1. J

    How to passthrough physical network net1 to lxc OpenWRT in PVE 8.1?

    Question: Pass through net1 to OpenWRT in LXC container. Found a post which claimed after PVE 8.1, there is no need to bind and allow as before: According to Char's Arcade's blog post, the way to pass through net1 to lxc is as below: The PVE I installed is 8.1, so what should I do now...
  2. G

    How To Virtual Networking Between VMs

    Hi, i'm noob on this platform and not so much knowledgeable in networking, and I'm not sure on the technical terms, or names to type in or search for. I hope someone can help out on this one. The Setup: - I have a mini-pc with 4 physical ports. - Physical Port 4 is bridged with vmbr0 -...
  3. B

    Pct openwrt os-type support

    Hello, I would like to use openwrt in a lxc container. It currently works with some customization and I'm working on trying to minimize them. One of the main problem usually encountered by users is the pct ostype detection. We need to set it to unmanaged to create the container, otherwise it...
  4. J

    i226-V doesn't work at 2500mbps mode

    I tried to PCI-passthrough the i226-V ethernet card to a Linux (openwrt with latest i915 drivers). Then connected its LAN to the WAN of Xiaomi 7000 (2.5G) router. But it only worked at 1000 mbps full-duplex mode. I tried to force Xiaomi 7000 to negoticate with OpenWRT VM at 2500 mbps...
  5. S

    How to convert qemu statment to proxmx conf format

    Hi all, I am running an arm version of Proxmox (I know, not supported :-) ) I have the following qemu statement that successfully runs the openwrt vm from the provided image. qemu-system-aarch64 -m 512 -nographic -cpu cortex-a72 -smp 1 -M virt -bios...
  6. B

    Can you help a rookie setting an ambitius goal with an openWRT CT?

    Hello fellow members. My sincere regards. I disturb you because I didn't really find valuable resources, and I'm failing to understand how to configure my 6 NICs to suit my needs. Specs: Intel 3865U (active VT-D and AES-NI) 4Gb DDR3 1600MhZ (single slot) 6x I210 Intel NICs 512GB 2.5" sata SSD...
  7. O

    Proxmox as host, or TrueNas as Host?

    Hi all, I'm considering combining my home tech into a one-machine Router/NAS/Server, with the ability for the storage to be expandable. Do you have any suggestions or input on how I best do this? Here are my thoughts so far: Parts List: In short: 8-core...
  8. S

    Separating WAN and LAN

    I'm running OpenWRT on Proxmox VM and so far everything are going fine but the Mini PC got only 1 ethernet port and I heard people say that have both WAN and LAN on single port make internet speed become lower than it should be so I decided to get a Gigabit Ethernet to USb 3.0 (UE300) but I...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] OPNsense and VLANs

    Hello, i am using OPNsense and Proxmox for a while now, both on seperate machines, and now i want to recreate my setup with OPNsense as a VM, but i am having trouble to do so. My current setup is: - LTE-Modem is providing WAN to OPNsense - OPNsense is configured to use multiple VLANs and...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Can Ryzen 7 3700U run smooth on Proxmox?

    Saw a mini PC with a Ryzen 7 3700U. I know that this processor is outdated, may this device consider small power consumption but big processing power? My main purpose is to install OpenWRT on the Proxmox as a Internet router. May simply learn docker, container and linux, use the virtual machine...
  11. S

    Configuration of Proxmox for OpenWRT behind OPNsense

    Hey everyone, I need some help with a kinda exotic idea I had. I want a OPNsense VM that does all the things that my current consumer router does (routing, firewall, dhcp, etc.) and a OpenWRT Container that just does CAKE QoS for me. I made a diagram that explains it a little bit better. What...


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