbitrairy...
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    [SOLVED] GPU-passthrough issue, stuck at: dmesg | grep -e DMAR -e IOMMU

    I've followed a youtube video, didn't work, and as I followed the wiki instructions slowly step by step I realized that the problem is that there's no DMAR-IOMMU output in dmesg. If i try "dmesg | grep -i dmar" there's no output If i try "dmesg | grep IOMMU" there's this output: [ 1.059328]...
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    Add a numa mask to passthrough Pci devices.

    Hi, Expert Would it possible to give a passthroughed PCI device a numa mark. As the following shows: After PCI devices passthrough, I got: But I would like to have a NUMA mask as metal machine: Since this go deep in Linux drive system, I don't know wheth is it possible? Could you please...
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    LXC block device direct access and other device/PCI passthrough?

    Running OpenMediaVault (OMV) through an LXC would be quite useful and it appears there is a desire to do this. Can storage device (eg block storage) be passed through to LXC containers for direct hardware access? Here is a thread expressing such interest...
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    Troubles with PCIe passthrough: SSD edition

    I'm running one of the Sun F80 PCIe SSD cards, and I'm having some troubles accessing it. Here's what I've tried so far: 1. Create storage, and add part of the SSD as a disk in an existing Windows 10 VM. This was working, but was either super slow, or I ran into the same problem I'll...
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    [Solved] Asus TUF B550 Plus and IOMMU Groups

    Hello everyone, I bought a new Asus Tuf Gaming B550 Plus and I'm trying to make it work with Proxmox. For some reasons I need that one controller plugged on one of the PCI slots is pass through to a VM. Thing is IOMMU grouping on this motherboard is rubbish, so after research I tried to activate...


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